• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 65

"What the fuck happened to this guy?” Anne asked in concern as she looked over the body of someone who had been pinned to the wall from rusty lengths of broken rebar sticking out, impaled probably by the huge machine that was slumped over with a large knife dug into the back of its ‘head’

The person could most closely resemble a ghoul, although this one looked less like he had lost the soft of his flesh and skin from years of necrosis and more as if he had his skin literally sanded from his body, red raw muscle visible all over his body in a way that just looked painful to see. He was wearing what looked like the uniform for the NCR but it had been worn and torn away to scraps with plates of scrap metal holding bits together.

“Looks like it happened to this guy too.” Twilight said spotting another body that was crushed under a table but he was much like the other, with flayed skin and ripped clothing but this time it was the padding and leather of the Legion, supported with scrap metal as well.

“I just hope it doesn’t happen to us…”

After turning on the main system to allow more doors to open up and fighting through the onslaught of robots and turrets that came to life and tried to go after the trio but with a lot of bullets and shell’s from Anne’s hunting shotgun with a few of the handful of pulse slugs she had for the weapon they managed to make their way out of the complex.

And when they reached the end they had reached near the bottom of the ravine and here the wind was even worse than up above, the pony and human having to quickly go back inside when the sand blew into their face so hard it hurt. After a few minutes of rummaging around Anne managed to find a breathing mask that would be used if someone were painting or sand blasting which would kind of be the reason she would use it but considering the facial structure of the pony they had to settle with a cloth mask over her muzzle. And with their eyes Anne found some welding goggles that had a flip down option to protect the eyes from the insanely bright light of welding but they didn’t need to come down if you didn’t want them so with a few snaps of plastic they had some makeshift goggles to wear as well.

Now walking outside they were still assaulted by the high winds and the dust and sand it picked up but their eyes and lungs were protected.

They slowly made their way out from the bunker before the Eye Bot’s speaker blared to life once more. “Taking your chances, coming here. Just like bringing the lord of Vegas his tribute, bending your knee to Old World ghosts. You and that Chip - deserve each other, twenty-nine less coins than other traitors have carried, if history's true. Now see the road the Old World paves... and what the lights of New Vegas promise, if they haven't blinded your eyes.”

The both blinked in confusion at the low and gravelly voice.

“How are you talking through my robot?!” Anne yelled, hard to be heard out of the mask and over the roaring wind.

“The robot with you... all of them are machines; radios, Old World tech reshaped with new hands. Historians. Couriers, carrying messages. Seen them as I've walked the Divide, tending other machines. That one... sealed inside the Hopeville silo. Sign America is waking up. It will follow you, obey you. Carry it until we are face to face, then there'll be no more need for it to carry my words.”

“Just saying that you hacked into it would have been enough! No need to go into a speech about it!” Anne replied, Twilight looking around in the area they were in. There were the supports of a once massive bridge outlined in the light of the sun high above. Some ruins could be seen a bit lower down into the ravine at the exit of the Hopeville silo.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The man through the little robot said.

“Yeah I know that but there’s no reason to bore someone to death!” She stated. “I take it you’re the one who has been leaving those notes all over the wall at the start of the pass and stuff right?”

“America sleeps ahead of you, its nightmares filled with quakes, storms. You'll need to find your own path. That means waking America's spears up from their slumber. There's ways; warheads set off the collapse, warheads could open the gates again. You're resourceful. That machine, robot with you, can help you find the warheads you need to destroy... and their trigger, the detonator. The way ahead is below. The tools are there. The rest; up to you.”

“Okay, see you later.” Anne said, starting past the robot.

“That’s it? You don’t want to know the history of The Divide and how you fit into it?” The robot ask in confusion.

“Well yeah, that’s why I came here in the first place but I’ll probably find out all about myself on the way if I have ties to such a shitty place! You would just jump around the topic with flowery language and never directly stating things which really annoys me!” She stated. “We’ll see you later dude!”

“The Divide will send its worst against you - it may break you. We'll see if you're stronger. Road gets rougher from here... Courier. Left marks for you, colors'll tell the way, if you're smart. They'll lead you to your home one more time, lead to the ending of it, maybe remind you why you wander.”

Twilight could tell Anne rolled her eyes as she kept moving, the little robot floating along after the pair with beeping happily through the howling wind.

“He might know about you Anne!” Twilight stated to her friend as they made their way down a large pile of rubble to a ruined road below.

“Probably, but I can’t deal with someone like that right now. Why do these people always think that they need to constantly chatter on when they can just say ‘there’s a detonator down there, get it and clear the way, just be careful cause things want to kill you’ instead? I mean how quick was that? But if I let him he would have just kept going on and on talking about stuff without really saying anything that would be useful to anyone… kind of reminds me of Joshua Graham or that old fart Elijah over at the Madre.”

“That old man could talk a glass eye to sleep… or my fake one…” Twilight stated with a chuckle as they walked along, taking a bit more effort with the wind fighting their every move and the feeling as if their skin was covered in sand and dragged across their flesh every time they made a movement or even if they stayed still.

“Well… that’s never a good sign.” Anne stated as she jogged over to a blunted cone with a red tip that was on the back of a destroyed truck, her Pip-Boy letting out a soft ticking sound along with the Geiger counter that Twilight had in her pocket incase Anne wasn’t around.

“What is it?”

“This is a warhead, nuclear… this is what causes the damage in the ICBM you say in the silo, and it’s just sat here. Imagine if they had a plague in a glass jar that they just kept on their driveway.” She explained. “This thing in front of us could have been used to destroy a town in China if it was used and kill everyone inside unless they were to turn into a ghoul.”

“Why would it have just been left out here?”

“They must have been transporting them when the bombs fell.” Anne stated with a shrug. “I guess these are the warhead that that man wanted us to-“ She was saying before a shot rang out over the sounds of the wind, causing Anne’s robotic arm to get jerked to the side as a bullet sparked off the metal surface.

Holding up her arm she was greeted with a large dent going all the way through one side and peeling out the other, a small shake greeting her with a tinkling sound as shrapnel bounced around the internal workings of the machine. “Cover.” She stated as she quickly got herself behind a large wreak of a car.

Twilight climbed herself behind what might have once been a motor bike but she couldn’t tell with how mangled it was at the current time.

“That must have been a fifty cal!” Anne yelled looking over at the figure of the pony behind the rubbish.

“A what?”

“A big fucking gun!” She yelled as she pulled her shotgun from her back, trying to pump it out to clear out the pulse slugs inside although it seemed the bullet messed with the ring finger on the arm, curled up as much as it could and wouldn’t move along with punching right through one of the barrels on the shotgun on her arm.

“How big are we talking about?”

“If it hits you I’ll have to scrape you off the floor with a spoon!” She yelled. “Do it if you want to be jellied purple pony!”

Twilight took a deep breath as she switched the power onto her laser rifle, not really trusting to fly in this weather and just resting the end of the rifle on her cover as she scanned around for a target to open fire on. All she could see was the outline of a destroyed building but couldn’t see a sharpshooter anywhere along it.

“I’ll draw their fire, you take them out.” Anne stated as she loaded in orange shells into her gun. “Ready?”


Taking a few deep breaths through the filters of her breathing mask before she ran out of behind her cover with her shotgun at the ready.

“Come at me mother fucker!” She yelled as she shot a shell at the building, not really aiming at anyone and from how loud everything was no one probably heard it. Unlike normal shells this one seemed to shoot out shards of bright red metal and fire, very obvious.

Much like the pony expected another shot rang out, a small explosion of dust and rock bursting from the ground just next to Anne’s foot.

Twilight quickly looked over to rubble away from then, cursing herself that she wasn’t paying attention as Anne fired another at the building as she ran towards it while just yelling to draw attention.

Another shot went out and went sailing past Anne with a loud whistle.

Twilight saw the dull flash from one of the windows and opened fire on the hole in the wall, not seeing or hearing any other shots coming from the building as Anne ran faster towards it.

The princess kept firing until the gun wouldn’t anymore and she quickly reloaded the rifle and watched to see if the sniper were to shoot again, not seeing any movement of note she just kept her gun aimed.

She saw a few bursts of fire over the building and she heard a very quiet voice.

“Done.” It said over all the wind, a person’s outline seen waving out from the window that the sniper was shooting from.

Twilight sighed and strapped the rifle onto her back and trotted up to the building, greeted with Anne on the inside, sheltered from the wind and sand as she held a very large and imposing looking rifle on her lap, the bolt pulled back as she looked inside the firing mechanism.

“This thing is super expensive, each bullet cost like fifty caps.” She said throwing something at the pony.

At first the princess thought it was a type of knife from the size of it but she realized that when she caught it that it was in fact a bullet, easily big enough to do a lot of damage without having to fire it from a gun at all, the whole thing about as big as a Sarsaparilla bottle. “I can see why you didn’t want to get hit by this thing.” She stated as she threw it back at the woman.

Anne caught it and slid the shot into an empty magazine and slid it home into the gun with a large clanking sound before racking the bolt home. Lifting it up the her shoulder Twilight really got to see the scale of the gun, almost as tall as Anne was with a massive barrel with a block at the end. Aiming just at the wall across the room she pulled the trigger and just the sheer force of the bang caused the princess to recoil and clutch her ears in pain.

“Anne!” She yelled in annoyance as she tried to shake the ringing from her head, taking a look at the wall.

There was a massive hole, easily as wide as her hoof that went all the way through the wall and out the other side of the building.

“I think when this thing hit me that it tore the dock out of my arm a bit.” Anne stated rolling the shoulder of her robotic arm a bit with a wince. “Yep that wetness is blood.” She grumbled.

“How many shots did the gun have?”

“There were about seven bullets left, six now.” She stated. “One of which being armor piecing, I guess that’s the one that hit me otherwise when I got hit it would have ripped my arm off instead of just going through.”

Author's Note:

You know what? Screw Ulises! He is just so full of crap and I'm actually going to change around the storyline of the DLC to focus more on Anne's backstory and her past more than then Lonesome Road already does. And considering I'm going to have Anne just tell Ulises to F himself all the time and ignore his speeches I'm going to have to rewrite all his dialogue but still keep it in the pretentious tone he always has!

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