• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 16

After saying their goodbyes Twilight and Anne found themselves walking down the cracked and dry roads, the sun low on the horizon. Anne had the radio blazing on her Pip-boy, a song about lies and how their sinful playing out. As the final note played out the voice of a happy sounding old man played out instead.

“This is Radio New Vegas, and I'm your host, Mr. New Vegas. And in case you're wondering if you've come to the right place, you have.” He said, his voice sounding no more than late fifties to early sixties. “Whoops, better put on my newsman fedora here. That news was brought to you by The Tops casino. You'll dig us, baby, we're the tops.”

That last line made Anne pause for a moment, that line sounding a lot like something someone told her before but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Deciding it was probably nothing Anne didn’t dwell on it long.

“The HELIOS One solar power plant remains dormant, despite NCR's effort to reactivate the facility. The chief scientist of the plant vowed to fix the problem, blaming it on an atmosphere of quote severe under-appreciation.” He continued, his voice seeming to relax the two companions as they walked down the road. “Reports state that a little surprise has arrived in the Mojave recently, a little unicorn has been spotted following around a metal clad woman. The two were said to have helped Primm clear out some of the less liked patrons but from this moment the town still has little in the way of law enforcement.”

The two stopped mid step, turning their heads to each other in confusion. “We’re on the radio.” Twilight stated, dumfuddled.

“Yes, yes we are.” Anne said, just as dumfuddled.

“Got a song for you right now that's about a man that's cold on the exterior, but deep down ya' know he's a good man and his name is Johnny Guitar.” He finished, a new song starting to play but with a flick of a switch it silenced.

“Okay, I guess now we’re known to everyone in the Mojave.” Anne said, letting the information sink in.

“How many people listen to that station?” Twilight asked nervously.

“Most people in the Mojave, others listen to the couple of others.” Anne said with a shrug.

The two continued walking, letting what they heard sink in. After a few minutes Anne broke the silence. “Do you think we can scam people out of their money or should we wait till we’re more famous?” She asked.

“No, we’re not scamming people out of their things, why would being on the radio even give us that ability?” Twilight asked, glancing sidelong at Anne.

Anne shrugged. “Eh, it was just an idea, it would be awesome if people were just throwing stuff at us.” She said, her eyes drawn to a building up ahead.

“I don’t think ponies are going to just starting to throw things at us.” Twilight said, looking at the building to their right.


“I think we spoke to soon.” Anne stated, diving into Twilight to get them out of the way from the stick of dynamite that landed on the ground close to them.


Bits of rock and road rained down onto the two in their prone position. Jumping up Anne pulled her varmint rifle off her back before pointing it at the empty handed convict and pulling the trigger. With a thud sound a bullet raced out the barrel and dug itself into the convicts gut, blood spilling out as he hunched over. Twilight, stopping her eyes from spinning jumped up and pulled out Lucky, pulling back the hammer as she took aim at the second convict who was aiming at Anne with his 9mm pistol. The gun kicked in Twilight’s magic as it fired, the bullet going off to the left and missing the convict as he shot.

Before he shot Anne managed to drop her rifle and bring both her arms up to protect her head and lucky she did because the bullet impacted with the metal covering on her forearms. The force behind the shot caused Anne to stumble back, exposing her to another attack. Before the convict could shoot at Anne again his head exploded into a pulpy gore.

Once Anne managed to get her footing secure she looked over to Twilight. “Thanks.” She said, picking up her rifle.

“Umm, Anne, I didn’t do that.” Twilight said nervously, looking around till her eyes fell on something.

Anne looked behind her to find two people approaching. Once was a man dressed in metal armor much like hers but with spiked shoulder pads and all the other plates were enlarged to cover more area over the body, his hair spiked into a Mohawk and his face was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, a .357 leaver action rifle in his hands. The other was a woman dressed in dust covered leather armor and a 10mm pistol much like Anne’s in her hands but in a darker color instead of a worn silver.

Anne was about to thank them before she realized that the rifle was point squarely at her and the pistol at Twilight. Dropping down to a knee she rolled to the side as she cocked her rifle, a large bullet whizzing over her head. Twilight fumbled with the hammer of Lucky and before she could shoot at the new enemy she heard an echoing crack and felt a searing hot pain on her ear, causing her fall to the ground and let out a scream of pain.

Not even bothering to look down the sights at such a close range Anne fired at the metal clad man, the bullet crumpling into the metal shoulder pad but not hitting the man himself, only causing his next shot to go wildly off to the side as he jerked back.

Seeing as though her bullets wouldn’t have too much effect on the armor he was wearing Anne dropped the rifle before throwing herself at him as she pulled out her machete. Twilight meanwhile was trying to have her eyes focus, finding the one that shot at her was now aiming at Anne’s back she struggled to get the machete out of the other’s grip. Looking to her side she saw Lucky in the dust beside her, the hammer cocked and ready to be fired. Not even bothering to stand herself up Twilight used her magic to lift up Lucky from the ground and pointed it at the woman’s back before pulling the trigger.

With a crack the gun kicked in her magical grasp, sending a .357 round through the air and into the spine of the woman.

She didn’t even get a chance to let out so much as a startled cry as he body went limp and fell forward, the pistol falling from her hands.

As Twilight looked at the dead body in shock Anne managed to move her arm to where her elbow was close to the man’s head. With as much power as she could muster Anne jolted her arm to the side and into the exposed neck of the man, her elbow impacting with a crunch as his windpipe was crushed under the blow.

The man fell to his knees as he gripped his neck as he let out choking sounds as he tried futilely to breathe but was only able to let out small gags.

“Next time, shoot me first.” Anne said, glaring at the choking man before bring back her machete and bringing it down in a chop at his skull.

The blade didn’t get too far into his head but it was enough. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body slumped before Anne yanked it out of the skull with a fair bit of effort. “Fucking hell, who even were these guys?” Anne said, letting out a groan as she stretched her back.

“Vipers!” a man yelled crazily, running from behind the building with a lead pipe in his hands.

Anne looked at the man with a confused look on her face before pulling out her pistol and shooting him three times in the chest. She walked over to the downed man and to make sure he was dead fired one more shot into his head.

“You okay princess.” Anne asked over her shoulder as she poked the dead body with the tip of her shoe.

Twilight shakily brought a hoof up to her burning ear and before bringing it into her view. Her eyes went wide when she saw that it was covered in crimson blood. “A-Anne.” Twilight said scared, looking towards the woman.

Anne towards Twilight and saw the small hole punched through her ear. “Seems you’ve been hit.” Anne said, walking towards the pony.

Twilight cramped her hoof over the wound, breathing heavily. “It won’t stop bleeding!” She exclaimed panicked.

“Calm down your highness, tis but a flesh wound.” Anne said, grabbing Twilight’s head by the sides. “Now calm your tits, it’s not that bad.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down?!” Twilight yelled, pulling her head away from Anne. “I have a hole in my head and your tell me to calm down?!”


“It was a rhetorical question!” Twilight yelled angrily. “Do you have any way to stop it from bleeding?”

“Well, yea, a few ways but I have one in mind, just sit down and wait.” Anne said before walking behind the pony as she sat down.

“What are you going to do?” Twilight asked unsurely as she felt Anne sit behind her.

Anne tightly pressed her knees against Twilight’s side to keep her still for what was about to come, not answering her question. Pulling out a small Med-X needle she jabbed it into the pony’s neck.

“Ow.” Twilight said when she felt the needle. “What was that?”

“Painkillers.” Anne said blankly, throwing the empty needle away to the side before reaching into her pocket for something.

“And what are you doing that needs them?” Twilight says weakly, feeling a little dopey from the drugs.

“Ever heard of cauterization?” Anne said, pulling out her silver lighter.

“Oh no.”


Twilight grumbled as they walked along, her now burnt ear pinned to the side of her head with a torn bit of cloth, at least grateful that the pain killers were still in effect. She had dried blood going down the side of her face from when her ear was still bleeding. She was happy she got a few more bullets for Lucky but that wasn’t much for her at the moment.

Meanwhile Anne was happily strolling along wearing her new metal armor which she found squished her breasts uncomfortably but didn’t care much. She had a lit cigarette in the corner of her mouth as they walked, letting out small puffs of smoke.

Off in the far distance along the road the two were going along was what looked like two large statues who looked to be shaking each other’s hands, not much beyond that visible.

“You’re mean, you know that?” Twilight muttered at Anne.

“I know, but you sort of asked for it with all the whining about something that would probably stop bleeding on its own.” Anne says with a shrug.

“But you burnt me.”

“So? I knew what I was doing.” Anne said defensively. “Probably.”

“That still doesn’t change the fact it hurt.”

“Fine than.” Anne said, tapping her smoke to the side before putting it back in her mouth. “Next time I won’t use anything to make it hurt less.”

“Sorry.” Twilight muttered.

The two remained silent for the rest of the walk as they got closer to the statues. They could see they were made from what was once probably scrap metal and they were indeed shaking hands. One was wearing a helmet and what was meant to be a trench cloak while the other wore a wide brimmed hat and shoulder pads.

“I wander if this is the outpost Haynes was talking about.” Twilight thought aloud.

CLICK-CLACK’ A rifle went from a building up ahead to the left, a pale faced woman looking down her scope at the two.

“I hope it is.” Anne muttered back.

Author's Note:

Hello guys, long time no see. Sorry I wasn't able to post in what, three weeks? I was on holiday with family down at the Gold Coast so I wasn't able to write but now that I'm back here's a chapter, hope you enjoy.

Till next time

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