• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 41

Twilight hated Zion.

The once beautiful landscapes now seemed like hell from all the walking she had to across the uneven rocks with the constant coldness that came from being soaked to the bone from all the streams that they had to walk though. Not even the setting sun that would have struck her with awe a few weeks ago did nothing to lighten her mood and just like the approaching night, more darkness seeped into her mind.

Knowledge of how heartbroken her friends would be, how her family might be mourning for her and the rest of Equestria for losing their newest princess in the blink of the eye, or the flash of a horn. She thought about what she had gone through. Getting nearly blown up several times, shot, burnt, beaten, all of this more pain than anything else in her life. Then her train of thought went to her new friend, the one that had saved her from bleeding to death on her first night in the Mojave, the one who had risked her own life to keep Twilight alive, the one currently at death’s door.

Twilight just prayed that Anne would make it, she didn’t know what to do if the woman died. Most likely the pony would get herself killed very quickly.


How would she die? Would it be from being torn apart by one of the giant bugs?


Or maybe it’d be something simple like being shot to death.


Twilight blinked, turning her head to look over to the annoyed Chalk. “What is it?”

“Did you listen to what I say?” He asked.

“Ummm, maybe?”

He sighed. “I said we’re at the Narrows, the Sorrows land.” He stated as they walked through a ravine with more lake going along the floor.

A few minutes later Twilight could see they were in a much larger area, this time mostly land with large boulders everywhere, wooden torches around to light up the darkening area. Rickety wooden bridges connected the rocks together.

Walking closer someone approached them. It was a woman, hair shaved off her head, lines going across her sin with a crest of feathers behind her head. The hand of a bear covered her right hand like a glove, claws sharpened to a razor edge.

“You are the one Joshua Graham sent to us. Blessings of the Father in the Cave on you, Daniel is waiting for you.” She said.

“And where is Daniel?” Twilight asked.

“Daniel is in main camp, further up river.” The tribal woman said, pointing off further down the stream close by, going deeper into the ravine.

“Of course, more water…”

It took another fifteen minutes to find Daniel and by then the sun had set and everything was dark except for the areas around the burning wooden touches.

The pony could guess which one Daniel was from the fact he was the only one wearing normal looking long pants and a dark flannel long sleeved shirt with said sleeves rolled up his arms. A belt with a large silver buckle kept his pants up and a wide brimmed leather hat sat on his head. On his face was a scruffy beard and mustache but besides that he looked quite young.
“Hey, are you Daniel?” Twilight asked approaching him.

“That’s me, you must be the one that was with the caravan.” The man said in a soft caring tone of voice.

“You know about that?” Twilight asked sadly, yet again thinking about her wounded friend.

“The Dead Horses told me the details about the attack on your caravan. A stranger’s sympathy might not count for much, but for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. The Sorrows will mourn your friends too. They mourn everyone, even the White Legs. They have sensitive souls. Innocent, if there is such a thing.” He said sadly. “In spite of what’s happened, I hope Joshua and I can help you out of here and try and save the one that survived with you. But to be frank we need your help too.”

“Joshua told me you needed a few things, I think this is everything.” Twilight said, using her magic to open up the satchels on her sides before bringing out the compass and taking the medical bag and lunch boxes off of Chalk.

“Well I’ll be, I was starting to lose hope we’d be able to get any of this, much less all of it. Tribals are smart, but, well… They’re ignorant.” He said before sighing sadly. “Letting go of a taboo is difficult for them, so I knew it would have to be one of us. Turns out all it took was a Gentile. Or, uh… no offence.” He said sheepishly. “These supplies are a godsend, but if we’re going to evacuate Zion without drawing more White Leg attention I need you to go back out into the valley. Specifically I need you to scout out some locations for White Legs and try to recover a map of Grand Staircase, a wilderness area to the east. There’s also the matter of the roads. We’re going to be heading out of the east side of the park but I’m not sure the way is clear.”

“Because you’re helping Anne I’m more than happy to help.” Twilight said.

“I appreciate the enthusiasm. There aren’t a lot of people, well, you’re not exactly a person in the physical sense of the word so that might have something to do with it.” He said. “Since you’ve been poking around the valley you might see more activity from the White Legs. One of the Sorrows’ hunters, Waking Cloud, has volunteered to help guide you through the valley. She has a special talent for staying out of sight. After this it’s just a matter of getting everyone out of here safe and sound. And hopefully you and your friend can head back to the Mojave without any more trouble.” He said before reaching into a satchel he had around his shoulder and pulled out number of brick shaped blocks, covered in black duct tape with a few different colored wires sticking into it and into a grey box strapped onto it with a turned off light in the middle. “Do you know what these are?”

“Ummm, no…” Twilight said in confusion.

“These are mining explosive, used to clear tunnels when mining used to be done around here. All you need to do is flick the switch on the primmer…” He said doing what he said and with a click the red light started to glow. “And it’s active, you just press the trigger on the detonator.” He said. “I’ll give these to you in case you need them in your travels.”

“Thank you.” Twilight said, putting them into her pockets which bulged with the brick shaped objects but she didn’t know if she would need them or not.

Daniel nodded, patting Twilight on the head before walking past the two.

Once the man was gone Chalk looked at Twilight. “Well, this is where we part ways. I’m needed back at the Dead Horses camp, maybe I’ll see you there sometime.” He said sadly.

“Are you sure? It’s been nice so far.” Twilight asked sadly.

“Sorry, Joshua was pretty clear. Get you to Daniel then come on home. You can take it up with him if you’d like.” He said apologetically.

Twilight let out a sad sigh. “Alright, tell Joshua I said hi.”

“I will. Goot gonen. Achk iss.” He said before turning always and walking back the way they entered the camp from, giving one last wave.

Sighing sadly Twilight made her way to one of the camp areas, the beds made from animal hides and dried grass to provide some softness with only a wooden frame and large leaves providing any protection from above. The sun was setting and Twilight felt tired and wanted to sleep.

The purple pony princess noticed the tribal woman from earlier approaching her as she looked around where to sleep.

“Daniel said that I was to travel with you until you have completed your scouting. Is this pleasing to you?” The woman asked.

“Yes, I have no clue where anything is.” Twilight stated with a tired groan as she stretched her wings.

“Before we depart, our shaman, White Bird, asked me to convey his desire to speak with you.” The woman said, bear arm still attached to hers.

“We’re not going yet.” Twilight stated. “I’m tired and want to sleep for the next few years, where can I lay down?” The pony asked bluntly too tired to really caring about more things to be done.

“Just choose a bedding to lay upon and sleep.” She said. “We share most we own.”

“Alright then.” Twilight said, flopping down onto the closest straw bed with a groan, realizing that she was still wearing her damp clothing and all her gear.

While muttering bitterly Twilight unzipped herself from the black clothing and used her magic to hang it over one of the wooden supports holding up the thin roof, her weapons laid right next to the bed. Soon she laid down again, noticing there was nothing to cover herself with.

With another tired sigh she decided she would prefer a cold night sleep to no sleep.

Laying on her back she used the hat Chalk had given her to put over her face to try and block out the flickering light of the touches.

Soon the sore pony found sleep.

“Hurry!” Chalk yelled to Twilight as she ran after him as fast as she could, everything around them seeming a dark blur.

“How far away?” Twilight asked, her legs feeling like they were stuck in cement with how hard they were to move.

“We’re almost there!” He said.

Twilight couldn’t rightly remember where they were going but she knew it was important.

The princess suddenly noticed Anne stood up ahead of them, Twilight not noticing as Chalk’s footsteps seemed to fade from existence. “Anne!”

Her friend didn’t say anything, just smiling at Twilight as she ran forward.

Twilight was smiling widely, seeing her best friend in the Mojave in front of her but strangely she seemed to be getting further and further away. Trying harder Twilight felt her hooves move slower and slower until she was stuck in place, the rock seeming to cling to her hooves as she tried to run.

Anne didn’t move at all, her face smiling and body standing still.

The emobile pony watched in horror as a White Leg tribal seem to appear out of nowhere with a shotgun in his hands, pointing the barrel not at her but at her friend.

“Anne! Behind you!” Twilight called out in fear.

Anne didn’t budge, even as the barrel was pressed against the back of her skull.


“Gah!” Twilight exclaimed, bolting upright, sweat covering her coat and drenching her mane as she looked around. Nothing but the early morning greeted her, the water gently rippling with the wind along with the Sorrows that were wading through it.

“Nightmare?” Waking Cloud asked, sat on the straw bed next to Twilight’s as she slowly sharpened the claws of her glove with a whetstone.

“Y-yeah…” Twilight said with a sniffle, tears in her eyes. “I-I dreamt about Anne…”

“Anne is the friend that survived the attack on your caravan correct?”


“Do not worry about her wellbeing.” She stated. “Heals have stopped the bleeding and given her herbs to help her heal. They say within the next few days she shall wake up though the wound will still be tender and sore for a long while after that.”

Twilight grinned widely, her cheeks hurting from how much she strained them. “Really?! Anne will be alright!?”

“From what I have heard yes.”

Twilight didn’t even notice that she had launched herself at Waking Cloud and didn’t care, she was so happy she needed to hug something. “YES!” She cheered. “Anne’s going to make it!”

Author's Note:

Hey guys, long time no see.

I'm sorry about not being here for a while but a lot of personal stuff is going on in my life right now that has killed my drive for writing anything but I felt I owed it to you guys to sit down and write something. Hopefully things go back to normal but I can't promise anything so I'm sorry if I don't write for the next few weeks.

Till next time and with many apologies

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