• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 22

Anne grumbled softly to herself, cradling the dark brown bottle of beer in her hands, the only drink left in the motel room after Twilight threw the rest out a window, managing to convince the pony that beer was low in alcohol and only she would be having it and not her. The beer itself had gone flat over the years and the fridge wasn’t working all too well so it was just below room temperature. But Anne didn’t care as long as she even felt the lingering buzz of alcohol in her blood, making her feel relaxed slightly.

“So Princess, because it’s the evening and the sniper wouldn’t want to be annoyed after stood watch all day we shall just wait till tomorrow so we can set off after we ask him, all our energy recovered.” Anne states, slowly sipping from her drink so she can savor it.

“Alright, I guess that means we just relax until tomorrow morning then.” Twilight says, using her wings to softly fly onto the bed and lay down, stretching out and sighing softly. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed a proper bed Anne, it feels like months since I slept on one.”

“Well you’ve slept on the wooden floor of a shack to a dirty mattress inside a tent at Primm, there are going to be a lot of different places to sleep out here in the Mojave.” Anne states, going to one of the wardrobes in the room and opening it. “Huh, there are quite a few clothes in here, suits, casual wear, a whole different number of things.” Anne observes before grinning to herself. “Hey Twilight?”

“Yeah Anne? What is it?” Twilight asks tiredly, smiling softly as she got to relax finally.

“Could you please go out and get us supplies and while you’re at it just walk around a bit and explore? I have something I need to do and I can’t have you here to do it.” Anne said, turning around and smiling at Twilight.

The pony let out an annoyed groan, looking at Anne with a frown on her face. “Why do I have to go, what are you even going to be doing?” Twilight asks raising an eyebrow.

Anne tried to quickly think of something that Twilight would want nothing to do with, an idea instantly coming to her. “I feel like masturbating and I didn’t think you would feel like staying around.” Anne lied with a large grin.

Twilight’s eyes widened and a large red blush appeared on her cheeks, her ears folding down in embarrassment. “U-ummm, y-you, ahhh-“ She stuttered, Anne trying her hardest not to burst out into laughter of her friends nervousness. “o-okay, I-I guess I’ll leave then…” Twilight says, getting up from the bed.

“Hey, could you sell a few things for me, I’d really appreciate it if you do…” Anne says.

“Fine, what do you want me to sell?” Twilight asks, still blushing deeply.

With a smile Anne gets up and goes over to her bag, pulling out her machete to cut off the belts holding the incinerator onto it. “One thing you can get rid of is this thing, it’s too big and heavy for me to constantly be carrying around everywhere we go and since we got this new rifle which I must say isn’t in the best condition but I can repair it also get rid of the old one.” She said grabbing the varmint rifle and dropping it next to the incinerator. “And a few of the other smaller things like drugs we won’t ever use because they don’t help us in the slightest.” Anne said, pulling out a sack from her bag, slightly jingling before bulling out another one which was almost empty. “This right here is a hundred caps, use it if you need to and put any caps you make into it for us to use later.” She said. “Also buy some food and water for us, they may even have purified water which would be really nice.” Anne finished.

Twilight nodded, using her magic to pick all that Anne gave her up. She only had the holster for Lucky on her, the 9mm and her armored shoulder pad put neatly on a couch next to the double bed in the room.

Outside the sun was starting to set, the land slowly getting dark with the sun barely peeking over the horizon. With a tired sigh Twilight closes the door behind her and starts walking towards the large green dino, Jeannie saying that the store was inside it. Walking close Twilight could see that there was a stair case goin up to where the dinosaur’s stomach would have been if it were alive. Going up the creaky old wooden stairs she enters and looks around.

The shop was sort of cramped with how little space was inside the dino. There was a counter in the middle, one of the small toy dinos on it along with a cash register and a few other things. To the left of here was a small set of shelves which held all sorts of things from scrap metals to small bags of flour. Attached to the roof was a yellow sign with the words ‘Dino Bite Gift Shop’ in large black lettering and just under that in red paint which would have been added a long time after the sign was made read ‘Yes, we have t-rexes’. Behind the counter to the right on the wall was a locked door which didn’t raise any suspicion for Twilight. There was also a dark skinned man with little hair, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tanned color button up shirt.

Approaching the counter Twilight smiles at him and says. “Hello.”

“Welcome to the Dino Bite Gift Shop, My name’s Cliff. If you’re here t-rex figurines you’re just in time, there’s a few left.” He said in happy voice and a smile.

“Jeannie May sent me.” Twilight said with a smile.

“Bless her, seems like every traveler I get in here tells me the same thing.” He said with a small sigh. “They see the sign and think, gift shop? That’s just too good to be true, but Jeannie May always points them back in my direction. Well, a friend of Jeannie’s is a friend of mine, and my friends get a discount at my store.”

“What do you sell here Cliff?” Twilight asks politely.

“Well, there’s t-rex figurines of cause, that’s our bread and butter.” He said. “We also have an assortment of the REPCONN factory souvenirs, rockets, things of that nature.”

“Rockets? Can you tell me a little bit about them?”

“They’re scale replicas of the real thing, very detailed, got a liquid in them that makes them glow. From what I hear REPCONN used to give them out on tours of their HQ up in Henderson.” He said. “But I guess they had to stop after the first few kids thought they were filled with Nuka-cola and drank it down. The papers had a name for the condition and everything, they called it the ‘REPCONN Shakes’, those were bad times for RobCo.”

“How did they end up here?” Twilight asks tilting her head.

“Well, they unloaded what they had left on the Dino Bite as a tax write-off but that was before my time. Plenty of demand for them, seeing as they’re one-of-a-kind collectors’ items but I might still have some out back.” He said.

“Back to the supplies, do you have guns? Do you sell those?” She asked.

“Guns? I, well, uhhh well… yeah I guess I might have a few.” He says with a sigh. “Darn it, no one ever buys the t-rexes.”

“Can I see what you have for sale?” The pony asks softly.

“Sure thing, take a look around, I’ll unlock the back room to show you some of the other things.” He said, pulling out a key to unlock that door to the side and walked in.

After a few moments he came back out with a cardboard box in his hands and put it on the counter, starting to pull out a number of different things, one of which was a small t-rex toy. Lifting up the incinerator Twilight put it on the counter and asked. “How much you willing to give me for this?” She asks.

“Mind if I hold it?” he asks.


Picking it up in both arms he starts to look it over, trying to see any damage to it. “Well the metal is scratched up and looks quite worn, I’ll give you seven hundred for it.” He says calmly.

Knowing this was like a trade for goods Twilight decided to barter. “Well you don’t have one of these in your stock so that means if someone else were to come in here and ask if you had one you could sell it for a higher price because there isn’t much choice, think about it…”

“Fine, I’ll pay seven seventy five for it.” He states.

Twilight guessed that was good and then picks up the varmint rifle and puts it on the desk. “How much for this?” She asks.

“For this thing, I say fifty, they’re quite common and thus not that expensive.” He says.

Twilight nods, knowing she had seen quite a lot of them in her time in the Mojave and decided not to complain.

Finally she grabbed the bag of drugs Anne had given her, opening it and dumping it onto the table. There was a range of things from an inhaler with an orange liquid in the handle to a tin of Mentats. “How much for all these?” She asked.

“I’ll give you fourteen caps for each of them.” He stated.

“So all of them that would be, uhhh, one hundred and seventy two.” Twilight said with a smile.

He nods. “Yep so altogether that comes to one thousand and ninety seven I owe you.” He says before ducking down under his desk before popping back up. “Well, I only have five hundred and eight, is there anything you want to buy to even it all out?”

“How about some food?” Twilight asks.

He smiles and pulls out a few boxes of food and two bottles of water, the liquid clear and not fogged brown like ones the pony has had before. “This is all we have here.”

“I’ll take both the waters and maybe this box of… ‘Sugar Bombs’.” Twilight states with a smile.

“Well that’s purified water so that’s twenty one each and the Sugar Bombs are five each.” He said.

“So that’s forty two for the water and let’s have all three boxes of these things so that’s fifty seven for that so that means you still owe me one thousand and forty.” Twilight said, doing all the math in her head.

“Alright, anything else? Those guns maybe?” He asks gesturing to the number of guns he had taken from the box.

Twilight looked over the guns until a large rifle caught her eye. “What about this one?” Twilight asks.

“Well that one right there is a point three zero eight, that will run you about thirteen thousand caps.” He said.

Twilight’s eyes widened, knowing that they didn’t have anywhere near that amount of money. Moving onto the next few which were the exact same gun as Twilight’s Lucky revolver but a silver color instead of the black and decorated one Twilight had. Moving onto the next one which happened to be another revolver but this one was different, it had a longer cylinder and was a lot thicker all around. “What about this one?” She asks.

“This one is a pistol that shoots five point five six rifle bullets, quite powerful and costs nine hundred and twenty nine.” Cliff says.

“Alright, I’ll take it, that leaves you owing me one hundred and eleven caps left.” Twilight says with a smile.

“Do you want to buy any bullets?” He asks.

“Yes, I’ll have a box of point three five seven’s, a box of nine millimeters, a box of ten millimeters, a box of five point five six’s and finally a box of twenty gauge rounds.” Twilight says, Cliff getting out each box each time it was called out.

“Alright, let’s say that comes to two hundred caps and I’ll throw in a t-rex figurine for being such a good customer.” He said with a smile.

Twilight nodded, pulling out the bag of caps Anne gave her. “So that’s eighty nine I owe you.” She says, pulling that number out and putting it on the table.

Grabbing the caps he puts them into a box he pulled out and put it back under the desk. “Pleasure doing business with you little lady.” Cliff says with a nod, taking all the stuff Twilight gave him and taking it into the side room.

“No, thank you Cliff, it was really nice to meet you.” Twilight says with a large smile, using her magic to grab everything that she bought and leaving, taking it back to the room that Anne and her had.

Walking in she was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t just smell sex in the air and actually saw Anne sitting on the bed with a large smile on her face, a cardboard box in her lap. “I lied princess… I was actually making something for you.” The woman said with a smile.

“You made me something? You didn’t have to do that.” Twilight said, not being able to stop the large happy smile on her face, floating everything she had over to the corner as she made her way to the bed.

Anne moved over to the opposite edge so Twilight could hop on and still fit, the pony sitting on the side across from the woman. “Alright, close your eyes and put out your arms so I can give it to you.” Anne says with a smile.

Twilight rolls her eyes and sighs but does what her friend tells her and closes her eyes, putting her front hooves out in front of her.

She could feel something be placed in her hooves, sagging slightly and it felt rather heavy.

“Alright, you can open your eyes now.” She heard Anne’s voice say.

Opening her eyes and looking into her hooves she sees a large folded up bit of black clothing. Using her magic to unfold it she held it up, finding that it was a rather thick full body covering, a large zipper going along the stomach with two holes on the back for the pony’s wings and one on her rump for her tail. It only went up to the beginning of the neck. It had two large pockets on her sides just forward where her wings would be and it covered all but the bottom of the hooves.

“What do you think? I’m not the best tailor I know but I did the best I could with what I got.” Anne explained. “I layered the fabric on quite a few times so it should help a little with slashing knives, not so much stabbing or bullets. Later on we would be able to put metal plates into pockets I have on the inside to protect against stabbing and smaller bullets but right now I don’t have the resources for such a thing.” Anne said.

“Thank you so much Anne, this means a lot to me.” Twilight says with a large thankful smile.

“Hey, don’t worry about it princess, I’m your friend and friends do stuff for each other.” Anne says with a smile of her own.

“Well I’ll have to remember to do something nice for you next time I can.” Twilight states.

“You could not break the alcohol next time…”

“I said nice, not stupid.”

Author's Note:

Hello guys!
While normally I would post a chapter after a week since the last one I decided that because I didn't post after about four weeks you guys deserved one earlier. This won't happen for the next chapter, it will be out in another week and I can tell you for a fact that that one and the one after that will be out on time so don't be worried about that. Anyway about this chapter itself I know it isn't the most exciting thing but it is Twilight's first time bartering in the Mojave Wasteland so I just wanted to show a little about how it goes so I don't have to go into as much detail next time.
So till next time

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