• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 31

“Have you gotten the igniting agent like we discussed?” Chris asked, turning a monkey wrench on a nut to secure a machine with unknown use to the friends.

“What about these rocket souvenirs? The stuff inside glows.” Anne stated, pulling out each of the six toy rockets and putting them on a table nearby.

“Yes, that’s Isotope two thirty nine all right, and there’s enough here to launch the rockets.” He said, still not smiling. “Now all I need is the thrust control module.”

“Where do you think we might find one of those?” Anne asked.

“Scavengers wouldn’t know the value of the modules just by looking at them. If you know any junk dealers in the area I’d start there.” He stated before walking off to another console to work on that.

“I know someone who we should go to, they call her Old Lady Gibson.” Boone stated. “She’s a junk dealer, buys and sells that type of things.” The sniper said.

“Then we’ll go to her, let’s go.”


On the walk it went through Novac from where they were and further on, walking for a fair amount of time. In the distance could be seen a large tower, an antenna coming from the top and a large factory of sorts right up against the side.

“Hey Anne, what’s that over there?” Twilight asked looking over at the building.

“That… I have no clue, Boone, what about you?” Anne said with a shrug.

“It’s the HELIOS One power station, the NCR run it but they aren’t able to get it working that well from what I’ve heard.” Boone said.

“Solar?” Anne asked, guessing it was that type due to the large tower.


“What’s solar power?” Twilight asked.

“Well you know how everything we do and happens involves the transfer of energy from one form to another, be it from turning on a light makes heat and light or using a speaker makes sound. Well what solar does it acts a bit like how a plant would, using the energy that the sun lets off to power things.” Anne explained, following Boone as he knew where to go.

“So it’s like a giant tree?”

“If you want to dumb it down a lot yes, it’s like a tree.”

Before Twilight could say anything else Boone pointed at a small, old building, maybe a few rooms at most but right next to it was a fenced off area where dozens upon dozens of destroyed cars were, piled up or on their own. “That’s the place.” He stated.

“Alright, let’s go meet this Old Lady Gibson…”

Sitting in front of the building on a rickety chair was an old greying lady, half a dozen black and grey dogs around her and keeping her company.

Approaching the older woman Anne lifted up a hand in greeting. “Hey there friend.”

“Hi there, I’m Old Lady Gibson or so they tell me. I’ve got odds and end for sale and I’m pretty good at fixing things too. You might have noticed the very large building just north of here. That’s HELIOS One. The NCR runs the place so it’s off-limits to prospectors.” The kind sounding old woman said, sounding rather practiced.

“We were wondering if you had any thrust control modules from REPCONN in stock.” Anne said with a friendly smile of her own, not wanting to get ripped off if she wasn’t.

“As it so happens I do have some thrust modules but they’re expensive. Five hundred caps expensive.” She said.

“You should cut down the price, it’s not like anyone will probably buy them.” Anne said awkwardly, bartering wasn’t one of her strong suits.

“Oh I don’t know about that, lots of folks travel by on their way to New Vegas.” The old woman said unconvinced.

Anne let out an irritated sigh, rubbing her eyes before reaching into her bag and handing the woman a sack that jingled. “Fine, five hundred caps it is then.” Anne muttered unhappily.

“Pleasure doing business with you.” She stated before going inside the house, coming back a few minutes later with a large box filled with five metal contraptions none of the trio had any clue about. “Here you go.” She stated happily, giving them to Anne who in turn gave them to Boone.

“Thank you.” Anne said with a fake smile, stating to walk away back to the REPCONN HQ with the other two close behind her. “Next time Twilight, you’re asking for it, I’m not good with people and now that’s most of my caps gone and probably for nothing more than a pat on the back.” She mumbled.

“Alright then, yet another thing I’m better than you at.” Twilight said with a smirk, getting Anne to mutter something under her breath but the pony didn’t hear it, something rhyming with duck.


“Did you get the modules?” Chris asked gruffly.

“Yes, here you go.” Anne said, Boone handing the box over to the other man.

“Indeed you did, and they seem to be in excellent condition.” He said, for the first time ever to the group seeing the faintest smirk on his face but it might have just been a muscle twitch.

“The rockets are all set to go right?” Twilight asked, she wanted to see how those three metal machines worked.

“Yes, I can tell Jason the Great Journey can begin.” He stated, handing the box to a ghoul in a red skintight suit, a glass fish tank looking helmet on his head before he headed down a hatch onto the launch pad.

Walking to the window Chris pressed a button and said. “We have everything we need to launch the rockets Jason, the Great Journey can begin.” The human said.

All the ghouls walking around the irradiated launch bay started to line up in front of any of the three rockets, looking at the window as Jason stood before all of them.

“Gather, all. May the creator guide my words and help me speak true... The almighty creator has seen fit to answer our prayers. The time has come for us to board the rockets and begin the Great Journey. Though it may seem that all humans despise us, the creator has seen fit to instruct us differently. The Journey ahead would have been impossible if not for the intercession of two human friends, one new, the other a long-abiding companion. To our new friend, we say thanks, and promise never to forget how he cleared from our path the demons who sought to stay our Journey.” He said before letting out a sad and regretful sigh. “But to Chris, we owe more than thanks. Chris, you have made this Great Journey a reality. From this moment forward, you will be remembered as the Saint of the Great Journey. We shall never forget you. I ask that you forgive us, Chris, and give us your blessing, and we bestow ours upon you. Seekers, board the rockets, take your seats. The Great Journey awaits! To the promised land we go! To the Far Beyond!” He said before walking up the ramp into one of the rockets, all the other ghouls getting into at least one of them.

Chris looked in shock at what was said before slowly turning and facing the trio, his shock making way to pure rage. “Did you hear him? My god you were right all along, I’m no ghoul! They were just using me…” He growled.

“They’d take you if they could Chris, but you’d die from the radiation.” Anne said solemnly, she could understand what he was feeling at that moment.

“And dying would be worse than this? Used up and thrown away like garbage?” He asked with a growl.

“They’re going to revere you as a Saint, Chris.” Twilight said.

“Oh, so I’ve redeemed the human race, is that it? What a crock, the human race can’t stand me!”

“That’s not true Chris, you’re all right.” Anne said softly, trying to comfort the man.

“So, you want me to accompany you on your adventures across the Wasteland, is that it?” He asked crossing his arms.

“No, I’m just saying that people won’t hate you, you just need to go back with people and you’ll fit in great, many places a scientist would be useful.” Anne corrected.

He didn’t say anything to the group, just walking away, through the tunnel and around a corner where no one could see him anymore.

“Come on, they’ll need someone to activate the rocket in the control room, they won’t be able to do it from in here.” Anne stated, walking back through the tunnel but not up the ladder but back into the main building.

“Where would that be?” Asked the Princess.

“It would be at the very top if I were to guess, so they can see everything that is happening and to make sure it’s all going well.” Anne said with a shrug.

Going back up the rusted metal staircase into the rooms the ghouls were originally at when they first arrived they tried to find a way to keep going up and after a little bit of looking they found a staircase they led further up, leading to a metal box, were once a window was now just a hole looking at the huge grey dome in full view. There was a large command console and a small stand with a button on it.

“Alright, do you want to do the honors Princess? Just press that button when you’re ready to send our friends off, just pray it won’t all just explode on the pad.” Anne said.

Twilight approached the stand with the button, lifting up a hoof and resting it over it. “Alright, I hope they all make it alright, they may be crazy but they seemed very nice, I don’t want to see ponies like that get hurt.” Twilight said before pushing her hoof down with a click.

Suddenly a siren started to go off and the doors of the dome slowly started to open, exposing the three rockets inside. Anne’s Pipboy let out a static crackle before classical music started playing full volume, making all three faintly smile as they watched.

Smoke slowly came out of the back of the rockets as the music slowly built its way to its climax. Sparks started shooting from the backs before flames, Twilight worried that something was going wrong but seeing her friends all calm she guessed it was meant to happen.

With a loud roaring sound like something massive was ripped the rocket in the middle suddenly launched from its support followed by the right one then the left but as the let one left its support the engine cut out for a split second, making the rocket make a sudden and sharp turn and instead of going off to the side with the others it went right over the trios heads with a loud screech as the air rush by it. Twilight ducked down in fright when she saw it headed for them but looked back up when she saw that they weren’t all dead.

The doors on the large dome slowly closed again with the sound of the siren, the music slowly dying out.

The sun slowly started to set, the skies going to a deep orange as they slowly made their way to a darker and darker blue.

Anne let out a tired groan, sitting herself down against the wall of the box they were in, Boone doing the same. Twilight felt extremely tired as well, not even getting the nap from when they cleared out the nightkin so she sat down with her side pressed against Anne’s leg.

“That… was quite something…” Anne said tiredly, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a packet of cigarettes and putting one into the corner of her mouth before pulling one out slightly and offering it to Boone who took the loose cigarette and held it out at Anne.

Putting the packet back away she pulled out a scratched silver lighter and lit her cigarette and gave a quick puff before lighting Boones who took a long and relaxed drag of the smoke stick. “You can say that Twice, we never did things like that in the NCR, it was always take out a target from a great distance.” Boone said, taking off his rifle and putting it to the side.

Twilight let out a tired yawn, nose scrunching up slightly at the smell of her two smoking friends. “I don’t think I’ve been in that much life threatening danger than the time vines attacked Equestria…” Twilight said softly.

“That is a story you’ll have to retell one day but not right now, I think I speak for all of us when I say I want to just sleep, I can’t be assed to go anywhere to do it, just lay down here.” She stated. “It’s not like anyone will come up here anyway, they still think ghouls are here and who would really come up here? There’s nothing.” The woman said, putting her bag on the ground and using it for a hard pillow, Boone doing the same with his and using his beret to cover up the upper part of his face.

“Night you two.” He as he tried to get to sleep.

“Night.” The two girls said in unison.

“H-hey Anne?”

“Yes Princess?” The woman asked, turning her head to look at her friend.

“I-I know this is weird but could I m-maybe sleep next to you…?” The pony asked timidly.

Anne just gave a soft smile, moving herself over slightly so Twilight could use her bag-pillow as well. “Sure, just don’t get any ideas.” She joked, making Twilight blush.

Laying down Twilight cuddled herself against the woman’s side, wrapping a hoof over her stomach and the woman wrapped an arm around Twilight’s back. “Night Twilight, I’m glad I found you…” She said softly, closing her eyes.

“Goodnight Anne, thank you for saving my life…” Twilight said back softly, a faint smile as she rested her head on Anne’s shoulder, the closeness making her heart flutter, thoughts of how much the human woman meant to her going through her head.

She needed to have a word with Anne next chance she got and tell her about how she really felt but at that moment she cared more about resting so she closed her eyes.

And soon sleep took her.

Author's Note:

Hey guys!
How are you all? Now the 'Come Fly With Me' Quest is done with Twilight and the gang can focus on the 'They Went That-a Way' quest and find and kill the one that shot Anne in the skull. Now for those that were saying that they don't want Twilight and Anne to be a couple then let me tell you this right now, I'm not going to change what I had in mind but it won't be what you might think it is, just read the chapter after this one when it comes out and you'll be pleasantly surprised, well, if you could call it pleasant... Anyway, don't want to spoil TOO much so I'll just leave you at that ;-D.
Oh and the last thing is I got commissioned cover art for the story! Look how cool it is! I'm so very glad the artist did this for me, it'll make my story look more appealing.
Till next time

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