• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 11

Anne and Twilight walked out of the near empty gift shop, a few pre-war books and a teddy bear now inside Anne’s bag along with a few caps they found around the room.

“Okay, now let’s get back on track.” Anne said, taking the caravan shotgun off her back and putting the butt up to her shoulder.

The two slowly crouch walked down the hallway, leading to a larger room with and elevator on one side and a bluish door on the other. After looking over the elevator which the button of which was broken they wondered to the blue door, finding it locked.

“Wait a sec.” Anne said, taking the key she found in the locked room from her bag. “Let’s see if this works.” She said in a hopeful tone.

The human put the key in the lock and twisted it, resulting in a soft click. “Yes.” She said silently with a quick fist pump.

Anne pushed open the door with the muzzle of her gun, finding a long hallway ending with a caved in roof, paint peeling off the walls and ceiling showing the old wood and plaster underneath, an old light hanging from the ceiling, flickering every so often with a slight static sound. As they slowly walked down the hall Anne held up a fist, stopping in place before turning to Twilight.

“One of them is wondering around here.” She whispered as softly as possible as she turned off her Pip-Boy’s light. “Hold this.” She finished, holding her shotgun out to Twilight.

Twilight carefully took the weapon from Anne’s grasp with her magic before she levitated it in front of her face, looking over the scattering firearm.

Once she felt the gun leave her grip she pulled the machete on her hip out of its sheath and pumped herself up, peering around the corner to see a convict walking up and down the hall way, board expression on his face and a caravan shotgun in his two-handed grip.

When he was close to the corner the two were at Anne sprang into action. With rapid movements she leapt from behind cover, the convict’s once board expression now replaced with one of shock and surprise.

The man brought up his gun to take a shot at Anne but from the close proximity they were in Anne stopped it with a quick back hand, flinging the gun to the side with a small clang. Now with one of his arms out to the side while the other was across his chest Anne brought back her machete and with a quick swish sliced it across the convict’s neck, spraying her face and the wall to the right with a thin line of blood.

The convict started to let out gurgling sounds as his mouth filled up with his blood, clutching at his neck to try and stop the bleeding. He fell to his knees as the blood started to freely run down his front, staining his cloths. Anne brought back her leg and kicked the bleeding convict in the head, the now unconscious man falling back with blood still squirting from his neck.

Anne spat some of the blood that made its way into her mouth to the side before wiping her mouth with the back of one of her arms and flicking her machete to the side with the other.

Anne, making sure the man was dead by tapping him with the tip of her boot, crouched down and started rummaging through the cadaver’s pockets, taking the few caps and twenty gauge shotgun shells from his body and leaving the rest which consisted of an empty needle and an old plastic spoon.

“Come on, let’s get going.” She whispered while crouch walking back around the corner before grabbing her floating gun from the air.

Anne and Twilight started to slowly walking towards the end of the hallway, entering into an unused kitchen.

The most dominant feature of the room was a tied and bound man knelt to the side of the room with a dirty mattress behind him, he was looking down in what Anne could guess was fatigue.

Ignoring the rest of the room Anne approached the while she still approached the man, him looking up to see Anne sneaking her way to him and hiding herself behind a table from the doorway at the other end of the room while still visible to the man.

“I don’t suppose you came here to rescue me? I’d cross my fingers but my hands are numb.” He said quietly.

“You must be Deputy Beagle.” Anne replied just as quietly.

“Why, yes I am. It’s a pleasure to mee- is that a unicorn.” He asked, looking at Twilight as she sneaked behind the table Anne was situated behind.

“Ignore her till we’re out of here.” Anne said.

Deputy Beagle shook his head before continuing what he was saying. “As I was saying, it’s a pleasure to meet you. But as you can see I’m in a bit of a predicament here. I’d be most appreciative if you’d set me free.” He said, gesturing to his bound wrists.

“I hear you may have information on some Khans that came through here with a guy in a checkered suit.” Anne said, not moving from her position.

“Indeed I do good ma’am, and I would be thrilled to share that information with you as soon as I am released from captivity.” He said.

“Show me your binds.” Anne said, pulling her machete from her hip, getting annoyed how much she has to use it.

Deputy Beagle presented his hands out as Anne pushed the blade down into the ropes which were put into strands moments later.

“Oh that’s just marvelous. I think I’ll be making my way outside now, the air’s a little close in here.” He said, standing up to shaky legs.

“If you try to run away instead of fighting at my side I’ll kill you myself.” Anne threatened, pointing her machete at him.

Twilight whimpered.

“O-oh, why, uh, of cause. I would never let you fight my kidnappers with my help. Uh, without it! You lead the way.” He said nervously.

Anne, Deputy Beagle and Twilight slowly made their way to the doorway at the other end of the kitchen, leaning against the wall, Twilight and Anne on one side and Deputy Beale on the other. Anne looked at the deputy and held up three fingers while mouthing the numbers themselves.

Anne pulled out her pistol, turning her head to look at Twilight to see that she had done the same. Anne looked over at the deputy to see that was standing there with a confused expression and empty hands. Anne face palmed before taking the varmint rifle off her back and chucking it towards him which he caught.

Anne started the countdown again, this time making sure that everyone was ready with a weapon on hand.

On the number one Anne let out a war cry as she jumped out from around the corner she was hiding behind, Deputy Beagle following soon after along with Twilight.

With a mad smile was a convict stood facing the doorway with an Incinerator pointed at the three. On either side were two other convicts with varmint rifles and at the back was a younger looking one holding a lighter and a stick of dynamite at the ready.

“Ummm, could we try this again?” Anne asked hesitantly.

“Well you’re here, we wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.” The one on the left said, a maniacal smile on his face.

“We wouldn’t want you to miss the barbeque.” The one on the right said, just as creepy smile on his face.

“IT’S GONNA BE HOT!” The leader yelled, a ball of fire launching from his Incinerator.

The flaming projectile preformed a small arc in the air before impacting into Anne’s chest, flinging her backwards into the kitchen’s table, sliding across the top’s surface and knocking everything off of it, and falling off the other side with a soft thud sound.

While Anne was flung away Twilight and Beagle dove back behind cover, Twilight looking over to Anne’s limp body and Beagle putting the butt of Anne’s rifle to his shoulder breathing in and out to calm himself.

Twilight shook her head and turned her attention away from Anne and floated her pistol up again. Once that was done she poked the barrel of the gun around the corner and started popping off shots in hope of hitting something.

The convicts also had the same idea as they shot bullets at Beagle and Twilight, little chips of plaster and dust being thrown in their faces as they tried to return fire but did little with the occasional fire ball flying past and impacting the walls near Anne was lying underneath, still unmoving.

“MOVE UP, I WANNA SKIN THESE FUCKAS!” The leader said, shouting at his fellows.

One of the adventurous feeling convicts ran up towards the doorway only to be shot in the shoulder by a 5.56mm round, the bullet imbedding in the skin and bone.

“GAH!” He yelled as he fell to the side, clutching the bullet hole.

Before he could get up Twilight looked around the corner and fired the remaining four rounds into the groaning convict, silencing his pain forever.

Twilight tucked back behind cover as a bullet impacted the wall just next to where her head was a moment ago, her face turning a sickly shade of green as she swallowed the bile in her throat.

“KILL THEM MUTHA FUCKAS!” The leader yelled as he launched a large barrage of flaming projectiles at the walls the two were hiding behind.

“I’m out!” Beagle yelled as he looked over the rifle in his grasp.

As Twilight was fumbling with a new magazine for her pistol she turned her head to see Anne was now up again, a grim expression on her face as she held a grouping of the three strange red sticks she has seen explode in one hand, a black smear on her chest with small amounts of flame covering the surface along with one of her shoulders and the shin of her right leg. In the hand that didn’t have the dynamite she dropped two small needles which Twilight remembered Anne calling Med-X.

“Hey, dipshits, have a light?” Anne yelled as she held the fuses of the explosives to the small fire on her chest before pitching all three out the doorway.

No sooner had they landed on the ground all three of the sticks detonated with a loud bang, the shocked body of the leader falling to the ground and his head landing soon after, the other gun totting convict not faring much better, Deputy Beagle stumbling back as a small intestine impacted with his face.

“ANNE!” Twilight yelled as she ran over to her burning friend.

“It’s not over yet.” Anne said as she stormed over to the shaking convict, still holding a stick of dynamite which he dropped as soon as he saw Anne stomping over to him.

On the way Anne pulled out the machete from her belt and brought it back as she reached the convict.

“WAIT, DON’T!” Twilight yelled as she ran after Anne.

The machete stopped mere inches from the convict’s neck who was holding up his hands in a form of surrender.

“What!?” Anne said in an angered tone, slightly scaring Twilight as she turned to face the pony.
“P-please don’t kill him.” Twilight said.

“And why is that?” Anne replied, voice not changing.

“He didn’t do anything.” Twilight tried to reason but she just didn’t want to see her friend kill another person when she was like this.

“And that means he should live.” Anne asked, still angry.

“Please, for me.” Twilight pleaded, tears forming in her eyes.

Anne looked between her crying friend and the shaking convict before she sheathed the machete, and turned away.

Before quickly turning back around and punching the convict in the face, a soft crack sounding out as his nose broke, blood pouring down the now stumbling convicts face.

“Fuck you and get out of here before I finish the job.” Anne yelled.

The convict didn’t need to be told twice as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Anne turned around again and started storming off back into the kitchen.

“Anne.” Twilight exclaimed as she chased after the woman.

“Yes.” Anne replied as she started looking through the kitchen.

“About what just happe-“

“We don’t need to talk about it.” Anne said as she opened a broken fridge.

“I think I need to bring something up.” Twilight said as she looked at Anne worriedly.

“And that is?” She said as she looked at Twilight, still leaned over in the fridge.

“You’re still on fire.”

Author's Note:

Okay, a thing I wanted to bring up is that I'm looking for a pre-reader, and unlike an editor like the awesome one I already have my pre-reader will read through the unedited chapters and tell me if they're enjoyable to read and if I should change anything before I send it to my editor for the final checks.

Till next time.

(Edit: I now have a pre-reader)

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