• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 60

The princess held the revolver in front of her face as she took aim at the sparking speaker on the wall, just out of the range that caused the collar to start to beep in warning. Pulling the trigger the old metal box exploded into dust and metal shards that clattered against the old floor of the backstage.

“That should be the last one…” She mumbled to herself as she clicked the cylinder to the side and pulled out the empty case and slid in a fresh bullet to the gun.

Walking inwards to the old dressing room of the backstage area with the name Verra inside a large yellow star, obvious that it was a dressing room and stepping inside she was slightly disappointed when the insides looked very bare and empty, just a dirty red silk dress on the table along with a tape with the words ‘I Saw Her Yesterday Hologram’

“There should be a tape of a performance in there, if you play that it should quiet down the critical ghosts.” The voice of Dean said through a voice speaker on the wall, something that didn’t activate the explosive collars.

Twilight sighed in annoyance, she remembered spotting a projector back in the main stage area, where the holograms of guards were walking around.


Sliding in the tape she made sure that the guards weren’t looking at her, just glowing a light orange in warning that they knew someone was around but as soon as she pressed play the started flickering before they just vanished and music started to hum through near broken speakers. And soon, a hologram of a man popped into existence by the microphone on the stage

“When an unstoppable force such as you, meets an immovable such as me. Something’s got to give, something’s gotta give.” He sung, as more holograms popped up to listen to the song and as soon as it started the music cut off and all the holograms shut off.

“This has gone on long enough, deal with the ghoul.” The old man said through the speaker in her collar before cutting off again.

“I’m not killing anyone.” She grumbled as she made her way back down to the main area of the hall, soon seeing the musical ghoul walk out from back stage, bow tie not seeming crinkled in the least.

“Those electric ghosts aren't the kind of audience I like at the best of times, at least the ones in the Villa had manners. Don't even know how I ended up here... guess the casino still recognizes guests even after all this time, huh? How's that for history.” He stated.

“Are you alright?” Twilight asks as she sighed tiredly, she hoped this all would be over soon and she could just sleep at the Lucky 38 for a month straight.

“Yeah, now. Talk about a captive audience. Or captive entertainer? Eh, whatever.” He stated. “Look, I'm more about the short goodbyes than long thankful speeches... but I appreciate you bailing me out of a tight spot there partner. I know you didn't do it out of the goodness of your heart. So let me give you something a little more practical, a way we both come out ahead.”

Twilight looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I'm not an idiot. I know the reason I'm in here now is because of the old guy… and you. And you're wearing a collar, so I trust you a little more than the old guy. He's more controlling than I'd like. Thing is, here's where being my partner pays off. See, I know how to get into the casino vault.”

From the look of confusion from the pony he elaborated. “There's a private elevator, Sinclair's elevator. It's up in the Executive Suites, in Vera's room, not a coincidence. Vera. She was... my other partner, before the Bomb. Took some legwork, some convincing, made it happen.”

“Don’t mean to be rude.” She stated insincerely. “But I just want to get everything dealt with quickly so I can go home.”

“So here's the short of it, piece together Little Miss Vera Keyes' song in the right order? Sierra Madre opens its legs, we're in business.”

Next Twilight headed her way towards the medical bay of the casino, knowing that the building probably dragged Anne up there considering how bad a state she was in. Since she didn’t really trust the elevator of this place she took the stairs up to the med bay, having to sneak past the angry holograms that didn’t like her being around.

The medical room was rather over the top for the Casino, lined with many beds that may have once been comfortable but now rotted away till only cloth and metal springs remained. There was a skeleton of what remained of a nurse slumped against one wall, revolver near its boney fingers and a hole in the side of its head and long dried blood against the wall. She spotted a few other bodies in a couple of the beds which also had holes in the skulls.

There were a few of the large medical tubes that she found the mute in and this one was whirring away loudly, the sounds of an electric saw cutting something hard not a good sign from inside. And another one also had loud mechanical sounds coming from inside.

Going to the first one she looked around for some way to open it before she found a large red button on the side that had ‘STOP’ on it and with a press of that the saw spun itself down and with a hiss the door slowly opened.

Standing in front of it she didn’t expect a large pile of dusty bone shards to tumble down onto her, dust scattering everywhere and staining her front. Coughing to clear the air in front of her she took a step back and patted herself down to try and quickly get the dust from her.

“Let’s try door number two.” She said going to the other tube.

Pressing the same ‘STOP’ button she got ready in case anything fell out and she was glad she did when the limp form of Anne slumped out of the tube and was going to collapse straight onto the floor.

The woman let out a cry of pain as she collapsed forward, face contorted into agony as the princess made sure that she didn’t collapse to the floor in a heap. She knew it was the woman since the rubber suit had been removed although it left her with angry looking scars along her flesh where it looked like some parts of her skin were just removed and dripped blood down her body along with chemical burns along her body. One thing that quickly where once her leg had a large rod of metal going through it was gone… but so was the leg from halfway down the thigh and it wasn’t sealed up in any way so it was pouring blood down in a steady pace.

Quickly the pony didn’t linger on the problem, quickly taking her friend to the most whole bed that was left and putting her down. Quickly she looked around her pockets for a Stimpak and jabbed it into her leg, which wasn’t that easy with Anne squirming around in pain as she whimpered.

The bleeding stopped but Anne still made pitiful sounds. “Anne, can you hear me?” Twilight asked in worry, quickly looking around for anything she could use to cover the wounds covering her naked friend.

She didn’t respond, just trying to curl into a ball on the bed as she started sobbing as Twilight came back and started wrapping her up in some bandages that looked mostly clean and with a bit of rubbing alcohol soaked into it she felt it was safe enough to use. “Anne, come on speak to me.”

Anne peaked out from behind her fetal position, looking at Twilight with pained and terrified eyes. “T-Twilight..?” She asked in a tiny dry voice.

“It’s me Anne.” Twilight said resting a hoof on her side, she had only seen Anne close to this way when she was going through withdrawals.

The woman pulled the princess to her tightly on the bed, crying into her shoulder, the sounds echoing through the clinic.

“I guess it just didn’t have any drugs and stuff inside it.” Anne said quietly once she had mostly gotten calmed down by her friend. “Didn’t even knock me out…”

“So…” Twilight said looking at her missing leg, now wrapped in bandages.

“Yeah…” She said sadly. “I was awake throughout the entire thing… It was the most painful thing I had ever felt, it went on for at least two hours. At least with my arm it just… Blew up and I got it sealed up quickly, with this it took most of that time just peeling my skin off where the suit fused to it and carving away at my leg slowly.” She stated. “I… I heard as it cut through the bone and felt as every nerve was carved away.”

Twilight didn’t say anything, hoof resting in her friends hand as she just listened to her, being there for her since there wasn’t much she could say to help her through this situation.

“Did you… Happen to get any drinks in this place?” Anne asked after a few moments of silence to the friend, putting on a pained grin.

“No, I don’t really drink unless you manage to talk me into it…” Twilight said rolling her eyes. “I did see some stuff in the casino area of the… casino. I can go get some for you if you want it.”

“I just… Need to drink something heavy right now.” Anne said sadly.

Twilight just nodded. “I can do that.” She stated, pulling her pistol out and leaving it next to her on the bed to protect her while she was gone.

Twilight didn’t linger around the casino, even though running up and down the stairs tired her a lot she just wanted to get back to her friend quickly. When she managed to get back with a bottle of everything she could find, some whiskey, vodka, bourbon, wine, just anything she could find. Anne was sat up on the side of the bed she had been put on, looking down at her missing leg with a blank expression, her half arm hanging limply but in the other she had the revolver.

“I’m back.” Twilight said going over to the remains of the bed in front of her friend, dropping them with loud clinking sounds.

“What am I going to do now..?” Anne asked in a voice barely audible, holding the pistol in her lap as she stared at it.

“Well WE’RE going to get out of here first chance we get.” Twilight said just grabbing one of the bottles which was rum and pulling the cap off before floating it in front of the woman.

She didn’t react to the bottle, barely moving as she looked at the pistol. “And do what when we get back? I can’t walk back, I’m barely half the person I was when I first met you, why do I even bother to keep going?” She asked, seeming to ask herself more than Twilight.

The pony was worried by the tone of her voice, slowly putting down the bottle to the side as she walked up to her friend. “Anne. You’re my friend, if you didn’t help me when you first saw me I would have died a hundred times over and after all I’ve seen there aren’t many who would have done that.” She stated calmly. “While you try to act like an idiot sometimes and succeed a lot of them I know that you do things because you want to help people, deep down it isn’t about the reward but the adventure involved and the people you can help along the way.”

“But I can’t do anything now. I’m not getting out of here, it could be hundreds of miles back to the Mojave and even if I get back what would I even do? I can’t fight, I’m missing my arm and I can’t move. One of my legs are gone and the other one I can’t feel anything in.” She said, thumb pulling back the hammer of the revolver.

There was silence for a few moments, what Anne was thinking about doing sinking into Twilight. What Anne didn’t expect was the loud crack that went through the air and her head whipping to the side. Her eyes were wide in surprise as her stub reached up at her stinging cheek.

Looking back over to Twilight in surprise she saw her still holding her hoof up with tears streaming down her face with a sad and angry expression. “Don’t go feeling sorry for yourself.” She stated shaking her head through clenched teeth.

Anne was in too much shock at what was happening to respond.

“The Anne I know doesn’t stop no matter the odds.” She continued. “Who will jump in the line of fire to help people no matter the personal risk. Even after losing your arm you still kept fighting so what is a leg going to do? You always find away, you’re hard headed like that but that’s why I stick around still!”

Twilight brought herself forward, pulling Anne into a tight hug as she buried her muzzle into her shoulder. “Y-you’re like a sister I never had… and don’t you dare take that away from me.”

After a few moments there was a clanking sound as the revolver clattered to the floor and Anne wrapped her arms around the pony.

The two sat in each other’s arms, soon falling asleep, everything catching up on the two.

Author's Note:

I never have done this before but here's a review of a new adventure that the duo will go on!

Anne turned to look at the floating ball. "What's the story with is place?"

"The bear and the bull." It replied.

"Where is it?"

"The bear and the bull."

"How many people are here?"

"The bear and the bull."

"What's meaning to life?"

"The bear and the Bull."

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