• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 56

“In this area there were old prewar speakers that would be built to withstand vandalism. Now they’re damaged and let out a frequency that activates your bomb collar, so when you hear it beeping you better think fast.” The voice of the old man said through the collar again.

Twilight sighed tiredly, wasn’t bad enough that there were crazy hard to kill ghost people to deal with but now there are damaged radios that could set off her collar and Twilight was rather possessive of her head.

Pulling the energy rifle off her back she slowly walks her way further into the medical part of the villa, looking for another person she needed to find to get out of this place, and hopefully it would be Anne.

She walked through the run down villa, more run down than the other parts with rubble blocking doorways and piling up against where walls once were. But as she was going through one such hole in the wall she started to hear a slow but loud beeping coming from her collar.

She didn’t expect it to happen soon, quickly stepping back in fear at her head suddenly exploding but after taking a step back she heard the beeping stop. Staying still for a moment she waited to see if she could hear it again but when nothing happened she took a hesitant step forward again, greeted by the beeping. Taking a step back again it stopped.

“So it has a range…” She says to herself. “I wonder if I would be able to destroy that speaker so I can get past safely…”

Quickly she ran forward through the short tunnel as the beeping returned, quickly looking around for anything that looked like a speaker so she could get past without dying horribly. She looked around as the beeping slowly got faster until her eyes landed on a speaker, rusted with a little blue light down at the bottom.

Bringing the gun up she pulled the trigger, sending sparks and shards of metal exploding from the destroyed speaker. The beeping instantly stopped, the air going quiet again except the soft whistling sound of the wind blowing through the narrow streets of the villa.

“Okay, note to self… don’t find out how fast that beeping gets.”

Twilight stood before an archway that went to a small courtyard that would have been used by the residents to relax. Although now nothing was visible through the thick cloud of a pink smoke, an actual wall that seemed to stop at a certain point. Just being close to the cloud seemed to make her eyes ache and skin tingle.

She knew that cloud must be around the entire villa just in lighter amounts from the red tinge all the stone had to it along with the light coming down through a reddish cloud hanging high in the sky. There were clumps of the fog that seemed to congeal into piles against the walls and the floors.

Hesitantly she stuck a hoof out and gently waved it through the cloud and that tingling got to a slight burning sensation. “So I shouldn’t go through that if I have the choice…” She mumbled to herself but paused when she heard a familiar squeaking of rubber sound and a vague figure deep in the cloud in front of her. Pulling the spear she picked up from her back strap she made from a few belts she found in one of the buildings and held it at the ready for the shambling covered person who seemed to not care in the slightest about the cloud of burning gas.

The last few meters it lunged forward with the bear trap strapped to its arm but it missed the deadly hit at the pony’s head as she ducked under the blow and stabbed the blades strapped to the shaft dep into the stomach of the thing. It went limp on the end of the spear before collapsing to the floor. Yanking the blade out she brought it to one of the legs and started hacking at it. Light green blood splattered against the ground before the limb came off.

Twilight took deep breaths to slow her heart down as she shook the blood off the blades of the spear before sliding it back onto her back. She took time to look over the person and one thing she noted was that the suit that it wore may not be a suit and instead be its actual skin since it was totally fused to the meat underneath, no separation between suit and body inside.

“Were they human or were they artificially made to be like this?” The scientist inside her ask aloud as she looked over the body. “How would they eat with no visible mouth and the mouth a human uses being totally gone and replaced with the gas mask?”

Twilight just wished she had her old lab in her castle but she was stuck with just quickly looking, it wasn’t really the safest place to try to perform a necropsy.

Twilight waves her hoof in front of her muzzle to get rid of the deep smoke that came from the wreckage of the two generators that she blew up to stop a pair of the reinforced speakers that she couldn’t destroy with her gun so instead took out the power source.

“Now to help whatever was in that weird tube thing out…” Twilight said with a sigh now that she wasn’t in danger of her head exploding from her shoulders. Leaving the basement she looked around for which of the man tubes with a medical symbol on the front had the occupant in it.

“Hey! Can you hear me?” Twilight yelled out and after a few moments there was a thudding sound from one of the tubes from the inside. “Hey, I’ll get you out of there!” Twilight called out, looking over the case to find a way to release the occupant from inside.

Seeing a large red button she slams her hoof down and with a hiss a door opens up. A woman wearing blood stained clothes stumbled out, hair shaved fully from her head with scars along her mouth, head and neck that could be seen around the large collar clasped around her throat. Twilight thought it was Anne for a moment before she really saw the facial features and the two hands.

The princess could see that blades and claws attached to robotic arms all along the inside of the tube she had released the woman from. Looking back at the woman she saw her stumbled out of the tube. Blinking a few time she winces, as if the act of blinking was causing her a lot of pain.

“Are you okay?” Twilight asked worriedly, she didn’t like the state the woman was in and from how fresh the scars looked she could guess they weren’t there before she went into the tube.

She blinks again as she looked at Twilight in surprise before opening her mouth although nothing came out. Pausing she reaches up to her neck and feels along the scars, looking panicked as she opened her mouth again.

“Careful, it might have cut your vocal cords.” Twilight said trying to calm down the woman.

She looks back at the machine she came from, looking at it worriedly before opening her mouth but still nothing came out. Turning back to the princess and her eyes narrows, hands clenching into fists as she takes a step back.

“Woah, I know how it looks like but I had nothing to do with you being in there.” Twilight said taking a step back.

The woman opens her mouth again, winces, then frowns and drags a finger across her throat in a slow motion, she looks angrier than pained now. Frowning, she touches her throat again gently, then her hand brushes her collar, then her frown deepens. Her eyes narrow as she traces the edge of the collar until she finds the lock. She begins to press it with her fingers.

“Wait!” Twilight yelled quickly, making the woman pause. “It’s a bomb collar, you try to rip it off it’ll go off!”

She looks surprised and her hands recoil from the collar as if it burnt her hand. After a moment she looked in confusion and pointed down at the pony and it took a moment for Twilight to realize that the woman was pointing at the collar around her own neck.

“Yeah… I’m kind of in the same boat as you at the moment, I’m just trying to get my friend and get out of here.” She said before sighing.

The woman’s brow furrowed, eyes narrowing slightly before she shook her head.

Twilight looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean by that?”

The woman just shakes her head again before pointing between the two of them.

“Look, I want to get out of here but to do that I need your help.”

She just shook her head again and crossed her arms over her blood covered chest.

“We are tied together right now, if my collar goes off yours goes off and vis versa.” Twilight stated with a frustrated sigh.

The woman frowns, glances at the collar then looks back to Twilight. She makes a circle with her hands, puts her hand over her eyes and squints. She nods at you, then lowers her hand from her eyes, shakes her head. She draws a slow line between the two of them.

“You’re trying to find something?” Twilight asked flatly. “It seems everyone is!”

Twilight sighed tiredly, her hooves clacking against the cobbled street as she went to the commercial area of the villa for the third person she had to collect for the large floating old man. So far it had been quite dull, not much besides run down store fronts made from rotten wood and moss covered stones.

The one thing that kind of worried the pony was the heavy pink fog that bellowed out of the broken windows and doorways although it didn’t seem to affect the street besides the slight tinge of color that was everywhere.

She wanted to call out for the person she had to look for considering there were endless numbers of stores that disappeared into the distance.

“This is ridiculous.” Twilight grumbled to herself before just going to one of the stores where if the sign were to be trusted once sold all manner of wonderful things known as the Shake Weight but she didn’t care about that, just calling on her magic for one large use of force.

Like a strong wind the fog got blown quickly or of the store front, the walls stained with a crimson color. Climbing through the window she knew it probably wouldn’t be long before the cloud came back in and she didn’t want to find out what it did to people caught inside.

As soon as that thought came to her she tripped over what must have been a broken floor board or something sticking through the floor. With a grunt she quickly scrambled to her hooves and looked at what tripped her.

“Ah!” She yelled scrambling back in fright as she was greeted with a mutilated human skull that seemed if it were made from melted wax. And the more she looked at it the more she noticed that it wasn’t just a skull, but a skeleton that was almost unrecognizable. It had seemed to have melded to the ground itself, not even just a puddle on the ground but a part of the floor.

Looking around she saw a couple more, each seeming to have melted into the floor like bones shouldn’t do. “Is this what the gas does?!” Twilight exclaimed quickly scrambling towards the way she came. “That can’t be something natural!” She yelled trying to shake the images from her head of what it would have been like for them to have been alive with this.

“Well, it isn’t natural princess.” A muffled voice said from behind the pony.

Quickly spinning around she ripped the rifle off her back and pointed it towards whoever spoke. She almost pulled the trigger when she saw another one of the shrouded people stood before her with a spear in one hand and a bear-trap strapped to the other missing half arm. “Woah!’ It said through the filter as it held up its hand and weaponized stump. “It’s me Twilight!”

Slowly lowering the gun she noted many familiar things, like the missing arm, pip-boy on the other. “Anne?” Twilight asked. “Is that you?”

“I would expect so!” Anne said happily.

“Why are you wearing that?” The pony asked in confusion.

“Well… From what I could see that cloud was acidic of sorts so I managed to get one of these suits cause those ghost people seemed just fine in the cloud wearing it… But the suit kinda melted and all the buckles fused closed… And I think the rubber on my right leg has fused to my skin, don’t bother trying to cut it off, I’ve tried…”

Author's Note:

From the way they explain the cloud in the wiki is that it melts people and fuses them to people so I decided if I was going to add another companion quest thing in why not add something unique that fleshes out the DLC more?

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