• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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One year.

It had been a whole year since she arrived in the Mojave and so much had happened since then, to the point she was helping run a new country pretty much by herself since Anne kept disappearing somewhere and had learned to hide what she was doing from anyone else.

But as Twilight was sat at the top of the Lucky 38 as she watched the lights of Vegas glow before her with a bottle of whiskey, she turned to see Anne run in looking extremely frazzled.

“Twilight, you have to come with me right now!” She yelled urgently, huge grin on her face.

Twilight put the bottle on the railing she was laid upon in confusion, looking at her friend as she quickly approached. “What’s going on?”

Anne just ran up to her and grabbed onto her tightly before pulling out a very familiar transporter to a certain Mountain that wasn’t really a mountain anymore.

After the blinding flash and the sickness that came from the ‘artificial teleportation’ as Twilight put it since it didn’t take into account for the lack of redirection of the power away from the insides that made people feel sick and dizzy.

But after shaking her head to clear everything up she looked around where what part she was in and was surprised that they were in what must have been the Think Tank once but had been cleared out and a massive set up was constructed in the middle.

There was an elevated platform in the middle with massive pylons that curved over on top of it. What had to be a reactor was taking up close to half the area and through the small hatches of glass along it there was a bright red light coming from inside and it was connected to the pylons and a console to the side.

“What is this?”

“I have used every cap I personally had and tore apart so many facilities to make this!” Anne said excitedly as she went over to a large crate and flipped it open.

“Is this…” Twilight asked in disbelief.

“That’s right! After you showed me the way to convert our power to yours I had the biggest generator I could muster along with a way to channel that all into the center platform in a safe…ish way that you would be able to use.” Anne stated pulling a large silver bundle of what looked like tinfoil clothing but so much more thickly. “You told me that the way it worked for you is you think of the place you want to go and if the power is correct you can get there. I can’t promise one hundred percent that it will get you back home but it should help you with the energy problem.” Anne explained as she untangled the mess to show a very pony shaped fully body suit with padding that looked inches thick with a large sealed metal helmet.

Twilight couldn’t say anything in shock, her rump falling to the floor before the suit was thrown to her along with the helmet. “You need to put those on, it’ll get hot enough to turn you to ash instantly.” Anne explained as she she also brought up a metal sealed box with a grunt from the weight and brought it over.

“Home?” Twilight repeated in shock, she had always wanted to get back home but she always felt deep down that she would never get back to Equestria.

“I packed some stuff for you in here.” Anne said after a few moments, her excitement seeming to leave somewhat. “Some things… to remember us all by…” She said solemnly. “A picture of everyone after Hoover Dam… A bottle of whiskey… A few books… That teddy bear you sleep with that I may have stolen…” Anne stated.

Twilight slowly trotted over to Anne, not saying a word as tears came to her eyes and a shocked expression was stuck on her muzzle. She went up to her friend and dragged her into the tightest hug she could, the woman breaking down into tears as well and retuned the hug.

“Ready Twilight?” Anne asked, wearing a similar suit to Twilight since the radiant heat would be bad everywhere around this as well, her voice muffled inside.

“As ready as I can be…” Twilight stated uncertainly, looking at the box that was attached to her with a thick chain so it would stay with her and not end up somewhere entirely else.

“Okay…” Anne said, flicking a few switches on her console. “Get ready, I can only have the power run at full for a few moments before it blows out… And I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the stuff to make it again.” Anne stated.

Twilight nodded, taking a number of deep breathes as she charged up a teleportation spell into her horn, trying her hardest to remember Canterlot Castle and wait for the power to surge into her to use it.

“Discharging in...”



“Good luck Twilight…”

The first thing Twilight came to was the heat that was surrounding her, making her feel like she fell onto a pile of hot coals. The next thing she noted was the sound of burning ozone, the sound of sizzling clearly visible but it didn’t sound like flesh.

And as her eyes started to work again she realized that the glass on the helmet she was wearing had been scorched and she couldn’t see anything but the white light on the other side of the darkness that blocked anything else.

Reaching up to her head while gasping for air she didn’t realize she was without she fumbled for the release clasp that was on the neck, yanking on it and hearing a hiss as her suit depressurized. Pulling the helmet off quickly she breathed in the hot air greedily, flinching at the bright light and trying to get the adjusted.

When she could see again she was looking up as wisps of smoke came off her burnt suit and up towards the white marbled roof high above. And the next thing she saw were four very surprised and heavily armored ponies, each with a spear pointed down at her but they seemed to be hesitating now she took the helmet off.

Tears welled up into her eyes, looking to one of the random guards and lunging forward, wrapping her hooves tightly around his chest and into a tight hug, crying into his exposed neck with a massive smile on her face.

She was in Equestria.

She was home.

Author's Note:

Oh my god.. It's done...

This can be the end of the story, if you think you like this ending then I hope you enjoyed reading but I'm planning on making a second one if you want to see more of this, see what it's like with Twilight back in Equestria and see what new threats come Twilight's way.

I hope you guys had fun reading this.

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It is nice to see her get to go home. I wonder though, were you going to do a bit for how everyone is going to react to her return? If not, it's cool.

Yes, we want more. This may be a proper ending for this adventure, but not a proper ending for Twilights journey. We need to see what happens next, how others react to the return of this battle hardened Princess . I'm also wondering if there is any time dilation between the worlds. This could be a hilarious story all of it's own.

Nice to see this wrap up, it was a very good read and I enjoyed almost all of it!
Pity we don't get some reunion with her friends and some sharing of stories (and the shock of her new vocabulary).

I agree. She's been gone for a whole year, so her friend's reactions to her return would be something worth reading about. But your story, your choice.

must make a sequel

Yes,Yes please do sequel:raritystarry:

This is a very abrupt end. Not what I would've liked, but the rest of the story is decent regardless. Hopefully you flesh this out and give this story a worthy ending, but maybe it's just me.

its done i understaand wanting to wrap it up but i was hoping for reactions from the rest of the cast to the new twilight

It should have been shining armor.

This ending smells like sequel-material.

The story have been good over all, I just find the ending kinda... short? and lacking to be honest maybe even kinda rushed.

Really hope for a sequel, even if it is only a short story or a semi connected slice of life story. Maybe Twilight makes a safer teleport device to bring the New Vegas gang for a visit, plenty of potential shenanigans.

It also smells like scorched metal and burnt electronics.

Yes more plz, have at least a 2000 or more word chapter that has the rest of the main 6's reactions of Twilight coming back and how she got the way that she is.:twilightoops::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

One more chapter? Please?:raritydespair:

The ending is a bit short... maybe put in some bonus chapters??? Besides, we need to see everyone's reaction to Twilights' return and how she re-adjusts to Equestria (I'm imagining a freak out during her welcome back party when some balloons pop... alicorn PTSD ain't gonna be pretty).


i cant not wait for the sequel, but please, post a sequel update asa after chaper to help us know when its up, if we have to many notifacations to see a user blog update about it?
also, amazing finaly, just wish annie could come with.

The ride is over and now I'm sad still glad I read this next to fallout 2 this was my favorite game in da series

If there is no sequel, I hope you like lynch mobs.

Ah, and so this tale comes to a close... I will admit, it is certainly not the worst of endings...

But you do realize you must now make a sequel, correct? One does not simply end with a displaced character returning home-after a year nonetheless-and not include at the very least a heartfelt reunion sceen...

I just had an idea. A dreadful, trollish, awful idea.

Of course, I cannot act on it as this is your story, (ought to be series of stories.) Regrettable, as it would make a good twist all the same. I digress.

It has been a pleasure to read your work, and I will be on close watch for its sequel.

Hunter Redflamme.

I would've loved this to be a few K words longer, but its fine if you're gonna release the sequel.

A nice end

Need a sequel here. Need a sequel here.

I hope we get to see the long term effects of Twilight’s time in the wasteland. Maybe even Luna having to go in her head to literally fight the nightmares Twilight gained from her time there.

I Need more, Mate.

Much more.

I sure would like a sequel, about Twilight’s return, dealing with what she went through, trying to go back to her previous life, her family and friends trying to accept the new Sparkle, ...

The site’s rules forbid using a fanfic chapter to post anything else than a part of said story. Meaning, no author’s note only, or advertising another fanfic, ...


Really? They changed that?

The moderators explain that it isn’t right for it can make the Feature and Popular bars system replace a fanfic (for which an author may have taken weeks or months writing a real chapter) by another (for which the new chapter contains, for example, “New fanfic is here! [link]”).

Wait a minute... didn't Anne say that the suit was so Twilight didn't vaporize into ash instantaneously? That suit's going to be pretty damn hot, even to the point that "...wisps of smoke came off her burnt suit..."
That would mean that...

...wrapping her hooves tightly around [a guard's] chest and into a tight hug...

That guard's on the receiving end of one of the most painful hugs I've ever heard of!

Twilight wraps her hooves around the guard, forcing him into a tight hug as she sobbed with joy. The guard meanwhile screamed out in a girly high pitched tone as the fat under his flesh bubbled and boiled and fur burnt away...

God damn, it really is kind of oddly written isn't it? But thanks for the chuckle, I'll try to write it up in a way that won't instantly kill the guard.

Eh, all you really need to do is mention Twilight taking off the rest of the suit first. Either way, this was an absolutely exquisite story. I look forward to seeing a sequel in Equestria, and will wait for every chapter with baited breath. You, dear author, have earned yourself a mustache. :moustache: Use it well; use it wisely.

Damn, I'm sad to have reached the end, but I am happy to have read it.

I shall eagerly await the return of this.

One of the better Fallout crossover fics I've read. Excellent job Sleepyted. After realizing that this fic was gonna be a long one I was very excited to see the last few chapters and how you'd cover Twilight's fate. A little disappointing we didn't get to really see how it all works out for Twilight at the end, as that's the hook that really drew me in. Though it was a rehash of the game's storylines, it was also a good harsh look at how the wasteland really works. Twilight had little to no plot armor in the adventure which helped make it feel more realistic. That kind harsh reality would, and has, changed Twilight quite a bit.

While the ending only gives us a glimpse of Twilight's future I can say with absolute certainty that I am excited to see a sequel. A full fledged story showing just how Twilight gets along after being changed so much (and how those changes affect those around her) is ground not covered frequently in pony fanfiction. I believe you've got the ability to do it justice.

Oh yeah was good, I half expected though for her to end up in the Capitol Wasteland!

planning on making a second one




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It has been a month, sequel?

I'm trying to get a cover artist before I post anything I've finished yet

I'm impressed sleepyted though my only concern is no sidequests for twilight slight disappointment there but overall very nicely done 9/10

It has been a month and a week. Sequel?

see what it's like with Twilight back in Equestria and see what new threats come Twilight's way.


Wow! What a ride!!

Thanks for wrighting this!

You learn something new every day, folks! :pinkiehappy:

.......I am late. I care not the story was awesome
Please I beg u make the sequel please

There is one my friend!


If memory serves, she lost her wing AFTER they bombarded her.

Clip and magazine are used interchangeably and most people don't care. But they do mean different things. Here is a link to pictures. A clip is used to quickly load a magazine.
You can find more in depth answers by just looking up "Clip vs Magazine".

I know that's why I said even shielded base twilight would take some damage I just forgot to edit it

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Why is this story in the Fallout: Equestria group if it doesn't take place in the universe of Fallout: Equestria?

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