• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 63

“So that’s the problem they have.” Anne said, sitting in a wheelchair since it was easier to move around The Big Empty Sink that way.

“Well If they’re able to make something that looks and moves like a wing I could enchant it up to make it actually able to fly, so not too much of a big deal.” Twilight said with a shrug.

“Oh.” Anne said. “I thought this was going to be a bigger issue than that…”

“Nah, It’s actually pretty simple, I’ll just add some stuff to lessen the weight, and to provide more lift with a flap like pony wings naturally do… I’ll just have to use some of those crystals around Big Mountain.”

“Well then they’re ready to install it onto you.”

“Already?” Twilight asked in confusion.”

“Yeah, they need to graft a port onto your body that attaches to the nerves along your body, then you just slot the wing into that port.” She said. “They’re going to do the same thing with my arm… I don’t know how I feel about them already having legs in development before it was even blown off… Am I that prone to accidents?”

Without even a moment she was responded with a dozen voices saying “Yes”, Twilight and even the kitchen sink all saying it in unison.

Twilight took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, laying down on her stomach on the medical bed, about to be put under for the operation that had never been done in this situation ever, Twilight just hoped the biological maps she gave them to program into the doctors was accurate enough.

“Everything will be fine Twilight, I’ll just be in the next room over.” Anne said with a soft comforting smile, sitting on the edge of her own medical bed wearing a blue patient robe as she waited to get taken away.

She took another deep breath to calm herself down further before giving nod in approval. A mask was moved over her muzzle and she inhaled the sour air it contained, only a few more breaths and her head started to go fuzzy and eyes grow heavy.

And soon her world faded away.

The first thing Twilight noticed was that her entire back felt like it had been dipped into hot needles that went all along her spine and even over her ribcage. She lets out a pained groaned through a dry cough, slowly opening her eyes and glancing about.

She was on her chest in what looked like a nondescript medical waiting room, nothing much of note besides the moldy wall paper and the painting on the wall that might have once been comforting for someone who just woke up but now the ink had run and made a demonic looking hell landscape mixed with the mold.

She took a few minutes to gain her bearings again, feeling awake enough to move around a bit. Looking over her shoulder she thought she would see a new metal wing but she was greeted with just a metal hub grafted to her skin, around the joint where the natural wing once was that covered a large portion of her upper back.

Moving muscles she hadn’t in a while she did see any movement from the joint but just the muscles along her back.

“That’s just the first part of it.” She heard a voice said.

Looking to the side she saw a familiar brain floating in a jar, Brian floating over in the corner of the room at a computer.

“So the wing just attaches to this part?”

“Pretty much, Anne got confused when I first tried to explain the concept.” He stated, his eye screens looking over at the pony. “She’s still under by the way, she had two implants to put into place.”

“When will the wing get… whatever it needs to go through before it attaches?”

“Well now that you’re awake, we can try now.”

Soon Brain left and returned with a box held in a spindly arm under the jar. Coming over he dropped the box on the bed, Twilight sitting on the edge as she sorely rubbed her back around where the new implant was.

“It’ll hurt putting on, since you’re reconnecting nerves after they haven’t felt anything for a while.”

She nodded as she watched him take the metal from the box.

It was a weird feeling, watching as a limb was being unpacked to get put onto you, seeing it dead and lifeless and yet it would move just as if she was born with it.

“Since no one has any clue how you will change it up to fly we’ll just leave that to you.” He stated.

He hovered his way behind the pony, lining up the wing to the port along Twilight’s back. “It goes in at an odd angle but you then twist it into place and it snaps in and won’t come out unless you really want it to.” He said, pushing the wing port into her back before twisting it roughly.

In an instant the pony’s world went white, everything numb and gone and as soon as it happened she saw normally again although she was now on the floor, muzzle hurting with a small dribbled of blood from her nose.

“Well it didn’t kill you.” Brian said, his eyes giving the best they could of a shrug.

“Ow…” She grunted as she got her hooves under her, slowly sitting herself up.

Looking over her shoulder she saw the metal wing now stuck to her, weight pulling down on her and hanging limp next to the other wing. “It’s kind of heavy.”

“Well, we wanted it to last.” He said. “Could have made it of wood but that would have splintered a lot and broken very quickly…”

Twilight focused hard onto both her wings and just wanted to stretch them out. But it seemed she was focusing a bit too hard because it just led to Twilight hitting herself across her head with both the wings, the feathered one fine but the other as if she was hit with a length of sheet metal, not pleasant.

After clutching her already sore muzzle again for a few moments she tried again, this time just stretching her wings out as if she was stretching. The wing responded smoothly and flawlessly, as if it was just a normal wing painted to look like metal. Again she tried just moving them both in unison and they both acted exactly the same. Besides being very heavy there was very little difference between the two.

“This is… Actually better than I expected it to be…” She noted.

“What do you take us for? Crazy people who had our brains put into jars? While most of us spent the past two hundred years to experiment and dissect both people and animals?” He asked sarcastically. “The Think Tank wouldn’t know real science even when they’re floating in it. They had very little to do with this project.”

“I guess I should be thankful for that…”

It was a few hours before Anne came out of the operation room, carted out on a bed by a Mister-Handy Robot, wheeling her in before leaving. She had one of the ports that covered the remaining part of her arm to the elbow, making her have a metal stump. While with her leg, because the leg was all but removed in the first place it had to get reinforced along her side, bolted to her pelvic bone so it wouldn’t pull itself away from her.

Twilight stayed in the room, the wing disconnected once again as she tried to work into fitting the crystals inside it without breaking the complex inner workings of the mechanical limb itself. So far she had managed to work in about a dozen along the metal feathers, each in the middle, and used her magic to push magical energy into it to, causing the ones she had to emit a soft red glow.

While she was in the middle of funneling energy into a crystal when she heard a soft groan from the woman.

“It’ll hurt for a while.” Twilight stated, not even looking up from her work.

“Goody.” A grumble replied after a few moments. “How did yours go?”

“The implant went fine, I’m just making the actual wing usable right now…” Twilight said, carefully chipping some shards of the crystal off so it fitted perfectly into the wing.

“Well, unlike you I had a hand in designing my new arm before the implant was even put on.” She said grinning, both looking over as the door opened and Brian floated in with another, larger box which looked as if the little engine under him was straining under the weight.

“She says that, but I refused to even consider the notion of putting a rocket launcher into her leg or flamethrowers in the fingers.” He grumbled as he dropped the box onto the bed and threw it open. First he pulled out a metal leg, very simple with not much notable about it. Instead of toes on the feet it was just a generic foot shape, one that could easily fit into a shoe. With that just put onto the bed the brain reached into the box and pulled out the arm. This was interesting.

The fingers ended in claws, like a griffon’s talon, each looking sharp and dangerous if Anne wasn’t careful. And there were also two metal tubes along the forearm that lead to a block at the end. It was segmented with shiny metal plates.

“But I managed to convince him to add a shotgun.” She said with a giddy grin.

“Don’t blame me if you end up blowing your head off when you try to scratch it.” The brain stated as he brought the arm up to the stump on Anne’s torso. With a loud clicking sound Anne clenched her jaw shut and clench her eyes shut, body convolving somewhat but still seeming to keep her cool better than the pony did, soon opening her eyes and looking down at the hand attached to her. She clenched her new fist a few times, looking at the back of her hand as she moved the fingers around.

“It’s weird isn’t it…?” Anne asks. “I can’t feel at all with this but it just feels… right to move around.” She stated, looking down at the new leg.

“It moves a bit too naturally, it’s really kind of creepy.” Twilight said as she slotted in the last gem she thought she was to need and started to charge it up.

“Could be a lot worse, we could just not have them at all.” Anne stated as she lined up the new leg to the stump. With a few grunts of pain and more convolving, the leg was attached.

Throwing her feet off the edge of the bed she slowly stood herself up, shaking slightly at first but she kept her balance to the most part. “It’s like my foot’s numb and I can’t feel it…” She said before taking a hesitant step forward with the new leg first.

Twilight looked over at her friend when she heard a loud clatter, seeing Anne face down on the tile floor, the claws of her hand jabbed into the floor and shattering the ceramics. “Ow…” She noted as she looked over the wing one last time before she were to put it back on.

“I need a drink.” Anne mumbled as she got herself to her feet, not trusting herself to walk all that way without falling over again so she grabbed herself a pair of crutches, heading away towards where The Sink was, leg kicking forward a bit too much each time she stepped forward, too much power behind the knee.

Taking a deep breath Twilight used her magic to move the wing back to the port on her back, pushing it forward and twisting it firmly. Again everything went white and just like that it went again, on her belly on the cold floor as her wings lay limp on her back.

“I think I need a drink too…”

Author's Note:

Now, I'm thinking about making a short prologue that leads up to Twilight coming to the Mojave. If you guys would like to know a bit about what happened before for our Favourite purple book horse tell me below and I'll write it up

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