• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 15

“Don’t we have to go to Lieutenant Hayes first?” Twilight asked.

“Well, yea, we do.”

“Then shouldn’t we go to him before we travel?” Twilight continued.

“Umm, yea.” Anne replied awkwardly.

“Let’s just go to him then, I don’t like the idea of these ponies going without anypony protecting them.” Twilight said, looking around at the random passersby.

Anne let out a tired sigh. “Okay, then let’s go back to the man, I just hope we get a reward.” Anne finished under her breath, walking out of the Vikki and Vance.

“If we do I hope it’s something nice to eat, I’m hungry.” Twilight agreed, following Anne out of the building.

Anne let out a faint chuckle. “Well yea, that’s sort of self-explanatory isn’t it? You’ve thrown up a ton today, I’m surprised you’re only now started complaining.” She said.

“It’s not my fault that it has been happening, Equestria doesn’t have that sort of stuff happen!” Twilight exclaimed.

“But there’s one thing that I don’t think you quite realize, you aren’t really in pony land, you’re in the Mojave and this sort of stuff happens all the time so it’s good to just try your best to ignore it.” Anne said, trying to shrug it off as they walked over the makeshift bridge back into the NCR camp.

“But how do you ignore something like that? It’s just awful.” Twilight said, ears folding down and slumping her shoulders.

Anne didn’t say anything for a few moments, thinking about the question before letting out a sad sigh. “You can’t ignore it, it’s a matter of how you handle it. There are those like myself that act indifferent to it, try to act like it isn’t there for them to notice in the first place. The next types of people are like you, finding it horrible, wanting to try and make others stop, they don’t last long these days. And finally there are those that enjoy it, take pleasure in knowing that they can cause others pain, deserving a bullet to the head.” Anne said, approaching the tanned tents.

Lieutenant Hayes and the rest of the NCR solders, some who haven’t yet spoken to Anne and Twilight were sat at one of the old wooden table in front of the tents, eating something off a dented metal plates, Hayes giving Anne and Twilight a small nod of acknowledge as they approached.

“Is it done?” He asked, the other NCR troopers stopping their conversations, one of which didn’t look at Anne or Twilight which Anne remembered to be the one who fainted when they arrived at Primm.

“Yea, you won’t get much trouble from Primm anymore, their leader is a lumpy puddle in the Bison Steve.” Anne said, giving him a curt nod.

“Anne, I don’t think they need the details while their eating.” Twilight said harshly.

“Well I’ll be dammed, it does talk.” One of the troopers said, joined in with the surprised faces at the table.

“It’s a she corporal, and she did you’re job for you so you might want to be a little nicer.” McGee said, glaring at the offending trooper.

“I don’t think he meant anything by it McGee, Phil’s just being an idiot.” A female trooper said, slugging Phil on the shoulder.

“Be that as it may, these two helped this town and we should be thankful for that.” Hayes said.

“N-no problem.” Twilight said blushing, Anne trying to hold in her laughter at Twilight’s.

“I take it that that incinerator on your back is the ex-convict leader’s?” Hayes asked, looking at the large black weapon Anne strapped to her back with a few leather belts she found in the Bison Steve.

“This?” Anne asked, slapping the overly large weapon on her back. “Yea, it is but I think I’m going to keep it, it burns like a bitch this thing does.” Anne said.

“I take it that’s why your hair looks like that?” McGee asked, looking at Anne’s slightly burnt and shortened hair.

“I needed a haircut.” Anne said, with a small shrug. “I only had a machete.”

“What about the residents? Are they still around or did the convicts get them?” Hayes asked, changing the subject.

“The town’s ponies are okay, we even rescued Deputy Beagle.” Twilight said, everyone except for Twilight looking at her in confusion.

“Town’s ponies? There are more of you here?” McGee asked.

“That’s just how she talks, like when we say people she says pony, when we say everyone they say everypony, things like that.” Anne explained.

“Well to each their own I guess.” Hayes said with a shrug.

“Speaking about the town, Primm is in dire need of some real law.” Anne said, remembering what Beagle said earlier.

Hayes let out a tired sigh. “We know Primm is a great strategic point, and we aren't blind to the needs of the town, but we're barely holding our own against the Powder Gangers. We don't have the guns or the personnel needed to carry out our mission, much less take on defending this town as well.” He said, grabbing a small metal cup and taking a sip of the drink inside.

“What do you need to take over protecting the town?”

“What we need, more than anything, is bodies. If we had just one more squad, we could easily install a sheriff and still handle our primary objective of protecting the interstate south of here. If you'd like to see the NCR include protection of Primm in its duties, then you'll have to get some more troops up here. Knight, at Mojave outpost, may be able to help.” He answered.

“Then that’s where we’re going right after we’ve had dinner, we shall see you when we see you.” Anne said, beginning to walk away with Twilight following just behind.

“Wait.” Hayes said, gesturing for the two to come back.

“Is there something else Hayes?”

“Yes, for helping the town of Primm we can give you food and board for the night if you have nowhere else to go.” He offered.

“Umm sure, that sounds nice, what’s for dinner?” Anne said, her and Twilight sitting at the wooden table with everyone else.

“No one knows, we just eat it.” The female trooper said with a shrug.

Two bowls of a thick brown sludge were thrown in front of Twilight and Anne along with two small cups of clean water. “I think I saw mine move.” Anne said with a grimace, poking the mush with a spoon.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, it’s when it runs away you should be worried.” McGee joked.

“I think mine is about to.” Twilight said, wondering if the dirt was edible.

Hesitantly Anne scooped up a spoonful of the gunk before bringing it to her mouth. “I hope my internals forgive me for this.” She said quickly before eating it.

Near instantly after Anne brought a closed fist up to her lips to keep her mouth shut as she blanched. Swallowing with a grimace she grabbed the cup of water before talking a gulp. “Damn, let me check something.” Anne said, reaching into her pack and bringing out a flattened glass bottle half filled with an amber liquid before putting twisting off the cap and taking a swig of the drink, letting out a dry cough soon after.

Twilight floated her spoon up to her mouth before unsurely taking a bite. Swallowing with as much of a grimace as Anne Twilight could taste a bit of bile in the back of her throat. “This is disgusting.” She exclaimed, quickly bring up her cup of water before taking a drink.

“You want something to help with the taste?” Anne asked, holding the bottle of whisky out to Twilight.

Without saying anything Twilight grabbed the bottle in her magic, only taking a small sip to get sip of the taste before floating it back to Anne. “How strong is that?” Twilight asked, knowing the drink had a fair amount in it if the taste was anything to go on.

Anne shrugged. “I don’t know and I don’t care, but it’s good if you want to get drunk in a hurry.” She said, taking another sip.

“Or to get a hangover.” McGee put in.

“That too.”


“Well, when I woke up this morning I didn’t expect the day to go the way it did.” Anne said, looking up at the roof of the tent she was laying in.

“How do you think I feel?” Twilight grumbled back.

“Well I hope you’re comfortable at least.” Anne said.

Twilight turned her head and gave Anne a deadpan expression. “No, I’m not.” She said. “We have to share the same dirty mattress and you are super boney and to top it all off I’m cold.” She finished, trying to remove Anne’s elbow from her ribs.

“I could spoon you or something if you’re feeling cold.” Anne offered.

“No, I don’t want you to spoon me.”

“You want to spoon me instead?”


“Hang on a sec.” Anne said, rolling over as she began to look through her pack. “Here it is.” She exclaimed, rolling back over and holding out the stuffed bear toy she looted from the Bison Steve hotel.

“I wondered why you took that.” Twilight said, looking at the old toy.

“I got it for you to be honest, it’s nice to snuggle up with something and because we ain’t gonna spoon than you can use this.” She said, handing over the bear to Twilight.

“I’m not a foal anymore, I don’t need a toy to get to sleep.”

“You might not need to but that doesn’t mean you can’t”

“Just let me sleep Anne, I’m tired.” the pony said, rolling over so she was facing away from Anne.

“Okay, but I’ll just put mister bear here.” Anne said, reaching over Twilight and putting the bear sitting down in front of her head.

Letting out an annoyed sigh Twilight closed her eyes and tried to get to sleep but her thoughts were plagued with all the death and pain she saw that day.


Twilight woke up with her heart thumping, her coat covered in sweat and her breathing reduced to heaves. She looked around scared out of her mind as she tried to figure out where she was.

“Bad dream?” She heard Anne ask.

Looking towards where her voice came from she saw Anne was sitting in a small metal chair, already in her metal armor while she loaded bullets into empty clips.

“Y-yea.” Twilight answered meekly, letting herself calm down and loosing her grip on the stuffed bear.

“It happens to the best of us.” Anne said sadly, putting down the full clip in a pile with other before picking up another empty one and started to fill it up.

After a few minutes to get her breathing down Twilight realized that it was rather cold. Looking at the closed entrance of the tent, barely any light coming through. “What time is it?” She asked, breaking the silence.

Anne brought up her Pip-Boy. “It’s five forty seven in the morning, you should try and get another hour or so of sleep.” She said.

“I would be able to get to sleep even if I wanted to. Why are you up this early?” Twilight said, looking sadly at the plush bear toy, trying to find comfort in its stitched on smile

Anne let out a sad sigh. “As I said, nightmares happen to the best of us.” She said, standing up as she clipped the full magazines onto pouches on her hips. “Now, if you’re not going to get back to sleep than you better set up, we can head off earlier.” She finished, putting all her weapons back in their holsters.

Twilight looked over her small pile of equipment, floating over her shoulder pad over to herself.

After about ten minutes Twilight was tightening the last strap on Lucky’s holster onto her leg while Anne was smoking a cigarette with more success than the last time, managing to do it with only a small amount of coughing. “You done?” She asked.

“Yea, I think so.” Twilight answered back, checking to see if she missed anything.

“Good, that means we can go now, we’ve held up long enough.”

Author's Note:

Heya guys, I'm back after having to go on a camp in the snow for a week. I tried to have the chapter finished before I left but I hit a brick wall on the writing all of a sudden so recently I finished it off and here it is, hope you enjoy.

So till next time

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