• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 7







Anne stopped over the top march she was doing, mid step. She turned to face Twilight and pointed a finger in accusation at her while slightly hunching over so she could be closer to Twilight’s face. “WELL Y-,” Anne stopped herself, trying to think of a comeback.

Anne stood there, trying her hardest to say something witty but not coming up with anything at all. Twilight was confused, Anne just stopped still and was looking off into space, still deep in thought. Twilight waved a hoof in front of Anne’s face, not causing any reaction.

“Anne? You okay?” Twilight asked.

Anne still stood there, not moving a muscle.

“You’re starting to scare me,” Twilight said meekly.

Anne still didn’t move.

Twilight used the corner of her hoof to poke Anne in the cheek, still nothing happen. She tried again, this time a little harder and like before nothing happened. Twilight, annoyed, brought back her hoof and gave Anne a light slap across the face but still, it got no reaction from the woman. Twilight gave her a deadpan expression before slapping her harder.

Anne blinked a few times before looking at Twilight with a small smile. “What I miss?” she asked innocently.

Twilight face hoofed and let out a groan “You act like you’ve got brain damage sometimes,” she joked.

Anne looked at her with a raised eyebrow, smile disappearing. “And what’s so bad about brain damage?” She asked seriously.

“Is there really anything good about brain damage?” Twilight asked, not knowing what would happen.

“Well no, but what then do you think about people with brain damage?” Anne said.

“All I’ll say is I wouldn’t trust them with anything sharp,” Twilight said tactfully, feeling a little uncomfortable at the way Anne was talking.

“Oh? And why is that?”

“Well, umm, they wouldn’t have the same mental functions as everypony else,” Twilight said nervously.

“So, retarded is what you’re saying?” Anne said, slightly angrily.

Twilight shrunk back slightly. “I wouldn’t use those words exactly…,” Twilight said weakly.

Anne gave Twilight a cold, hard glare. Twilight shrunk back for the sheer ferocity of the stare, not used to this side of the human. Anne shoved past Twilight and started to stomp down the dry and cracked asphalt of the road, wanting anything to blow off some steam.

Twilight felt really bad now. She didn’t know what she did the upset Anne but knew it was something personal. She slowly made her way after Anne, head hung low, knowing Anne would probably need some time to cool off. The stomping of Anne’s boots slowly getting quieter while Twilight let out a small sigh before looking up.

Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, and her pupils shrink to the size of pinheads, mentally slapping herself for forgetting what was up ahead.

“ANNE, WAIT!” Twilight yelled, starting to run after Anne.

Anne turned around, her scowl still thick on her face, watching as Twilight started running at her. Her glare faltered as she saw the panicked expression on Twilight’s face. She was going to yell something back before…


Anne stumbled to the left as she left an extreme amount of pain greeted her from her right bicep. She fell down to a knee and let out a small cry of pain, her left hand whipping onto the area of her arm that was burning with pain.



She knew what was happening and with all her effort she pulled her hand away from her arm and quite awkwardly used her left hand to pull her 10mm pistol from her right thigh. Once it was out she pointed it in the general direction that the bullets came from before pulling the trigger while she turned her attention to her arm.

The bullet hadn’t exited so it meant the lead would still be in her arm, and from the feel of it, the bullet had done something bad to the bone in her arm. Blood was seeping out from the wound, rolling down her arm.


She looked up to see a lit stick of dynamite land in the dirt near her. Anne closed her eyes; wincing her face for what was about to come. Her one good arm, still with the pistol in it, coming up and covering her face while she crouched down slightly and spun slightly away from the stick.


Anne stood there for a few seconds, waiting for the pain she was expecting, but nothing came. She unsurely opened one of her eyes to see what happened.

Standing between her and a small pile of smoke was Twilight and around them both was a purple see thru dome that seemed to pulse with light. Twilight’s horn was glowing a similar shade of violet as the done, with eyes shut tight with a look of concentration on her face.

Anne saw that a 9mm pistol was floating shakily in front of her, pointing at a surprised looking Powder Ganger.




Three new holes appeared in the torso of the powder ganger, spraying blood behind him before falling to the rough dirt with a soft thud, letting out a few gargled chokes before falling silent, blood slowly spilling from his mouth.

“Fuck!” Anne said, dropping her pistol to the dirt.

Anne looked to her bicep to see her blood was pouring from the wound profusely now, it rolling down her arm and dripping off her fingers. Biting through the pain she used her left hand to put pressure onto her arm, trying to minimize the blood flow.

Anne turned her head to see Twilight throwing up the half-digested Insta-Mash, quietly sobbing, with the pistol discarded on the ground in front of her. Anne let out a sigh and crouched down next to Twilight, still keeping pressure on her arm before placing a hand on her back, lightly rubbing her neck softly. With a sigh, Anne began to try and comfort Twilight.

“Twilight, I know this isn’t something that could be easy for you; no one, or pony in your case, should have to kill something else. Even if it’s common in the Mojave, it doesn’t make it right,” Anne said, pulling Twilight in a hug which she generously accepted.

Twilight let out small sobs as well as sniffling her nose, tears pouring down her eyes and snot running down her muzzle. They stayed like that for a few minutes, neither one saying anything to the other, Anne knowing that nothing needed to be said while Twilight just wanting to comfort of another.

“I’m a monster.” Twilight sobbed out.

“No you’re not Princess, no you’re not,” Anne stated, patting Twilight on the back softly.

Twilight pushed Anne away from her, looking at her but had her eyes downwards. “How can you say that, I just k-k-killed him,” she struggled out.

“That doesn’t make you a monster. What do you think he was going to do if you didn’t do that? Did ya think he threw lit dynamite at me as a present? He was going to kill me Twilight, he was going to kill me and because you did what you did, I can live to see another day. And because of that I thank you with all my irradiated heart,” Anne said, pulling Twilight back into a tight hug.

Twilight accepted the hug again, her sobs lightening up slightly. And like before, there was nothing said while they embraced each other, well, that was until Twilight noticed something.

“A-Anne, you’re hurt,” Twilight said, pushing away from the hug to see Anne had a small hole in her arm.

“It’s nothing worry about, I’ll deal with it later,” Anne said dismissively.

“But you’re bleeding, that’s not nothing,” Twilight said

“It doesn’t matter at the moment,” Anne said.

Anne reached out with her right arm and grabbed her 10mm pistol, wincing with pain the entire time she did before pushing it into the holster on her thigh “See,” She said with a forced smile.

Twilight gave her a deadpan expression before rubbing the tears from her eyes “You’re not fooling anyone,” She said.

“Be that as it may, I don’t have anything to use,” Anne said with a one armed shrugged.

“Why can’t you use the stuff you used on me?” Twilight asked, remembering Anne using an injector on her.

“I don’t have any left, I used it all on you,” Anne said, making Twilight feel bad.


“You’ve got nothing to apologize for; I’m happy it got used for a good cause,” Anne said with a small smile, but before Twilight could say anything, Anne continued. “And besides; they’ll probably be a doctor or something at Primm that can take a look at both of our boo-boos.”

“When you put it that way; we should hurry, I don’t want you to be hurt after all you’ve done for me,” Twilight said, concerned.

“Don’t worry about me, I can take it,” Anne said putting on a forced smile.

Twilight could tell her friend was in a lot of pain, but the only thing she could think of is to help her get to this town Anne was talking about.

The two started to walk down the cracked and broken asphalt road, but in Anne’s case, it was more like hobble, leaving the occasional drop of blood, staining the ground.

Down the road Twilight saw two rusted and bent metal signs above the road.

It was green with dirty white lettering and out lining. The left one had in the dirty writing had the name ‘Los Angeles’ and just under that was the name ‘Nipton’ and to the side of the sign was a thick white arrow pointing upwards. The right sign had the name ‘Primm’ and under that was the word ‘Hotel’ in small lettering and under that is the word ‘Gas’ in the same size writing, and finally to the side of the sign was an arrow pointing upwards right.

“Is that where we’re going?” Twilight asked, pointing at the sign.

“Yep, it wouldn’t take that much longer to get there,” Anne said considerably happily with a bullet in her broken arm.

“We need to find out where a hospital is once we get there,” Twilight said, looking at the area Anne was clutching on her arm.

“Hospitals are rare around here, I’d just be happy with a seamstress if it came down to it,” Anne said, walking on.

They continued onwards towards the town, and as they got closer, they saw more details of the town.

Walls of brick and fence surrounded the part the two of them were approaching; the brick went up about six feet before another four feet of iron spiked fence was on top of the brick part, at the bottom part of the wall is what looked like just rusted and bent sheets of metal covering the first three foot. The road broke off into two different paths later down the road, and one going under a bridge and out of town while the other goes past what looked like a blockade.

“Twilight, I need you to hide nearby, I don’t know who’ll be here,” Anne said calmly.

Twilight felt her heart rate increase, causing it to start thumping in her ears. She felt scared again “What’s happening?” she asked quietly.

“I see a roadblock up ahead and I don’t know who controls it, hopefully it’s someone friendly,” Anne said, continuing down the road, leaving Twilight to find someplace to hide.

Twilight looked around until she spotted a place close to where Anne pointed to earlier, and with a pop from her teleportation spell, she appeared where she wanted instantly.

Anne approached the checkpoint, body as relaxed as she could as not to seem conspicuous. As she got closer she saw a figure start running towards her, she got her one good arm she got ready to grab her pistol. As it got closer she saw that it wasn’t doing anything threatening, it didn’t even have a weapon drawn. The person who Anne could see was a man was wearing a dark brown uniform of some sorts with a picture of a two headed bear with a red star in the top left hand corner painted onto his chest. On his head was a pitch helmet with goggles on its front.

“Hey, this place is locked down, no one gets in or out,” He said holding out a hand.

Anne relaxed slightly “Why’s that?” she asked.

“Convicts that escaped from the prison down the road have setup shop here; we don’t know how the town’s folk are.” He said.

“Why haven’t you cleared them out yet?” Anne asked, knowing that because he’s in a uniform that there would be other like that.

“We don’t have the men or the resources to deal with the situation, but if you think you can provide any assistance go down to the end of the road and speak with Lieutenant Hayes, he in the tent.” He said pointing behind him.

“Awesome, I’ll have a word with him, but before I go, can I bring a friend with me?” Anne asked.

“Umm, okay, but if you want to bring them with you, where are they?” He asked, his eyes darting around.

“I’ll call her over, but I needed to ask because I wanted to know that you wouldn’t shoot her,” Anne said.

“Is she a Powder Ganger or something?” He asked, his hand going down to his hip which held his pistol.

“Oh no, I shoot them on sight,” Anne answered.

“Then what is she?” he asked.

“She a talking purple unicorn with wings,” Anne said offhandedly.

The uniformed man just looked at her blankly before bringing up a hand to rub his temple “I can’t believe I just invited a junkie into our camp.”

Author's Note:

As before my editor is currently away for a while.
So yea that's something.
Oh yea I almost forgot.
Don't play Dark Souls 2, it will ruin your social life.
That is all.

EDIT: My editor has edited the chapter now.

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