• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 73

“I’ve called in every favor and spent most of my caps paying off the rest.” Anne said tiredly as she met back up with her friend.

“I got the Boomers to agree to help.” She stated. “Hopefully they will shell The Legion Fort to weaken them up while we go along the dam for the frontal attack…”

“I just hope after taking out the ringleader of the Junkies in the ruins they won’t attack while most of the forces are gone… And rioting in Freeside…” Anne stated as she strapped the armored vest from her armor onto her chest, wrapping her arms up in thick bandages to add a bit more padding to her arms before putting on the sleeveless duster that Ulises had given her, the old world flag stamped on the back.

Twilight had put the plates from old combat armor into her barding, after not doing it for a long while and made it bulkier and heavier but it should also be better protection in general. The others were also getting ready, Boone cleaning out his rifle with his old trooper armor donned. The ghoul was loading up ring loaders for easy reloading in the battle coming. Anne’s drinking buddy was strapping a comical number of shotgun shell bandoliers along her chest for the double barreled shotgun she had. Arcade Gannon had gone off to get some more help from ‘his old family’. And finally Ed-e was playing a little tune from his speakers as he bobbed along around the room for no real reason.

“This is really it right? This will be the deciding battle for that damn awful dam.” Raoul said, shoving the revolver into his holster.

“It seems like it.” Boone stated, shoving the magazine of his rifle into the weapon.

“We’ll advance with the NCR and when everything is said and done I don’t want to fight them over the corpse of the Legion. We convince them to leave the dam for Vegas but if they attack first don’t hold back.”

“The NCR troopers aren’t doing it out of spite if they attack, they’re just following orders.” Boone stated.

The large group walked down the cracked and shattered road to Hoover Dam, hearing the pops of gunfire up ahead, the battle had started. There were the group of friends that came from the Lucky 38 but there were also a number of mercenaries that had been fired and a dozen fully upgraded Securitrons.

The massive army underneath the fort that they upgraded would need to get powered up from the dam and once that was done hundreds if not thousands of killer robots would wake up. Right now they would have to cope with what they had for now before they got their army.

Soon they were stood on a hill that looked over the dam, smoke billowing from a number of places and flashes of gunfire constantly coming out. Bodies could be seen all over the concrete walkways that went all along the dam. The cannons that the NCR had were nothing but scrap metal now, the scorching on the ground showing an explosion went off, but must have gotten a few shots off from the black smoke clouds rising from the Legion Fort.

“Alright everyone!” Anne yelled turning around, facing the group. “All those paid to be here, I expect you to actually do your job, so stay on top of the dam and hold back the Legion while everyone else has their job!” She stated, the mercenaries, nodding before running down to the fighting.

“Robots, I want you to go down and fight with the NCR, make sure they know that they don’t want to pick a fight with us once the Legion is gone.” She stated, the bots just wheeling themselves away.

“Now, as for everyone else just go where you feel you’re needed, and if we all make it out of this the drinks are on me…”

The princess found herself huddled behind a concrete barricade, hearing the bullets tearing chunks from the rock she was hiding as countless Legion and friendly forces exchanged fire with each other.

“How are we meant to move forward like this?!” Twilight yelled over the gunfire, looking over at Anne who was pulling the pin from a grenade and throwing it over her cover at the Legion.

“Just conserve your ammo, wait for the Securitrons to do their job.” Anne yelled over, loading another ring of bullets into her sister’s gun, which she had named Forgiveness.

Just as she said that three of the robots wheeled themselves up, bullets sparking off their armor and cracking against their screens as their arms got pulled into the main part of their bodies and their large shoulders opened up to reveal a dozen rockets in each one.

While they were getting ready Anne pulled out a cigarette and dipped the tip into the fire next to her and lit it up before bringing it to her mouth. Twilight watched as close to seventy unguided projectiles launched out with a roar of the engines and scattered along the line of the Legion, yells of pain and surprise heard as explosions sent shockwaves through the air along with rubble and limbs.

She was lucky she wasn’t a foot to the left where a broken machete from the Legion came flying through the air from the explosion and dug itself to the hilt right where her neck would have been. Peaking over her cover she saw the area was cleared of the Legion although gunfire didn’t stop as the ones located further back went to fill in the place that their dead brothers once held.

Twilight wasn’t going to let that happen, charging her horn for a few seconds until it was glowing brightly before sending a massive wall of air right at the Legion troops, and sending them falling backwards and to the ground for just long enough for everyone to move forward but there wasn’t a lot of cover after the explosive clearing so a few people hid behind some bodies to protect themselves, Anne even held up the upper half of a Legionnaire by his harness to use as a shield as she move forward and took out three of the Legion while they were still on the ground.

Twilight just popped herself into existence further ahead, taking care of a Legionnaire stumbling to his feet with a quick blast of magic right into his throat.

The battle kept going for hours, bodies piling up on both sides and blood pooled down from the dead and out the holes that would be used to drain rain but now just left bloody streaks don along the massive surface of the dam and to the river below.

It looked like it was going to be a stalemate once the robots had taken all they could and were taken out, the gunfire having lessened down since no one wanted to pop their head above the cover in case of Snipers such as Boone who was in a tower with his scope looking over the dam for any Legion he could see.

But the sky soon was filled with the buzzing sound of massive engines, everyone looking up to what it was and they were all surprised and confused by what they saw, all but the princess who was the one who pulled it out of the lake it had crashed into. “The Boomers got my call…” She noted with a smirk as the shadow traveled over her and the dam, panels on the bottom opening up as it lined itself along the dam.

She grinned wider as she watched large objects start to fall out from the dark hatch when it went over the Legion. Getting behind her cover again she covered her ears with her hooves just in time for the massive explosions to rock out, so big that she even felt the blazing heat from the fires from far away from the actual ground zeros of the numerous explosions.

Peeking over she saw that the concrete guard rails along the sides were all gone and left the sharp stone where they once were, the ground torn up and cracked in a way that didn’t look good for the dam but after surviving the end of the world it was probably stronger than it looked.

“We have to get inside to activate the army.” Anne stated as she quickly ran over to her friend’s cover and gripped onto her collar to pull her towards a service hatch that had been behind the Legion lines before they were blown away to the point there wasn’t even chunks left of their bodies.

“Why did they have to be down here as well?” Anne asked Twilight as the two went through the winding halls inside the dam. She loaded another shell into the gun built into her arm as she stepped over the bloody corpse of a Legionnaire.

“Because it would be too easy that way…” the princess stated as she went along with Lucky at the ready.

“I bet you Ceaser wouldn’t even show his face when we get there, he’ll run away like a coward.” Anne stated as she peeked around a corner with her arm sticking out first.

“Why would he when he’s brainwashed so many to kill themselves for him?”

Around the next corner they found a large metal door with two of the heavy NCR troops stood guard with miniguns in their grip, looking twitchy with all the gunfire echoing throughout the complex. “We have to get into that room.” Anne whispered. “Just follow my lead…”

Before she could be asked what she was going to do she got out from behind the wall, hands up as she slowly walked her way over. The guards spun up their guns loudly, pointing them right at the woman. “This area is off limits, what are you doing here?” One growled through his helmets speaker.

“Colonel Hsu is hurt really bad, we need help.” Anne said, faking worry on her face.

“Shit, alright.” The guard said, the gun spinning down as he looked to the other. “Let’s go.”

It seemed they didn’t like staying there, not even asking where the Colonel was, they just wanted to fight the Legion.

Once they were out of sight the confused princess stepped forward, going over to her friend. “That was surprisingly easy…” She stated.

“Hey!” Anne yelled. “Don’t Jinx it!”

After sending power to the Fort to activate the army hidden beneath they made their way back up onto the surface of the dam, coming out to the continued fighting although the Legion was pushed back further, with so many bodies on both sides piling up.

Quickly the two got themselves behind some cover, Anne throwing a grenade towards the Legion with no particular target in mind.

“Did they bring the entire East here?” Anne asked in confusion as she pulled her shotgun off her back, loading some Magnum Slugs into the gun before pumping the slide.

“It’s an entire nation, they would have a lot of Legionaries.”

The fighting continued for another hour before another sound broke over the gunfire, the roar of twin engines as a rusted flying carriage that President Kimball had although with different markings flew over the battlefield, hovering over the dam as hatches along the sides opened up. Out dropped from above three heavily armored people, their massive and bulky power armor landing into the lines of the Legion with an explosion of force. The armor looked so much better than the type the BOS had, large plates along the back and steel that looked like it could stop a train. One even had small tesla coils and electric bulbs along its surface that sparked electricity around it like a painful shield for anyone who tried to punch it.

The chopper moved itself back over friendlier lines and lowered itself off, two more people jumping out before it took off again, one wearing a grey crisp uniform and the other covered in what looked like a mixture between a hazard suit and a lab coat. The one in the uniform looked quite old, wrinkles visible on his sun scorched face as he pulled a laser pistol from his hip.

The three heavily armored ones stood themselves up after the drop, two bringing plasma rifles up while one in the middle brought up a large boxy looking thing that connected to a large back attached to its back.

The Legion was stunned by the entrance, and before they could focus fire onto the newcomers they opened fire, the boxy gun sending out a hail of laser fire, scattering over the Legion lines and turning anyone struck into dust that mixed with the blood below.

As they fired one stopped after a few moments and went over to the cover Anne and Twilight were hiding behind, the one wearing the tesla coils. “Hope I didn’t miss the party.” He stated in a very familiar voice.

“Glad you could join us Gannon.” Anne said with a grin.

Author's Note:

I'm looking for an artist for a commission. If you are a good artist and have paypal for me to pay you message me for details. I'll need both ponies and humans drawn to let you know ahead of time

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