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Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:


Yeah I see what you mean. That's a lot of stuff that just isn't in the story because I had my mind set on other things to happen. I try to allude to that stuff in the background a liiittle bit. Like Stan having watched the whole series with Anna. But they do dismiss it as mostly cartoonish and unhelpful. Which, I don't think is entirely wrong, as the show and the toys don't offer any actual help. I should/could go further indepth though to hammer it home, and a chat with Marge for filler wouldn't have hurt Im sure.

If you can give me a good spot you think it might fit best I'm all ears certainly. I gotta reread my own work sometime soon.

2321962 It is the rejecting anything pony related. Mary not talking to Marge since she is a fan of the show and in the beginning chapters stating that she was one of her only friends in the city.

Also both Mary and Stan believing that MLP is fictional even when the proof otherwise is just a mirror glance away.

Stan is paralyzed from doing anything different even though doing nothing will not solve anything.

Man, Mary and Stan has a major case of stick your head in sand syndrome.

Since knowing that she is an Equestrian pony, I would at least think they would pay serious attention to the TV show just to know herself and what she is dealing with, but no, she sticks her hooves in her ears rather than learn one more weird thing.

Any particular instance you noticed? Sorry about that, it's tough to balance things out with so much going on.

Thanks for the watch. Sorry, but I don't have any other stories to release until I finish this current one.

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