• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 27

“Alright, so this is an AER-nine laser rifle.” Anne said picking up the large blocky gun that was on the dead robed ghoul, wiping some of the blood off of it. “They’re quite a lot different than the guns we have at the moment.” She explained as she pulled a small yellow cylinder from the side near the back of the gun.

“It’s powered by microfusion cells. Unlike normal guns this one doesn’t shoot led but instead light focused into one beam that is very highly heated and can cause a lot of damage if well maintained.” She said as she checked over what Twilight guessed was a microfusion cell. “Inside the gun is a large amount of focusing crystals that focus the light and make it a deadly beam, if they aren’t looked after then this thing has no bite to it.”

“They’re weird to use at first, not any force behind the shot because all it’s shooting just a lot off photons at whatever you want dead so barely any recoil but if the crystals are set up right it can easily melt through armor.” She said putting the cell back into the rifle before clicking a button on the side and bringing the small stock to her shoulder before aiming at a pile of glass Nuka-Cola bottles that was stacked up before they got there.

With a weird sounding ‘Zarp’ a bright red beam launched itself from the end of the laser rifle and hit one of the bottles, melting right through one side and turning the other white hot and making it soon melt down slowly before it cooled.

“If aimed right you can melt their brains in their skull and kill them instantly or melt their internals and killing them a little slower.” She said. “Otherwise you’ll just give them bad third degree burns and that will kill them if done enough.”

“Why are you explaining all this to me?” Twilight asks before having a large laser rifle chucked at her, the pony catching it in her magic before it hit her.

“It’s yours, you seem like the type of person who would be good with energy weapons. Probably because it takes an OCD person to put up with arranging all those crystals inside the thing.” Anne said with a shrug.

“I do not have OCD!” Twilight protests, looking over the rifle.

“Well obsessive something disorder than, but what I’m saying is because of that you would be good with them.” Anne said before smirking. “And with less recoil there’s little chance that you’ll hit yourself in the face again.” She said, making Twilight blush and Boone raise an eyebrow.

“I-I wasn’t expecting it then, I’m fine now.” Twilight says embarrassed.

“Sure you weren’t.” The woman said. “Now, unlike pistols, rifles are better for long range, mainly used as a primary while pistols as a secondary because the bullets are normally smaller and can be whipped out in a flash.” She explained. “But rifles are easier to get a hit on something from a further distance, putting the stock to your shoulder to help keep it steady and so you can put your cheek right up against the top to aim down the sights better.” She continued, acting like she was holding an invisible rifle in her hands.

“I thought you said to never put your face near the guns when you shoot.” Twilight says confused.

“That’s only really with pistols, with rifles because you have them pressed against you your body will take most of the recoil and you’re less likely to blind yourself.” Anne said.

“Unless you’re being stupid.” Boone adds in. “With any gun with a scope you never want to put your eye around the back of the scope, that’s the quickest way of scooping your eye out of the socket so always keep it a little distance away.”

“Yeah, thanks for that.” Anne said with a smile. “So why don’t you try it out now Princess?” She asked, motioning for her friend to do it.

“Why do you call her princess? Is that a pet name or something?” Boone asked in his deadpan tone of voice.

“Oh yeah, you weren’t there. Well you see, Twilight is an alien queen from a place called Horseland.” Anne said, Boone raising an eyebrow over his sun glasses.

“No, I’m one of four princesses in a land called Equestria, you know that Anne.” Twilight said annoyed.

“Same difference.” Anne said dismissively.

Twilight muttered under her breath before putting the stock of her new rifle to her shoulder and trying to look down the sight but she was having trouble keeping it steady and looking down it while also focusing on her magic. Deciding to try something that popped to mind Twilight tried to go on her back hooves, using her wings to keep her stable and using her front hooves to hold the gun and she found it was a lot easier. “Alright, I think I got it…” Twilight said.

“Good, now these don’t normally have a sight on them but we can buy one later so try to look down the middle of the laser and pull the trigger.” Anne stated.

Twilight looked down the gun, taking a few seconds to aim before firing.

After another ‘Zarp’ a long red beam shot from the rifle and hit the stacked up bottles and this time melted a hole clean through the bottle, leaving melted glass dripping.

“Good, now these don’t use bullets and you’ll only really know how many shots you have left in it by remembering how many you already shot, there are twenty four shots in one cell.” Anne said. “And when you run out of shots in a cell don’t get rid of it because you’re able to draw a tad more energy out of them and if you have enough drained ones you can make a bunch of full ones.”

Twilight nods.

“So let me give his body a check for any more ammo for you.” The woman said crouching down by the deal ghoul with a caved in chest.

After a few minutes Anne stands back up and holds out seven of the small yellow cells the laser rifle used. “Here, we’ll buy some more next chance we get.” She said as Twilight used her magic to pull out the old cell from the gun and putting it into one pocket on her new clothing and putting the unused cells in another and loading one into the rifle.

“Ready to continue you two?” Boone asks bored.

“Yep, I think we are.” Anne said starting to head off down the ramp back down to the road headed to REPCONN HQ.

Not a minute went by before they spotted a large pile of grey ash, a large chunk of bloodied concrete with long rods of repair stuck out of it and bent into a makeshift handle was close by.

“I think this is what I think killed our friend back there.” She observed. “So Twilight, if you’re lucky with a shot you might do this, turn them into a pile of ash because it just causes a chain reaction or something like that.”

Twilight grimaced slightly at the mention of that.

“Anyway, let’s keep moving.”


“I guess that’s where we need to go…” Anne said.

Down the hill at the end of the road was a huge complex of a building. A large statue of a red rocket was in a round-about, the paint on the metal peeling off to expose the rusted iron. The Building was massive, many stories tall and made out of a dark grey concrete with rusted metal scaffolding around the left side of the front. Two large antenna were on top of it, sticking high into the cloudy sky. Figures could be seen stumbling around it, arms hanging limply from their sides as they wondered past the burnt and destroyed cars that were scattered around the front. On top of a nearby cliff was a large white dome, age turning it light grey with what looked like two huge doors that could open up.

Twilight was shocked at the size of the thing, the building alone looked almost as big as Canterlot castle and the dome was almost as big as the main building. “Woah…” Twilight says in shock, looking around in wonder.

“You think this place is big wait till you arrive in New Vegas.” Boone stated.

“Is Vegas nice? Haven’t been there myself yet but I plan to.” Anne asked.

“Nice isn’t the word I would use for it, secure yes but not the most pleasant.” He said. “There are ghouls here, I recommend we get ready for another fight.” He said pulling out his rifle.

“Alright.” Anne said, pulling out her rifle again with Twilight starting to flap her wings and taking off with her rifle held in her hooves with her magic holding the trigger.

Twilight flew up slightly, feeling slightly safer now that she wasn’t on the ground and open to getting attacked by one of the horrifying ghouls.

Anne and Boone started to approach, Twilight flying behind them with all their guns at the ready.

Gunfire like before started to sound out, the closest ghouls splatting lifelessly down but this time the sounds of Twilight’s new laser rifle also filled the air with its blazing glow. The screams of the ghouls filled the air also, some as they were attacking and others while they let out their last breath from their decaying bodies.

Twilight grimaced as she watched the ghouls went down because she felt that they came apart quite easily, limps and gore flopping around with almost every ghoul killed and Twilight’s gun easily cut though the thin flesh and weak bones of the ghouls.

After a few minutes it was all over, none of the once living thinking people turned into radioactive monsters left alive.

Twilight landed next to Anne, putting her empty cell into one pocket and pulling out a new one and loading it into the gun. “Is that all of them? They make me feel sick.” Twilight muttered.

“Probably not, there will be a ton more inside the actual building so keep your guard up all the time while we’re here.” Anne said putting her rifle back onto her back.

“Hey, I think you two should take a look at this.” Boone said, stood behind a sandbag wall and looking at something hidden from the other two.

Heading over they saw what it was, another ghoul but one of the ones in the brown robe and a laser gun, but this time he was in worse shape, his body was laid propped up against the wall and his legs were a few feet away.

Twilight turned green and had to turn away, clutching her mouth shut to stop herself from vomiting again.

“Well, it looks like it wasn’t just one guy, but a group, I bet there are quite a few of these non-feral ghouls around this place.” She said and sure enough there were many more of the robed ghouls with the laser rifles, some worse than others. Some might have a giant bit of metal lodged out of it’s chest while another wouldn’t have an arm or leg but one thing that was very common was most of them were crushed in one way or another.

Twilight managed to keep her stomach still for the time being, trying her hardest to avoid looking at anything dead around them in case she finally did lose her ability to hold back.

“Princess, here.” Anne said holding out a dozen of the cells for her rifle and a small bag that clinked softly. “They’re the focusing crystals in case any of the ones in your gun crack or burn out.” She stated.

“We should head inside and clean up the rest of these ghouls.” Boone stated, heading for the wooden door at the front of the building, the windows on it boarded up for protection with any of the glass that was once there all but gone.

Stepping inside and closing the door behind them they were all scared when an intercom on one of the walls crackled before a gravelly sounding voice yelled out. “Hey! Over here, are you listening?” It called.

“Go to the big room on the east side of this building and take metal staircase all the way up, and hurry.” It said, a man’s voice.

“Who are you?” Anne asked, still surprised.

“Who am I doesn’t matter smooth skins. Stop wasting my time and get up here.” He grumbled.

“All right, we’ll be there I guess.” Anne said confused.

“Get moving.” He said before another bit of static and it went dead.

“That was…” Anne started.

“Weird?” Offered Twilight.

“Exac- wo- gah! Fuck!” She exclaimed, tripping over something and landing on her face.

She quickly got up and turned around, clutching her now slightly bleeding nose and what she saw made her freeze along with the other two.

Dead on the ground was something that brought chills to both the humans and fear into Twilight. It was giant, easily more than seven foot in height if stood up and it’s skin was a blue, huge muscles under the skin and it’s face was horrifying, the skin so tight that it couldn’t cover its teeth so the lips were pulled back, it’s head lacking any hair with a brown hood on it. Covering its arms were bent street signs such as a stop sign to act as a little protection. It wore brown rags that covered some of its body but everything else was fully exposed, showing over the large number of burns covering it. In its dead hand was one of the concrete and rebar hammers.

“W-what is that?” Twilight asked fearfully, scooting closer to the on edge Boone.

“That, Twilight, is what killed the ghouls around here, it’s a Nightkin.”

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