• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 51

“So that’s why you should not come into any contact with the toaster.” Anne said, wearing her combat armor again now that Twilight was here to remind her that she was practically naked with jut the gown on, her butt visible from behind.

“Anne. Out of all the things you could have told me about this crazy place you choose to rant about the kitchen appliances?” Twilight asks with an unamused voice, looking at her friend flatly.

“What would you rather hear about then?” Anne asks looking at Twilight. “You think people having their brains scooped out or being trapped inside a suit that drags around your dead body for centuries is bad, you do not want to hear about the shit that’s here…”

Twilight grimaced. “Couldn’t be that bad…”

“They have a camp here that was filled with people from before the war that were used as test dummies with explosive collars on their necks. After the war they were left there and when some turned into ghouls they had to stay inside the horrible little group of tents or have their heads blast off their bodies…”

Twilight looked down at the dirt as they walked, not saying anything.

“Right now all I want to do is find my brain, even though it’s not in me if it gets damaged I die, it’s kinda like a wireless thing going on…”

Twilight looked up again at the red dome of ‘Doctor Mobius’ who also felt the need to blast messages over loud speaker much like the other robots in the other dome. He had guards of robotic scorpions brightly colored in yellow and red, shooting blue beams of light from their stingers and crushing more than cutting with their broad blunt pincers.

“What are we even going to do when we find your brain? Is it as easy as just chucking it back in?” Twilight asks.

“I have no clue, remember that I have no brain.” Anne answered as they neared an oversized metal door.

With a hiss and an over dramatic amount of steam coming from under the gab a large number of the robotic scorpions came scuttling out, little beams shooting wildly about. Yanking the light axe off her back the brainless woman charged forward, sinking the blade through the metal hull of the killing machine like a warm knife through butter, sending sparks about wildly.

Twilight pulled out her pistols, sending hot lead through the robots and shredding their inner workings. While it didn’t do too much damage to them Anne was making up for it, her hits seeming to be stronger than normal as she hacked apart the robots while yelling ‘smack!’ every time a blow connected.

Soon there was just a pile of brightly colored scrap metal and circuits. “Apparently their lasers make you dumber.” Anne said pulling the axe from one such hunk of rubbish. “Though considering everything else, it’s just another excuse for those brain bots to stay cooped up in their dome.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I just find it kind of weird that there are so many reasons for them personally to stay stuck in their place, as if someone doesn’t want them to leave. I want to know what this place is doing.” Anne explained as they walked through the metal door and through another.

“I’m the type of pony that enjoys looking for any knowledge they can get, once I get back to Equestria I have so many things that can help ponies. Stimpaks, and so many other medical advancements that we didn’t have back there.” Twilight said.

“Not guns or explosives?” Anne asks.

“I’ve seen what has happened to your world with those things Anne… I don’t want to see Equestria to end up the same…” She said sadly before quickly adding. “No offence.”

“None taken.” Anne said offhandedly as she and her friend walked through a darkened doorway.

Once through the door it slammed shut behind them with a bang, making the two jump as they looked at the sealed door. “That can’t be a good thing…” Anne said unsurely, getting her axe at the ready as she looked to the darkness around them.

With loud clicking sounds lights hanging from a far above ceiling turned on in series and lit up the massive concrete room. There were walkways everywhere along the walls and rooves, some deactivated turrets around for an unknown attacker.

“You dare come into my lair?!” A voice yelled over the loud speakers. “WELL! Prepare to face the science of the X-42 Roboscorpion!” It continued.

With a hiss a large hatch on the floor in the middle of the hall opened up, more of the dramatic steam coming out. Slowly something was raised out of the hole, first the giant stinging tail that was as big as a car, with the tail being a few stories tall. Next the top of the huge red pincers, big enough to crush a fully grown man with ease, and may the house he would be hiding in.

Twilight and Anne had to take a step back as the full robot came into view, huge and dangerous looking. “I think we might be a little outmatched here Twilight…” Anne said hesitantly, looking down at her axe.

Twilight was looking down to her pistols, doubting that the bullets would even be able to go through the metal of the robot. “I think we might need a bigger gun…” She noted.

“I found a grenade in one of the labs…” Anne said hopefully, reaching into one of her pouches she pulls out a dark green ball with a pin and handle on it, case segmented.

“Would that be enough to take it down?” Twilight asked uncertainly.

“If we can make a hole in its shell then we could throw it in and it would shred the internals of the thing.” Anne suggested.

“And how would we do that?”

“We improvise.” Anne said with a shrug before running to the right of the door as fast as she could, trying to get out of the way as the scorpion took aim with its stinger.

Twilight got the cue and with a flash she reappeared to the left about a dozen feet.

The laser shot by the robot was a foot and a half feet thick and impacted against the ground with an explosion of concrete and steel, leaving molten slag in the crater.

“Don’t get hit by it!” The pony heard her friend yell from across the room, spotting her climbing up a rusty ladder towards a metal observation room hung against the wall.

“I wasn’t planning on it!” She yelled back as she watched the scorpion turn to follow her, taking aim with its stinger again.

Twilight did the first thing she could think of to not get hit and teleported herself up to a catwalk just before the robot fired again, leaving a smoldering puddle where she once was. She couldn’t stay still for a single moment and she had to keep it distracted until Anne could find a way to punch a hole through the shell to take that thing down.

Quickly she started to move. Jumping along catwalks and running through the observation rooms, beams of blue death constantly slamming into where she always was a second before. But it was as if the robot was soon guessing what she was going to do before she did and just before she teleported to the next location a beam of blue light reduced the section of walkway into a runny liquid. “It’s learning Anne!” Twilight yelled, quickly moving out of the way of another blast.

“I think I have an idea! Just another minute!” She heard from across the room, spotting Anne ripping something from one of the deactivated turrets, putting it against something else she ripped from another one.

The robot started stamping over to Twilight, sick of missing the target. With a robotic screech it reared up on its hind legs and started to try and crush the pony, causing the pony to help in fear as it came face to face with the glass plate that covered the glowing lights she guessed where it saw from. It ripped a chunk of the steel walkway from the wall, chunks of rock scattering across the floor below.

“Anne!” Twilight yelled in worry, steam rising from her sore horn as she saw the stinger start to glow with energy, there was no escape.

“HEY SHIT FACE!” She heard Anne yell before a small explosion impacted on the back of the scorpion.

It paused for a moment, lowering itself back down to the floor to look at the woman. She could have what could only be described as the most impractical and dangerous looking gun, dangerous for the user if one considered a gun that might explode in the face of the user.

“Okay! That’s as far as I got in my plan!” Anne yelled dropping the gun to the side, crumbling into a pile of rubble. “Can you teleport me on its back?!”

“I don’t think I have enough energy, but I can throw you!” Twilight yelled back as the scorpion brought back its claw to crush the woman.

“Good enough!” She yelled pulling the pin from the grenade but holding the handle as she ran at the robot.

Twilight gave a shove of force under her friend, jumping right over the claw as it smashed into the ground with enough force the shake the ground and send cracks all around. The force she landed with knocked the wind out of her and the grenade out of her grip. The handle and the grenade itself went in different directions.

“Shit!” Anne yelled scrambling after the grenade, slipping along the burnt shell of the robot to grab it before it falls off and detonates.

She managed to grab it after a moment and quickly brought it around to the hole in the shell.


The grenade detonated just as she had her hand over the hall, a small ball of fire and dust launching everywhere. Anne went flying off the robotic bug from the force and the scorpion itself slammed down to the ground with a crunch.

Twilight’s eyes were constantly twitching around for the moments after this all went down, watching everything lay still. After another minute she slowly climbed down the torn and scrapped metal to the dust covered floor of the hall. “I think it worked Anne.” Twilight said hesitantly, looking over the smoldering wreckage.

“Anne?” Twilight called out, looking around for her friend.

She saw lump a dozen feet away from the dead robot, freezing in place at the sight. “Anne?” She tried again.

She heard a groan come from the lump, slowly moving. “T-Twilight?” Anne groaned out, slowly getting to shaky feet.

Twilight couldn’t see too well in the badly lit place. “Thank Celestia you’re okay, I thought you were hurt in that explosion.” Twilight said with a sigh of relief.

“W-wouldn’t be so sure…” Anne cracked out, staggering towards the princess.

When her friend got closer she got a better look at her. The armor along her right arm was shredded, just tatters halfway up the forearm with holes from shrapnel coating her whole right side and along her face. Most noticeable was her right arm, halfway up her forearm and below was missing, just a bloody and destroyed stump of burnt flesh.

Twilight paused, looking at her friend in horror. “A-Anne! Your arm!” She yelped.

“Y-you didn’t think I noticed?’ Anne asked with a bitter chuckle, holding her hand against the end to try and reduce the bleeding.

“I-I’ll grab Med-X!” Twilight yelled, not caring about her friend’s history with the addiction and just wanting to help her.

“N-No.” Anne said shaking her head. “J-just get me a Stimpak to heal it up. There’s nothing we can do for my arm.” Anne stated, staggering towards her friend.

Twilight nodded quickly, fumbling with her pockets and pulling out one of the needles. Stabbing it into her friend’s damaged arm she pressed the button and with a hiss it emptied its contents directly into her body. Quickly the skin healed itself over, forming into angry and horrible looking scar tissue.

“T-thanks.” She winced, looking down at her nub, rubbing over the tender flesh. “I think I’m in shock right now. Why the fuck else am I not freaking out about this?”

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