• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 35

“It seems like you pop up everywhere Victor.” Anne stated, crossing her arms.

“Aw shucks partner. I suppose it can’t hurt to let you in on my little secret.” He said, his voice seeming to quiet down slightly. “Old Victor wouldn’t be much use stuck inside just one Securitron. No, I can move from one to another with the snap of a finger. Pretty nice trick ain’t it? Just don’t ask me how I do it, because I don’t know.”

Anne sighed. “Can you point me to The Tops? I’ve got a score to settle.” Anne stated, Twilight knowing what that meant.

“Sorry rambler, I know you’re fixing to serve up some vengeance but I’m gonna have to point you at the Lucky 38 first.” The robot said. “Mister House, the head honcho of New Vegas is itching to make ya’ll acquaintance. He’ll help you serve that cold dish of yours extra chill.” He said in a low tone.

Boone’s eyebrows raised above his glasses in surprise, all around the wasteland the Lucky 38 casino in New Vegas was one of the most mysterious places around. No one ever left and no one ever entered and here was one of the robotic guards of the building telling them to go inside and talk with none other than Mister House himself.

“Tell Mister House we might stop by.”

“Don’t you dawdle little doggie.” Victor warned, “Mister House isn’t someone you want to go about snubbing, he’ll be waiting.” The robot finished before his face suddenly flicked and changed back into one of the frowning policemen before rolling his way away.

“You did not just do that Anne.” Boone said in shock. “He runs this place, if he wanted to he could have every Securitron in the Strip pepper you like that junkie at the gate.”

“He ain’t going to kill us, he wants to talk with us, probably about the package I was meant to deliver and Benny so happens to have it, so I would prefer not to get shot for being incompetent at the one job I’m sort of good at.”

“How do you expect to kill him? You’re not allowed to bring weapons into the casinos and if Benny is one of the men who run it he’ll have a gun on him at all times.” Boone stated.

“We could always smuggle something in.” Twilight suggested, drawing the attention of the two arguing humans.

“That… would work actually…” Boone admitted.

“But it wouldn’t be a firearm, it’s impossible to hide a pistol, even a small one, on your person.” Anne said. “At most I could get in a small knife or even some knuckle dusters.”

“What are knuckle dusters?” The pony asked.

“They’re kind of like rings that go on all your fingers except the thumb and are all connected, they cause more damage on a punch than just normal fists.”

“I won’t be able to use them.” Twilight said. “I don’t have fingers.”

“That’s why we’ll tie a knife or something into your hair, they’ll check all your pockets.” Anne said offhandedly.

“Where might we actually get this stuff?” Boone asked crossing his arms.

“Hey there friend, I couldn’t help but overhear that you are looking for weapons you can easily sneak into the casinos.” A man in a dirty white suit said approaching, brown beard on his face and sunglasses on even though the sun was almost fully set. “Lucky for you I got what you need.”

Anne blinked in surprise. “Well… let’s see what you have then.” She said.

The man smiled and gestured for them to follow him, leading them behind one of the large signs where he opened up his suit jacket. Line of switch knives lines the inside along with different type of knuckle dusters, brass ones and even ones with spikes on them. “Take a look at these beauties.”

In the end Boone had a straight razor, Twilight getting a switchblade and Anne a pair of spiked knuckledusters. All of which Anne hid on her person, the knives wedged between her arm and the Pipboy and with her knuckles she hid one in each metal boot. It wasn’t comfortable but it would only be till they got inside.

Walking up to a large building with the flashing name ‘The Tops’ on a sign next to it they pass a stand up artist shouting out bad comedy to the people walking about. Saying things like ‘I’ve been in love with the same woman for seventeen years, if my wife were to ever find out she’d kill me’ and ‘Me and my wife found the answer to a happy marriage. Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant. She goes Mondays I go Fridays.’

Passing the man they got to one of the many doors and entered.

Upon entering they were greeted with a large desk, a few men in white suits and black ties stop behind it. A few other white suits were around from what they could see, weapons on their hips. Gamblers were around, some looking happy but a larger number looking saddened or angry from losing most of their money.

One of the men behind the desk smile friendly. “Hey hey baby doll, welcome to the Tops hotel and Casino. I’m going to have to ask you to hand over any weapons you might be carrying.” He said in a smooth voice. “And while we don’t usually accept mutants in here a Securitron ‘politely’ told us to allow you in but don’t cause any trouble and ignore the looks given to you.”

The three approached the table, Boone putting his rifle on the table along with a large combat knife they wouldn’t have been able to hide. Twilight hesitantly placed her laser gun along with her two pistols next to it. And finally Anne took the small arsenal off her person. Shotgun, grenade rifle, service rifle and they two pistols she had along with her helmet because she felt she didn’t need to wear it at that moment.

“Now I hope you don’t mind but one of our boys are just going to give you a pat down, don’t worry, we do it to everyone.” The greeter said, one of the armed suited men approaching the group.

After a quick pat down where Twilight felt like she should feel violated even though it was quick and the guard did nothing wrong the greeter spoke again. “Smooth and easy, just the way I like it. Don’t worry, they’ll be as safe as kittens till you’re ready to leave. Oh, and a friendly word of advice. If you happen to ‘stumble across’ any weapons during your stay here well… just don’t wear them openly, you dig?” He said. “Now that we got that little business out of the way what can I do to make your Tops experience the tops?”

“We’ll just go gambling for a bit, it’s why we came here.” Anne quickly lied smoothly with a smile. “I made a ton of caps lately and we came here to hopefully triple the amount.”

The greeter smiled. “The cashier is upstairs, we accept all currencies, be it caps, NCR or Legion.” He said. “Have a nice time baby.”

“Bye.” Anne said sweetly before walking away into the casino.

The smile instantly fell and she looked around, spying a bathroom. Walking inside she took the weapons off her person and handed them to the person and pony they belonged to. “Remember, don’t let anyone see them.” She said, hiding her dusters in one of her pockets.

The two others nodded, just putting them in their pockets.

In the casino there were dozens upon dozens of different tables. Some had Poker played at them, some had Blackjack and most of them had people gambling away their money at them. “Black and white checkered suit guys, that’s what her wears.” Anne muttered to the.

Twilight looked around, only really seeing a normal plain white suits but not checkered. But after a few moments she noticed a large group of them on the other side of the building, having a lot heavier weapons and stood in the middle of them smoking a cigarette was a man, hair slicked back and white checkered suit.

“Anne… I think I see him.” Twilight said slowly, drawing the attention of the two others.

“Yes… that’s him.” She said with a nod. “Stay back, we don’t want to scare him off.” She said walking off towards the man.

The woman’s heart was pounding in her chest, slowly approaching, her friends a few paces behind her.

“Hey, Benny, I think someone’s here to see you.” One of the guards said, making the smoking man turn around and eyes widen in shock at the sight of the woman approaching her.

“What in the goddamn…?” He said in confusion before collecting himself again. “Let’s keep this in the groove hey? Smooth moves like smooth little babies.”

Anne knew she couldn’t take the man out here, she would have to get him alone otherwise the guards around him would kill her before she even got a single punch out. An idea popped into her head, making her grin to herself.

“When you shot me you ran off so fast I never got your name.” She said, what better to get a man to do what you want than with the promise of sex?

“You making a pass at me sister? Because I’m out of your league.” He said raising an eyebrow.

“Is it wrong to want the guy who’d shoot me in the head?” She asked innocently.

“Did those bullets scramble your egg? Or have you always been such a naughty broad…?”

“Girls like bad boys, and you’ve been downright awful.”

“You’re one sick pussycat baby. There’s quins and then there’s…. I don’t even know what to call you.”

“I’m saying I dig you despite it all. What do you say?”

“I hear ‘dig’ from you babe and all I can think of is a shovel. How can this be? This ain’t forgiveness, it’s something… wrong…”

“I’m a courier remember? Don’t you want me to handle your package?”

“All right honey baby, this is all kinds of wrong but to my suite it is, thirteenth floor, don’t keep me wait.” He said slightly confused at what just happened and walked off to take the elevator to his room.

Walking to her shocked friends she grinned. “Got him alone.” She said happily.

“Are you actually going to have sex with him?” Twilight asked in shock.

“Oh hell no, I wouldn’t touch him unless I was going to choke that fuck to death.” Anne said with a grin. “Let’s get upstairs and tell him the surprise.”

Going to the elevator Benny went into they pressed the call button and waited a little bit for it to come down. Stepping in Anne pulled her dusters out and put them on her fingers on both hands while Boone and Twilight pulled their knives out.

Once up at the thirteenth floor they made their way to the largest door, assuming it ways Benny’s and when the door opened without needing the key they knew it was the right one. Benny wasn’t seen but the door to the bedroom. Walking in Benny was there, sat on the bed.

“Benny is going to show you the Tops, I hope you’re buil-“ He stopped as he noticed the other two with Anne.

“Hook line and sinker.” Anne said with a grin.

With a flash Benny pulled his pistol off his hip, it being a silver 9mm with black etched around it and the handle being white marble with the picture of a woman on it.

He pointed the gun at Anne and fired, a bullet slamming into the metal on her shoulder to jerk back from the impact.

Boone dove forwards, knife in his hands. Going for a stab Benny takes a step back, bringing his gun around to shoot the other man but the ex-shoulder slapped his hand to the side making the bullet miss him.

Twilight shot her knife out like a bullet, impacting into his knee and spearing into it, sinking into his flesh and almost coming out the other side, making him fall to his knee.

Anne quickly got back up and brought her fist back before taking a step forward and slamming her fist onto his forehead, digging three holes into his skull.

He let out a pained yell, clutching his head and dropping his gun to the ground and clutching the bleeding holes.

Grabbing the gun, Anne pointed it at Benny’s head before pulling the trigger, making him go limp and slump forward, blood and grey matter covering the wall and floor behind him.

They all were panting, Boone had blood splattered on his face and clothing from being so close, Twilight having a little bit on her hooves.

“I-it’s finished… he’s dead.” Anne said, dropping the pistol before a massive grin broke out on her face. “FUCK YES!” She cheered, jumping up and down in glee and throwing her hands up. “That fuck is finally dead!”

“It was a lot more effort getting here than the actual fight.” Twilight observed.

“Who cares? He finally dead and I can move on with my life.”

“You have one?”

Author's Note:

So I said I would show you all the fan art that I got from one of you awesome guys by the name of NyteSkye and he made this!

I'm so happy that this even happened! To know someone enjoyed my writing work so much they actually made fan art of my story. It brings me to happy tears for god's sake!

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