• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 49

It took two days before Anne became coherent again, and it took another day before she realized trying to get Med-X from her friends and Gannon was useless. Twilight ended up having to lock Anne into the bathroom for a few hours at one point with how she was acting and casting a soundproofing spell to get rid of her yelling through the door.

But eventually she calmed down, although she didn’t look that well at all, still looking greasy and constantly tired. The Fixer helped her go through things, most of the withdrawal getting lowered, meaning she only ended up feeling awful constantly instead of constantly barely able to function.

She had learned about the robot from Anne when she wasn’t trying to sleep that it was called E-DE or Eddie as she nicknamed it from the letters on the license plate welded to its side that seemed to be used to block up a hole in the hull.

Even though she knew that there was no life in the flying ball she couldn’t help but find it cute in the way it acted and the little beeping sounds it made.

Gannon had Twilight a little more entertained. While she was friends with Anne she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed while the new member of their crew was a lot smarter and allowed the pony to have more scientific conversations. She probably learned more about the world around her in the past few days than the weeks she had been with Anne.

Although things started out slowly Anne and Gannon had become good friends, finding that they had a lot in common, although it drove Anne insane, now having two hyper smart people pointing out her mistakes in painstaking detail.

“I just need to go to Goodsprings…” Anne grumbled as she started strapping her new armor to her body. It was a prewar body armor used by the military, looking more like a hardened plastic instead of a metal that Twilight had to get explained about by Gannon to know that they were save. She slung a pump action shotgun over her shoulder, pockets filled with different types of shells to fit into any situation that it was needed.

“I’m not sure I trust you by yourself yet Anne.” Twilight said firmly as she was sat on a couch, reading through a book idly.

Shoving her 10mm pistol and the pistol ‘A Shining Light’ into their thigh holsters along with the clips into pouches on her armor. “I’m going Twilight, I need to repay them after the help they gave me… I’ve finally gotten enough caps spare to help them…” The woman said solemnly as she packed her bag with food, water and medication, which was just Stimpaks and rubbing alcohol, since no one trusted her with something she could get addicted to when she hadn’t fully kicked her already bad habit.

“You’re not going Anne.” Twilight stated looking from her book.

“I’ll go with her.” Boone said as he stood up from a chair, putting his sunglasses on his face. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.”

The princess looked unsurely up with her one eye. “As long as you don’t take your eyes off her you two can go.” Twilight said after a few moments, sighing tiredly.

“Calm down Cyclops, I’ll be fine.” Anne said with a smirk.

The smirk turned into a look of panic as a coffee table was lifted up and thrown towards her.

Twilight grumbled through the bandanna she had over her muzzle to stop the sand storms from choking her to death, wearing a pair of goggles to stop it from getting into her eyes. She didn’t want to know what it felt like to have sand blown into her still healing eye socket.

The bulky metal collar also didn’t help with the sand that kept getting into it and rubbing against her flesh like sandpaper. Gannon didn’t look happy either, although it was mostly hidden behind his own bandanna and glasses. “AND I THOUGHT THE BOOMERS WERE BAD!” Twilight yelled over the howling wind of the Hidden Valley.

“THEY WERE ALWAYS SHUT INS!” Gannon shouted in reply as they move all but blindly.

“I DON’T THINK WE SHOULD EVEN HELP THESE PEOPLE ONCE THEY TAKE THESE COLLARS OFF!” Twilight yelled as they tried to find one of the many bunkers that the NCR Ranger was camped out in.

“I THINK I SEE A DOOR!” Gannon yelled as he tapped Twilight on the back and pointed over at the dull rusted metal hatch built into a sand covered hill.

The two started to shake the sand from their hair once they were in cover and closed the door behind them. Twilight pulled the bandanna off of her muzzle and allowed it to hang around her neck as she looked around.

They were in a hall that lead downward deeper underground, blinking lights flickering and still working after hundreds of years of use. They move down slowly to another door deeper down and when they open it and step through they here the rack of a gun bolt and Twilight feels something cold and metal shoved into the side of her neck.

“Don’t move you Powder Ganger!” A man yelled. “You thought you could sneak up on me?”

Twilight slowly turned her head to look at the man. He had a wide brimmed hat on his head, sunglasses over his eyes even though it was dark underground. He wore what looked like normal clothes and not something that would be worn by an NCR Ranger.

“Calm down, we’re not Powder Gangers.” Twilight said as she looked at the man with her eye.

“That’s just what a Powder Ganger would say!”

Twilight just sighed, her horn glowing brightly before the service rifle jammed into the side of her neck was yanked out of the man’s grip and flipped it around to point at him.

“Woah there, got some claws on you…” He said taking a step back. “I was just joshing you.”

“That’s the best way to get yourself shot by people you don’t know by doing that.” Twilight stated flatly as she floated the rifle back over to the ranger.

Gannon slowly slipped his plasma pistol back into its holster.

Twilight looked around the small underground room that the ranger had holed up in. There were supplies on a rusty metal shelf, a bed roll next to some boxes and a chunky looking radio on an old metal crate.

“Is it just you here?” Twilight asked.

“Standard practice. Rangers operate on our own most of the time. And that's how we like it. Usually we call in our positions to McCarran to be relayed to other rangers, but I can handle myself. I'm sure as hell not going to lose any sleep on account of a goddamn broken down radio. But it will shorten my stay if I can't fix it.” He stated looking over at the radio.

Twilight felt a niggling in the back of her head that told her to just shoot the ranger and be done with it. Twilight was horrified that the thought went through her head and decided that she would try her hardest to stop this peacefully without bloodshed, even if it pissed off the Brotherhood of Steel.

“This probably isn’t a good place to make camp.” Twilight said idly as she went over to the radio, looking it over.

“And why’s that?”

“Well the Powder Gangers like to use this place as a safe house every so often.” Twilight lied, hoping it would work.

The man looked at Twilight for a few moments and the pony thought he didn’t by the lie until he said. “You've seen that with your own two eyes?” He asked to which the pony started quickly nodding. “Goddamn, I knew Cooke's gang passed through these parts 'bout that frequently, but I didn't know they holed up here. Be a rude awakening, to find fifteen of those merciless bastards looking down at me snoozing on my bedroll. Yep, I'd be better off setting up an ambush along one of their routes to catch stragglers. Thanks for the information. You may've saved my life.” He said as he went over to the bed roll and started rolling it up and started shoving it onto a pack in the corner.

“No worries, just wouldn’t stick around too long.” Twilight said, internally sighing with relief.

Twilight rubbed her hoof over the sore area where the collar once was, not removed by the people who first put it on. “Let’s just go back to the Lucky 38, I have no want to help those people any further.” Twilight stated as she looked over her shoulder at the howling sand storm that seemed to just be in the valley behind them, stopping at the fences.

“Won’t hear any complaints from me about that.” Arcade said as he took off his glasses and started trying to get the sand off them so he could see more clearly.

“They’re even more hostile to outsiders than the Boomers were.” The princess grumbled.

“They’ve always been like that since they were first founded.” Gannon said. “They started off up West with a bunch of pre-war heavy military members. When the Great War happened they took it onto themselves to horde all technology for themselves. Most think they are inbred since outsiders aren’t welcome.”

Twilight grimaced slightly. “They have to know about genetic diversity, you can only go so long without a new set of DNA put into the system, that’s how birth defects occur…”

“I doubt they really care what other people think about them.” Gannon said. “Did you notice how few of them were in there? They’re dying, and after the fight they had at Helios One with the NCR they’ll barely last another generation going the way they’re going.”

“I need to do some research about all that, I haven’t heard about Helios One before, or much on the Brotherhood in general.”

“You might not know it but you’ve probably seen Helios before, it’s a giant tower with solar collector panels on top with a bunch of reflectors around.” Gannon noted.

Twilight tried to remember if she had seen anything like that on her journeys and although she does remember a large tower Anne and her passed but she couldn’t be sure if that was the one that Gannon was talking about.

Twilight sighed tiredly as she leaned against the railing of the balcony of the Lucky 38 bar area that was up at the top of the roulette wheel style building. A small glass of Nuka Cola and whisky mixed together was hovering next to her head as she looked over the dry and decollate landscape of the Mojave wasteland.

Taking a sip from her sweet drink she sighed tiredly.

“Quite the view isn’t it?” Gannon asked walking past E-DE who was floated by the door to go back inside the bar. “You’re probably one of the first to see it in the past two hundred years.”

“It reminds me where I grew up…” Twilight says solemnly.

“Talking about that Canterlot place right?” Gannon asks as he leans against the railing next to Twilight.

“Yeah…” The princess said as she floated over the bottle of whiskey she used to the man.

He waved it away. “No thanks.” He said looking back over the Mojave. “You sure the spell you used to get here wouldn’t work the same way back?”

“If it did I would have left a lot earlier.” Twilight mumbled. “Something went wrong with the spell, or the power levels were off.” She said. “I had all the other princesses with me, giving me power to help with the spell, I’d never have that amount of magical energy myself to make the return spell back if I ever come up with the right spell at all that doesn’t send me in between our two planets…”

“What about hooking yourself up to the power grid of the Hoover Dam? That outputs a hell of a lot of electricity.” Gannon asks.

“It would be like trying to power the laser rifle with a wood fire. Even though both are a form of energy they aren’t interchangeable.” Twilight explained sadly.

Before anything else could be said E-DE made a few beeping sounds and turned around to look at the elevator just as it opened to show a tired looking Boone as he staggered inside, dropping his rifle on a couch. Seeing the two he made his way over.

“How was your trip?” Twilight asked the sniper.

“It…” He said unsurely. “It didn’t go quite what would be thought.”

“What do you mean by that?” Twilight asked, her eyes narrowing.


“Isn’t it odd that an old pre-war satellite would crash in such a place that it could shine a projector directly at an old movie screen?” Anne asked as she leaned against a husk of an old car, ignoring the skeletons inside.

“I don’t really care.” Boone stated as he looked at what was playing on the screen.

There was a large open blue eye, twitching around as if looking around for something, altogether it creeped the ex NCR sniper out.

“Well what goes up must come down eh?” Anne asked going over to the downed satellite before giving it a tap with her boot.

Without warning a loud whirring sound came from the machine, a deep blue hue surrounding the woman as she looked around in confusion. “What’s going on?” She asked in worry as the Sniper pulled out is rifle, looking around for an attacker.

“I don’t know!”

“I don’t think anyone is attacking us Bo-“ Anne said before with a bright flash she disappeared, not so much as a hair left on the ground where she once was.

“Shit…” Boone said looking where the woman once was. “Twilight is going to kill me…”

Author's Note:

Here again!

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