• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 44

“You know what? I don’t think I will ever get the urge to go to Zion again.” Anne said with a sigh as they finally exited through the cave they had been walking through for the past few hours, finally greeted by the sight of the Mojave once again in all its irradiated glory.

“I will never have a pot plant in my house after those fly traps.” Twilight added with a shiver going down her spine, they ran into a few on their way back ‘home’.

They had left the box they had been given as a gift not long after leaving, having emptied it so they didn’t have to carry it around. Inside was Salt-Upon-Wounds’ helmet and his powerfist, which Anne kept the weapon and put it into her back as a keepsake along with the helmet. There was a few books of scripture that Twilight kept in her pack, Anne not really caring about it. But one thing that excited Anne was a pistol.

It was a short barreled .45 pistol with a worn snakeskin handle, it’s once darkened color scratched away from use to a dull shine. On both sides words were carved into the metal, and on an attached note was written the translation of ‘And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not’ in Greek. Anne had come to call it ‘Shining Light’ to make it easier.

There had been some food, water and medical supplies as well in the box, which they took as well although there were some tribal clothes that they left inside, they had no need for any of it.

“I think we deserve a break after all that, want to head back to the Lucky 38?” Anne asks idly as they stood at the exit to the cave.

“We need to get the stuff we hid away before we left.” Twilight pointed out.

“Oh yeah, good memory princess.”

After getting the things they stashed, although Twilight took parts of the laser rifle they got from Zion and used them to repair her old rifle, while Anne just got loaded down in weaponry she had left.

Boone looked up from the rifle he was currently in the process of cleaning when he saw the two very tired friends come back into the king suite of the Lucky 38, brow rising slightly at the state of them. “So… a bit more than just a caravan trip?” The man asked looking back down at the rifle, rubbing away excess oil he had rubbed onto the bolt action he had taken off.

“Just a bit.” Anne said taking her pack off and dropping it in a corner, not bothering to do anything else as she flopped herself into a sofa, the furniture creaking under the force and her weight. “Didn’t really get paid too.”

“We were attacked when we were going through Zion valley and we went on a whole adventure to help the people living there escape from a group of killers.” Twilight said, not even bothering to take off her pack before flopping down on another chair, face buried in the pillows tiredly.

“Just remember you have things to do, you have to decide if you want to keep around a bunch of the groups around New Vegas.” Boone said idly as he put the barrel back onto the wooden stock of the rifle.

Anne groaned softly, the pony letting out faint snoozing sounds as she passed out on the couch. “I’ll do it in the morning…” Anne grumbled.

“I’m not the one who’s trying to run this place.” He stated. “Should just let the NCR move in, they’d run this place right.”

He didn’t get an answer from the woman, and when he looked over he saw her passed out from exhaustion.

Rolling his eyes he continued working on the rifle.

It turned out ‘in the morning’ meant after a few days of resting and recovering from Zion valley, mainly lazing about the strip and Lucky 38, Anne at one point going to The Tops to do a bit of gambling, although got a slap on the back of the head when she came back missing two hundred caps. Twilight mainly read books they had collected in the Mojave and some already in the building while cuddling against her teddy bear.

But finally Anne decided they should actually do something if they wanted New Vegas to become independent.

“I think I should deal with the Great Khans, maybe you should do one of the others?” Anne offered. “There are so many we’d need to go through it all quickly otherwise it would be years before we’re done.”

“I guess I’ll probably go look at those ‘Boombers’ Yes Man was talking about, I have were they are on a map I’ll take with me.”

“And remember Twilight, look to see if you’d want them to be around once everything is said and done, I don’t want any assholes making it hard for everyone else around to ruin our day.”

Twilight nodded, slipping herself into her vet, strapping on her pistols to her legs and draping the rifle over her back, packing her pockets full of bullets, batteries and medical supplies for the trip ahead.

After a farewell the two head in different directions once leaving The Strip and heading towards the airfield that was on the map she was given.

She walked along the Strip proper, casting glancing looks at the large robotic monsters guarding the strip, knowing that each one had enough firepower to take on a dozen armed people and come out without a scratch. And she and Anne had almost full control of them. Even when she was a princess in Equestria she had the Royal Guard at her beck and call, but if she gave a crazy order they wouldn’t do it. But these things had no emotions, just blank killing machines, not caring if they were destroyed or who they need to target. The thought made chills go up the pony’s spine, making her uncomfortable.

Twilight groaned softly as she flopped herself down on the floor of the shack she had found. It had become night before she had reached the airfield and she didn’t feel like going for a night stroll through pitch black darkness knowing all the things that want to kill her out there, even if she used a light spell to guide her way she didn’t want to.

It was rather easy for her to set up a fire with her magic, just using some scrap wood around the shack and breaking it into chunks, using her horn to light them up. Twilight sighed sadly, she felt very alone, none of her friends around, no one knowing where she was. The thought of all that put the pony down, making her snuggle herself into a ball near the fire, shivering slightly from the cold as tears came to the corners of her eyes.

Lazily she reached into her discarded pack with her hoof, not being bothered to use her magic, before she pulled out a warn teddy bear, hugging it to her barrel tightly as she tried to calm herself down but she couldn’t.

Tears streamed down her face and impacted on the dusty and dirty floor and left small wet spots in the wood. She wanted to be home, she wanted to see her parents, she wanted her brother, her friends, her home. But now she was stuck in a place she could have never imagined, the horror present every hour of the day and even though Anne had helped her cope with the change it still wasn’t enough for her to be okay with everything. ‘I’m going to die here’ She thought to herself as she sobbed softly, eyes clenched shut tightly as she imagined the bear was someone she knew, like Celestia, holding her tight to keep her student safe and sound, telling her how she’s all good now, how nothing would happen to her.

But when she opened her eyes again she was just greeted with the dull eyes of the teddy bear in her hooves, dull plastic eyes looking up at her with a stitched on smile.

Twilight cried herself to sleep that night.

After a cold breakfast of Insta-Mash mixed with some dirty water she headed out, heading towards her objective of the Nellis Airforce Base. She came over the crest of a hill, seeing the large plains before her, large hangers not far in the distance with a large wire fence going all around. Between her and the buildings were the destroyed husks of houses, blast holes pocking the ground everywhere. Along the road headed towards the base Twilight spotted a sign reading in big red letters ‘BOOMERS’ and ‘Trespassers will be killed.’

“Friendly welcome…” Twilight muttered to herself, scanning around to look for any snipers around. How bad could getting in be?

She walked towards the fence, where she could see a gate to get inside, with guard towers scattered along the length.

Not wanting to get caught by a sniper she summoned a shield to make a wall in front of her, blocking any shots that may come towards her from the front.

Twilight got slightly worried when she hadn’t in counted any form of resistance or life around, only seeing the burned and scarred ground around her. Out of all the black and grey she spotted something of color, trotting her way over to it. She heard a dull thudding sound in the distance she picked up at red covered lump.

“What do we have here?” the pony mumbled to herself. When she realized what it was she dropped it with a splat and quickly stumbled herself back, dropping the detached arm to the ground. Only two fingers were still attached to the hand, the flesh shredded and mince, as if a grenade went off in its grip.

Before she could look around for the rest of the body she heard a loud whistling sound that quickly got louder and then painful. But it got even more painful for Twilight as the largest explosion she had ever seen went off right next to where she was standing.

Before she knew it she slammed against the foundation of one of the old buildings with a crack, knowing either one of her bones broke or the foundation did. She could barely get breath into her lungs, the wind getting knocked right out of her body.

She slowly got herself back onto her hooves as she heard the faint whistling sound again, her whole body feeling as if it were on fire. She let out a cry of pain as she put weight onto one of her hooves, collapsing back down to the gravel, letting out another yell of agony as she landed one what must be a broken wing. She slowly got back onto her three usable hooves but another explosion knocked her over, luckily a little further away so she didn’t go hurtling through the air again.

She looked over at her broken forehoof, jaw quivering as she saw how bent out of shape it was, along with the bloody and leaking holes that were going up along her hoof and out of sight along her neck.

She couldn’t focus on the pain anymore, just looking around in panic as she heard the whistling growing louder again. Twilight quickly lit up her horn, doing a quick teleport since she wasn’t able to focus on a long range one in all the pain.

She managed to get out of the way of the explosion, going off just where she was before. She could hear more whistling.

The purple pony princess knew she couldn’t keep jumping around using her magic, she had to get out of there before she was blown to bits like that last person was. She quickly started hobbling her way towards the fence, not thinking clearly from all the burning pain going through her body.

She forced a lazy shield around her body, hoping that it might be enough to protect her from any close blast to her as she staggered, wincing as she moved her broken leg. “J-just a bit f-further…” She gasped to herself as she limped.

Her shield was cut through like wet paper, her body getting flung several feet forward, her body collapsing to the ground as she felt more stinging along her back. She felt like she landed in a puddle, her back feeling wet with liquid dripping down off her body.

Getting to her hooves again slowly she continued towards the fence.

It felt like years before she managed to get to the fence, but it was only a few dozen feet away. She fell down to her rump, gasping for air as she tried to stay conscious.

“Hey!” A voice yelled out, the pony sluggishly looking around for who yelled. “How the hell did you get past that strike?!”

Twilight managed to see who it was by looking up a tower, seeing a man wearing a helmet and a black leather jacket, large metal tube over his should and pointed at her.

“Y-you did that?” Twilight asked weakly.

“I’ve heard about you on the radio, but we still don’t want you here, turn back.” The man warned angrily.

Twilight just looked at him blankly, her horn sputtering to life. The Boomer looked surprised as his rocket launcher was pulled out of his grip by an invisible force, looking at it worriedly as it pointed at him. Twilight didn’t know how it worked but she did know was big heavy things could be used for.

The man let out a yelp of surprise as he was hit across the head with the end of his rocket launcher, collapsing in a heap unconscious.

Twilight a groan Twilight dropped the weapon, body going limp as she sat there. “H-hopefully Anne is having a b-better time…”

Author's Note:

Okay guys!
I got Fallout New Vegas on my computer, but I've been playing through it to try and get to the point I was at before on my console. So hopefully it'll help in the writing of this story!

Note on the game itself though, what the f**k is the 'special way' of getting to the Boomers' base? All I do is pump myself full of drugs and run in there while jabbing myself with dozens of Stimpaks.

Till next time,

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