• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 20

“Do you think they’ll come after us?” Twilight asked, her neck hurting from dragging Anne for the past ten minutes.

“If they were we’d probably be dead already.” She says, arms hanging limply by her sides as she’s dragged along, a trail of blood left behind them. “Lean me against something.” She grunts.

Twilight did what Anne told her to do and leaned the woman against a rock along the side of the road. Twilight turned a slight shade of green when she caught sight of her friend’s damaged leg again, the metal filled with holes and bent inwards. “That looks really bad Anne.” Twilight says hesitantly.

“I know, help me take the plating off.” Anne says, trying to loosen the buckles on the inside of the metal shin-guard but let out a small cry of pain as a lance of hot pain shot up her leg. “A-alright, we need to make this quick.” She says.


Anne loosens all the straps of the plating on her shin as much as it would go. “Now, go slowly, don’t want to be pulling anything of mine off the bone.” Anne warns, Twilight’s magic softly gripping the metal on the woman’s leg before ever so slowly starting to pull it off of Anne’s damaged leg.

“FUCK!” Anne exclaims, her head falling back as she used all the power she had not to let her leg spasm . “Right after we take this off I need something for the pain.” Anne grunts, holding her thigh to hold her left leg down.

“It’s almost off.”

“Good, hurry up so I can review the damage.” Anne hisses.

After a few more moments Twilight dropped the mangled leg guard onto the dirt ground next to Anne. Twilight had to hold back her vomit at the sight of her friend’s leg.

It was worse the closer to the foot itself it got. Even with the shredded under covering of the armor one could barely tell it was ever there to begin with. The flesh was barely burnt but the large and deep gashes along it bled heavily. Her ankle and toes were bent at horrid angles, the stump of her second biggest toe pouring out blood in a small steady stream. Bones at the foot were also either pressing against the skin were they broke or in one case jutting out of the skin altogether.

“Oh, by Celestia.” Twilight says, having to look away not to throw up.

“What? How bad it is?” Anne says looking down, eyes going wide as she saw the state of her leg.

Without warning she burst into a fit of mad laughter, slightly unnerving Twilight. “Holy shit.” She said still laughing, her head falling back to look at the sky. Only a few moments later the woman slid slightly to the side, her eyes closed and her body limp.

“A-Anne?” Twilight says unsurely, poking her in the chest to try and rouse her but nothing happened.

“Anne?” Twilight says again, now jabbing the woman.

Twilight could see Anne’s chest rise and fall slowly, most likely having fainted at the sight of one of her body parts.

“O-okay, she said that she would need to use some of the chemicals she has.” Twilight muttered to herself, leaning Anne forward and taking off the bag she wore.

She started to rummage through the bag, looking through all the pouches and pockets in search for what she needed. The main part of the pack just held boxes of food and water along with those strange red sticks and one bumpy dark green ball with a small circle and pin attached to the top. In one of the side pockets were boxes much like the boxes of bullets Twilight had for her two guns but in different sizes. And in the final pocket on the side was filled with all different types tins, bottles and needles.

Pulling everything out she started to have a little freak out as only one of the tins had a label which was almost worn out beyond recognition. It read ‘Mentats’ in large orange lettering on the yellow tin. Looking through the needles Twilight grimaced at the not so clean looking casings.

Going back through the bag Twilight pulls out an almost empty bottle of whisky, her head giving a small throb to remind her what happened last night, before opening the cap. Picking up a needle with three chambered needle and poured the whiskey onto it, trying to clean away any germs that were on it away.

Carefully the pony pressed the needle into the undamaged flesh of leg, high up on the thigh, pushing it in an inch and a half. Pressing the plunger she heard a small hiss sound come from the needle before Anne jerked awake.

“Gah!” She exclaimed, head snapping down to Twilight holding a needle in her leg. “That has adrenaline in it, that will make my heart go crazy!” She yelled.


“Quick, small needle, small needle.” She quickly says, the bleeding leg starting to bleed faster.

Twilight quickly fumbled to grab one of the small single chamber needles, cleaning it off with some more whiskey before jabbing it around the same place as the last needle before pressing the plunger.

Letting out a relaxed sigh, Anne’s body going limp as she had a goofy smile on her face. “That’s better.” She says contently.

“I-It hasn’t stopped bleeding.” Twilight says worried.

“No, it wouldn’t have, grab a Stimpak, one of the ones with the circle on top of it.” Anne says lazily, seeming too relaxed for what was going on.

“Don’t you need to stitch it all shut like you did for my flank?” Twilight asks.

“No time, I don’t want to lose any more blood than I already have.” She said. “I’ll just have a very bad bunch of scars.”

“Alright, if you’re sure about this.” Twilight says, magicing the third needle over to Anne’s leg.

“This one you’ll have to inject around the damaged tissue, meaning right by the foot.”

“R-really?” Twilight says with a grimace on her face, not wanting to touch her friend’s foot even with her magic.

Seeing Twilight’s expression Anne rolls her eyes and grabs the floating needle from midair. “Fine, I’ll do it.” She grumbles, jabbing the metal just above her ankle.

Soon the flesh starts mending itself, like it would normally over time but almost in the blink of an eye. Anne lets out gasps and grunts of pain as the bones are popped back into place. It only took about ten seconds before the woman’s leg was no longer bleeding but the large deep scars were still there, deforming the muscle and skin with long lines. While it helped heal her leg it didn’t get her toe to grow back.

“F-fuck, I hate the feeling of that, it’s like having the bones broken all over again.” She grunts out, pushing herself to her feet and testing her weight on the newly healed leg.

“It does have a quite sickening sound.” Twilight says hesitantly, observing the leg. “Is there any way to get rid of the scaring?”

“Nope, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.” Anne says with a sigh. “I’ll need to have my armor repaired soon, my shin-guard looks like Swiss cheese.” Anne said, sitting back down as she tried to place the armor onto her leg.

After a few minutes she managed to do what she set out to do, but a fair bit of the under padding was ripped and torn but once the plate was on you could only see the warped and broken metal.

“Are you ready to keep going?” Twilight asked, watching as Anne packed away all the chemicals back into her back before putting it back onto her back.

“Yeah, I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” She said. “We should get to Novac to see if there’s anything we can get to better equip ourselves.”

“That sounds smart, do you know how much father we have to go till we get there?”

Anne brings up her Pip-Boy, poking a few knobs. “About a few miles to go.” She say, arm dropping back to her side.

Starting off again, the two walk down the road, feeling a little more on edge since the surprise attack done to them not that long ago. After close to an hour Anne stops mid step as she sees a crashed motorbike, rusted and broken in half from the rock it had crashed into when it was still useable.

The long dead rider was nothing but a skeleton with small scraps of his clothing left but what made Anne stop was the slightly dented metal helmet that the body was wearing, the face visor shattered and no longer in the helmet itself anymore. Walking over to the pile of bones Anne grabs the helmet and picks it up, shaking it a bit till the skull fell out.

“Seems reasonably strong.” Anne says banging her knuckle against the metal helmet.

“But it was on that dead pony.” Twilight protested.

“Well he isn’t complaining.” Anne said, putting on the helmet onto her head. “Fuck, it smells like old dust in here.” Anne says, her eyes the only thing visible which were wincing slightly.

“You just pulled somepony’s head out of it!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Then he must have been the dusty smell.” Anne stated, starting to continue to walk down the ruined road.

Twilight hesitantly started to follow after the woman. “C-Could you put the radio on?” She asks nervously.

“Sure.” Anne said, tapping her Pip-Boy again.

Slowly the sound of a guitar playing could be heard coming from the woman’s arm. “To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day~”


“~When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip, big iron on his~” The last notes of the male singer died off into silence.

Tapping her arm Anne turned off the radio. “I think I can see something in the distance.” Anne states, squinting her eyes to try and see what was in the distance.

“Is it me or does it look like a large lizard?” Twilight asked confused.

“It does doesn’t it?”

Off in the distance could be seen a large outline of a large tyrannosaurs gripping onto something large in the ground like a gentleman would hold a cane with two hands.

“I’m going to take a quick fly up and get a better view.” Twilight says, thinking that it was a dragon stood over in the distance. Stretching her wings out wide she launched up into the sky.

From the much better viewpoint without large rocks and destroyed vehicles in the way. There was indeed a large T-rex but being able to see it better Twilight confirmed that it wasn’t a dragon at all. Large thick roads all came towards it with a large number of houses and buildings around it. It was large and green but even from the distance she could see the tell-tale signs of peeling paint along its body. Very small dots could be seen walking around the buildings. Sighing to herself she flew back down to Anne.

“There’s a fake dragon thing over there.” She stated.

“Well, yeah, I could tell that from over here, anything else?” Anne said crossing her arms.

“There seems to be a small town built around it, and a few ponies walking around the town.”

“Then I guess that’s Novac, not what I expected but then again I don’t know what to expect in life.” Anne said, continuing to walk towards the town of Novac.

As they got closer they started passing the mostly intact buildings, only a few of them nothing but rubble. Once close enough to the dino they could see that it was at least three stories tall. The dino itself was within the chain-linked fence of a hotel, seeming to be an attraction to bring people in but those days no one really cared that much.

At the entrance of the hotel was a sign, the name smashed out and only leaving a large hole and losing the name of the place to the void forever. Just under where the name was the ‘No Vacancy’ sign but a few of the letters were missing, leaving only the letters ‘No Vac’.

As they approached the sound of a wheel on gravel could be heard, a large blue machine rolling towards them on the one wheel it had. It had no head and very large broad shoulders. It’s arms hang out from under the shoulders by thick tubing with a three fingered claw on each. Its one wheel was a very large one, somehow balancing on the wheel without any visible difficultly. In the center of it was a white screen with the picture of a black and white cowboy smiling happily.

“Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, if it ain’t my old friend Goodsprings!” It exclaimed in a tinny sounding voice, southern accent much like Applejack Twilight found.

“Hi Victor.”

Author's Note:

Hey hey hey!
How are all of y'all? While this chapter IS later than I wouldn have liked I had the same reason as last week, I got too into my new Xbox again. Dragon Age is addictive is all I can say.

So till next time

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