• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 2

Twilight had nightmares that night in her forced slumber. She saw her first death done by another animal, and no matter how many times she has read that animals kill each other in the wild it was still horrific to her. The only thing she could dream about was all the blood and gore that that strange weapon caused and how casually the creature did it, and didn’t show any reaction besides anger.

Every once and a while, she would wake up to the feeling of being freezing and wet, but the feeling didn’t last before she was forced asleep again, and again, every time she woke until she woke to something different.


Anne had a content smile on her face. She just saved the good town of Goodsprings from the Powder Gangers after she rallied the town to the cause. Once people heard that the small town had defended against more trained attackers even though they were criminals they wouldn’t get trouble like that again.

She convinced Chet to give the town some leather armor to protect them from bullets, and provide some protection from explosives, but knowing about dynamite as much as she did, the armor wouldn’t have done much. She also got Trudy to get the townsfolk to help defend the town, along with Easy Pete getting out his dynamite. She also convinced Doctor Mitchell to give out Stimpaks and Med-X to those that got hurt.

The thought of the Doc made Anne rub the tender scar a little above her right eye, the place where a 9mm bullet left its mark. It still ached and reminded her of why she left Goodsprings in the first place, to find the bastard in the checkered suit that shot her in the head and left her in a shallow grave. She going to make sure she returns the courtesy, she might even use the same gun, so it’s all the same.

But first she needed to find him.

She only knew what to look for from other people like Victor, if you could call him a person. She owed her life to the robot, without him she would have bled to death in her shallow grave. And now because of the one act of kindness from the robot, she swore to herself that she would help those that couldn’t help themselves.

But she couldn’t do it as she was, even though she had more weapons than the average wastelander. She was still ill-equipped to do anything useful. She had a silver 10mm pistol, which she strangely felt an emotional attachment to the weapon. There was also a strong double-barrel 20 gauge shotgun, a 40mm grenade rifle, and an unusually shaped machete. She also had a few other weapons but she sold them the first chance she got. She also had some medical items which she kept in a small bag on her back. There were some Stimpaks, and a few Super Stimpaks, along with some Med-X, Psycho, Mentats, Buffout, and only one RadAway which needed to be fixed and fast.

She might have stuff in a hidden cache, but she can’t remember anything before waking up in the Doc’s spare bed. She just hoped that if she did it didn’t fall into the wrong person’s hands.

She heard from Sunny Smiles that there was a town called Primm not too far away from Goodsprings. Anne just hoped that someone would know where the checkered suited man went to. She said to look out ‘for the roller-coaster in a casino’. Sunny, and along with a lot of others, recommended that she should stick to the road because it was safer, and from the look at some of the mutated bugs and animals, it was a piece of information that she would probably use the most.

She didn’t really know what she’d do once she killed the person she was looking for, she might become a mercenary or something like that so she could make a nice amount of caps before she retired a happy old woman, even though she would most likely die young in that line of work.

With a sigh she continued traveling down the cracked asphalt of the road, dried and dead plants growing out of them along with a thin layer of sand covering the whole thing. All in all it looked like shit, like most of the wasteland in general.

After a few moments she reached a crossroads that spilt into two different directions, left and right. In the right direction, far in the distance was a roller-coaster built over a huge building while left just had more road. Right where it split was a rundown wooden shack, and when she approached it a notification on her new Pip-Boy 3000 said that it was called ‘Jean Sky Diving’. She wondered how the thing knew where she was or who was around but she didn’t have the resources to do so. Once she got closer she saw a few more details about the place. An abandoned car was next to the shack and further back was a plane half buried in the sand.

I would kill just to be able to do that’ Anne mused to herself. ‘But with the way everything has gone to shit I doubt that would happen any time soon.

There was also another thing that made Anne’s heart rate pick up, and a sick smile creep up onto her face.

Two red bars on the compass on the Pip-Boy.

She crouched down and snuck up and leaned up on the front of the wooden shack and stopped when she heard a soft squishing noise. She looked down and saw a streak of blood going into the shack through the door. Anne decided that she would check it out after she sees what is hostile.

She peeked around the building to see two Powder Gangers, one with a varmint rifle and the other with a single shot gun. They were behind the small ledge that the shack was on meaning that they wouldn’t have seen her. She un-holstered her 10mm pistol and pumped herself up before jumping out from behind cover.

“SURPRISE MOTHA FUCKAS!” she shouted jumping off the ledge before going into VATS.

Time seemed to stand still, with Anne in mid-air with her gun pointed at her targets. Chills went up her spine, she still hasn’t gotten used to the feeling of her brain activity speeding up to unheard levels. Once she had her targets selected, she let loose.

One bullet went off and imbedded itself into one of the Powder Gangers head, causing a large hole to form in his forehead and an even bigger on to come out the back, splattering grey matter onto his friend. Three more bullets went sent out the barrel of the gun and struck the last target’s torso, peppering it with lead.

Anne let out a sigh of satisfaction as she saw the result of what she had done. After loading in a fresh magazine into her gun, she began to search the dead bodies. The one whose head she had destroyed was the one with the shotgun. She took the shells he was carrying along with the Med-X he had but left the dynamite. The other was the one with the rifle. She took apart the rifle and replaced her rifle’s stock and trigger guard with the dead guy’s one and took all his bullets. She also took the Psycho. She may not like the idea of drugs because she could get hooked, but that doesn’t mean they’re not wanted by others, and that meant there was money to be made.

Once she was done, she decided to check out who was bleeding out in the shed.

Without any hesitation, she opened the door. The room had the faint smell of mildew and the rotted wooden walls had holes through them making the sun send beams into the room. There were old wooden crates with what would most likely be rotting parachutes and the bags they were held in. Next to the crates, the rest of the wall was filled with lockers, and on one of the lockers was a green metal box with the U.S. Army logo on the front of it. To the right, there was a barrel stuck in some wooden framework. And in the middle of the room, was the main thing that stood out. In the middle of the shack was a small table with a computer with the screen and everything behind it being ripped out, and the rest had been dented and deformed. Also on the desk was a large radio and microphone that would have been used to talk with the pilots in the air, but the thing that stood out the most, was the strange bleeding ball of purple fur.

With the amount of blood covering the shack’s floor Anne presumed that whatever it was has been dead for a while. Without even checking it, she looked on the desk for anything of use. On it was a bottle cap, and the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle, but on closer inspection of the cap, she saw that it had a blue star on the inner part, which she put in a separate pocket in her rucksack. She walked over to the lockers, but before she did, she heard the faint sound of whimpering.

Anne looked around to find who was making that sound, until her eyes rested onto the bleeding purple blob that was now twitching slightly with each sob.

Not wanting the thing to suffer any more than it already was, Anne approached it before pulling it from under the table, and it cried in pain the whole way. Once it was out from under the table, Anne saw more details about this thing. It looked like a small purple horse, even though she didn’t know where she knew that from. It had an uncombed dark purple mane with different colours mixed in. On its ass, was what looked like a type of branding in the shape of a few stars, but one thing that stood out the most was the wings sprouting out its back, and the small horn growing from its forehead.

Of course it’s a unicorn, now all I need to do is to find my fairy and I’ll be all set,’ she mused to herself.

As she looked at the damage done to it, she winced at the phantom of pain she felt. Its whole lower half was filled with holes and gashes, and from the look of them, it looked like most of it was shrapnel from an explosion, but there was a larger one that looked like it was caused by a small caliber firearm. Its hind legs were bent at unnatural angles and one of them had a bone pushing into the skin but not pushing through. The wings looked worse off, feathers were missing and like the legs bent at unnatural angles. All in all, it was lucky that it was alive at all, but with the way it looked, it should be unlucky.

She pulled out her pistol and pointed it towards the things head, turned off the safety and pulled back the slide, making sure a 10mm bullet was in the chamber.

Before she could pull the trigger the animal opened its eyes and looked at her in fear. “P-please, d-don’t h-h-hurt me.” It said weakly to the point Anne almost didn’t hear it.

Anne was shocked to say the least. Whatever this thing was just spoke to her. Now that that settled things, she couldn’t just shoot this thing if it’s showing signs of sentience. This could be a new creature altogether, and she wouldn’t be the one that would kill it.

“I’m not going to hurt you, just let me take a look at you,” she said as softly as she could until she realized that it had lost consciousness.

With a sigh Anne took off her bag and took a look into one of the pockets before taking out its contents. Needles of all sorts fell from the bag, and onto the wooden floor of the shack. ‘Let’s hope I know what I’m doing.'

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