• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 47

Twilight sighed tiredly, she had waited until the next day before she went out to help the Boomers’ with ‘getting the lady out of the water’ which she could gather just meant to get a weird sky carriage out of a lake so they could repair it.

But before any of that happened she managed to get an old cabin to herself to use for the night. But the pony found that being alone with her thoughts wasn’t the best of ideas, left just staring at her back and the little stump where her wing used to be. She stretched out and fluttered her one good wing, seeing the lack of familiar symmetry, the raw inflamed skin where her gift from the princesses when she ascended to being an alicorn. Now she would never be able to fly again, never feel the wind rustling through her fur as she soared above the ground.


Now, if she ever got home, would be viewed as a freak, missing her wing and covered in scars from all that had happened in the Mojave and Zion. Tears filled her eyes, feeling streams going down her cheeks and matting her fur.

She looked down at the ground, seeing the tears that had dripped off her muzzle but she also spotted some blood, catching sight as another drip fell off her cheek. Bringing a hoof to her cheek she looks at it as sees blood smeared against it.

Concerned but still crying softly she goes to the bathroom in the cabin she was in, going to the dirty and cracked mirror there.

She looked awful, nothing like she did when in Equestria. Her mane looked messy and oily, her fur matted with dirt and sweat. Heavy bags were under her eyes from the lack of sleep, a hole in her ear from the start of her journey. But one thing that drew her attention was her swollen eye. The flesh around the socket was raw and angry, but it wasn’t all covered up like she thought it was.

Using her hooves she tried to hold open her eye to get a better look, hissing in pain but managed to see the orb and when she did her breath caught in her throat. Her once bright purple eye had seemed to smoke over, just white and milky now with a faint gash going along the surface.

Twilight couldn’t hold herself up any more, just falling back to her rump as she stared in shock at the wall under the mirror, her mind breaking down. She knew that she would get hurt with all the stuff she had been doing, but she never considered the possibility of actually getting permanently hurt. It wasn’t bad enough to lose her wing, but now none of her friends back home would be able to look her in the face again.

Twilight buried her face in her hooves, blood and tears soaking her fur.

The princess left after lunch, barely able to get her to do anything as she went through a nervous breakdown. But she knew she had to get moving, if she did nothing there would be no chance of her getting back home.

Lake Mead, where the bomber had crashed, was a fairs way away from Nellis but she just wanted everything to be done with so she could go back to the Lucky 38 and hug Anne until the pony felt better, if that would ever be possible.

She had asked one of the Boomers about the new rifle she had found and was told it was a grenade rifle, although she didn’t have any more ammunition for it and didn’t know how to safely use it without blowing herself up in the process. Anne would probably love to show her how something that explodes works anyway.

She wasn’t a wiz in the medical field by any means but she knew that with a wound like her eye exposed would probably get infected if she didn’t look after it so she tied a bandaged over her head and eye so no germs would get in.

Nothing really happened on her way up to the lake but there she could see a small boat ramp that lead into the water with a harpoon launcher bolted to the concrete. There was also a broken looking warehouse and a little shack.

Loyal had given a map of the lake with the exact place the plane would be and she was fairly certain she swim out there and use her bubble to make a bubble around her head so she wouldn’t drown in the process.

She paused though as she heard a faint buzzing coming from the warehouse, hearing it get louder as she slowly pulled out both her pistols.

Without warning half a dozen dark flying bug with angry orange wings came darting in her direction. She let out an ‘eep’ of surprise at how fast they moved, firing wildly everywhere to stop them. She only managed to stop one, a lucky hit from her revolver hit the head of one bugs. Twilight got a clear look at it.

“Mantis, Ants, and now WASPS?!” She exclaimed as she quickly put a shield bubble around her before one of the wasps jabbed forward with its stingers, glancing off the magic. The other five quickly started trying to stab at the shield as well, splatters of poison going against its surface.

“NO!” Twilight shouted, shivering at the loud buzzing filling her ears. “I HATE THIS PLACE SO F-“ She stopped herself, she cared a lot about her human friend, but she would try her hardest to not have as a vulgar mouth as that woman.

The bugs started to screech out in pain as they all burst into flames, bodies falling to the ground as they wriggled and squirmed.

The pony huffed angrily, a small amount of smoke coming from her horn that she swatted away. “NEXT BUG I SEE I SWEAR TO CELESTIA I’LL TURN YOU INTO PULP!” She yelled out to any bugs that were listening, a scared family of little beetles hiding away from the goddess of death, going to warn all their buggy friends when it left.

Twilight grumbled to herself as she walked to the murky water’s edge. “Better not be any killed fish…” Twilight said as she dipped a hoof into the water, shivering at the coldness. “Well… I won’t get used to it until I’m fully in.”

Taking a few deep breaths to get herself ready she took a few steps back from running forward, jumping into the air towards the water. With a loud splash Twilight quickly brought her head above the water level, gasping for air as the coldness knocked the air out of her chest. “C-cold.” She shivered, her teeth chattering together.

After a few moments to get herself used to the temperature she noticed that the coldness felt nice against her wing stump, not realizing how much it stung in the first place.

Slowly she started to paddle her way through the lake, hoping nothing was under her and thinking about having some pony for a late lunch.

It took a while for her to get where she needed to go, taking a deep breath before pushing herself under the water. Once under her horn shined brightly and all the water was pushed away from her head and she let out a small sigh of relief that it worked. Looking down she spotted a dark shape beneath her, hoping that it was the plane and she wouldn’t have to go around all day trying to find something at the bottom of a lake.

But as she got closer the doubt left her mind and she could see the rusty and bolted metal, seeing the four large engines with broken propellers, cockpit with missing window with all the padding on the chairs rotten away.

Twilight would be surprised if anyone would be able to use this other than scrap metal but she wasn’t going to come all this way and not even try. Going underneath the wings she attached the uninflated ballasts that Loyal had given to her. Once she made sure they were all secure she swam her way back up to the surface, taking a breath of fresh air that wasn’t made with magic and felt stuffy.

She made her way back to the shore and the dock ramp, climbing her way out before she flopped down onto the hot concrete, sighing as she relaxed her sore muscles. “I’m going to sleep for a month once I get back home…” She said, catching herself when she realized she was referring to the Lucky 38. She didn’t want to have a home in the Mojave, or anywhere else on this planet. She wanted to go back to where she were born, where all her friends and family are.

Trying to put her mind off it she reached into her bag and pulled out a small trigger, much like the one that was given to Anne and herself in Zion to collapse the tunnel. Flicking off the guard she clicked the lever down, hearing what sounded like a small explosion under the water. A large amount of bubble quickly rose to the surface where the plane was followed by the plane itself breaking the surface, one wing hanging at a broke angle but still attached to the main hull.

“Surprised it even got up in one piece…” The princess muttered to herself before sighing to herself. “Guess it’s back to Nellis to tell them my work is done…”

“I didn’t think it would work but that plane is now floating on the surface.” Twilight stated to Loyal.

“That’s tremendous news, I’m surprised you were able to do it at all considering you have no opposable thumbs.” The old man said. “You’ve really helped us out. Ever since I was a young man I dreamed about bringing the lady out of the water. Go tell Pearl the good news!”

Twilight sighs tiredly.

“The plane is on its way back over here.” Twilight said blankly, hoping that she had done all that these people expected her to do.

“What you have done for us is a miracle, child. You have fulfilled the only dreams we ever had outside our walls. You are a trusted friend of us all. If there is ever a way for us to help you, child, tell me and I will make it so.” The old woman says happily, ruffling the mane of the pony much to her annoyance.

Twilight had a thought in her head at what the woman said though. “Well, there might be a battle in the future in the Mojave, it would be nice to have support from a group of people with a stockpile of explosives.

The woman’s face lit up. “Of course child, after all you’ve done to help we’d love to help you in an upcoming fight. In fact, the children would relish the opportunity to put their skills to use in a battle.”

“So… Is everything done? Don’t need any more help from me?”

“You’ve done enough child, you can come and go as you please, the spotters have been told not to fire upon you if they see you approaching.”

Twilight groaned tiredly as she stumbled through the large doors of the Lucky 38, not even bothering to be neat as she dropped her back next to the elevator, knowing nothing would get stolen considering there were half a dozen upgraded secruritrons around and that no one else was allowed into the building besides her, Anne and Boone.

Going up the elevator she headed to the presidential suite, stumbling out tiredly but fell back when she hit something hard and metal. Hearing a clunk as what she hit impacted to the floor. It was a large metal ball, a few thin metal protrusions coming from the back with a blank metal grill on the front. The metal was dull and scratched up with a few old stickers with ‘My child is an HONOR STUDENT at Roosevelt Academy’ and a license plate with the characters ‘2ED-E59’ although the numbers were worn away to the point to almost being unreadable.

Twilight was looking at it in confusion as it floated off the ground and seem to shake itself as if clearing its head.

It let out a high pitched beeping sound before it quickly started flying away, banging into a door to open it as it ran away from the pony. Twilight just sat on the floor in confusion at what happened.

Boone poked his head out of one of the rooms. “Eh, so you’re back are you?” He said. “That bot was brought back by Anne, think she fixed it up or something like that.”

“Is… Anne around?” Twilight asked standing her way back up.

“Oh crap, you look like shit.” Boone noted, seeing her glassed over eye and missing wing.

“Just… Don’t talk about it…” Twilight grumbled sadly.

Boone didn’t say anything for a moment before sighing. “Anne came back not long after she left. Said she was able to convince the Khans to leave peacefully. After that she did some stuff around the Strip. Apparently the White Gloves were cannibals and the Gomorrah were planning on staging a coup on the Strip.” He said.

Twilight’s eye twitched. “Anne did all that and all I managed to do was one group?” Twilight asked through clenched teeth.

“Pretty much.” Boone stated. “Last I saw her she was down at the Old Mormon Fort getting some medical supplies for us. She somehow got through two dozen needles of Med-X. It’s as if she purposely getting herself hurt for new scars.”

“I’m going to go pass out on a bed, tell her to come see me when she comes back.” Twilight said tiredly as she waddled away towards one of the rooms. “Night Boone.”

“It’s barely the afternoon…”


Author's Note:


So people had been telling me how I didn't put in enough detail and emotion with Twilight dealing with her loss of wing. Hopefully this would be up to par for everyone!

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