• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 55

Twilight grumbled to herself as she loaded the batteries into the gun she woke up next to, since everything else had been taken away. It was quite bulky and looked as if it were a repurposed grenade rifle with wires and machinery strapped to it along with a scope along the top. She sighed, she wished she had her pistols but she was just stuck with the energy gun. Wanting to see what it could do so she knew how to use it she brought it up and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. Trying again she pulled it again with the same result.

Rolling her eyes she yanked back the pump before clicking it forward again as she loaded a cell into the chamber. With a pull of the trigger the gun kicked back heavily, a scattering of bright blue cubes across the old walls of the villa and dissipating with little sparks of energy.

“Okay, weird shotgun thing…” Twilight said to herself as she loaded another battery into the gun. “I guess I need to start looking somewhere for Anne, I’ll start in the residential part…” She said before sighing.

The pony looks down to the pile of glowing dust as it slowly faded to grey, remembering the radroach it had once been before she shot it with the new gun. “I should probably save onto the shots…” She mumbled to herself as she felt the handful of batteries that were given to her in a small bag next to the gun.

While she was busy thinking to herself she barely noted the squeaking of rubber on rubber as a shrouded figure staggered along but she quickly brought the gun up to point at it.

It looked like a person, although gender was hidden away as every bit of the body was covered in a warn hazard suit, mostly out of restrictive rubber with vents along each of the limbs as if to try and make it feel some form of comfortable for the wearer. There was a gas mask on the head, the dirty green glass for the eyes seeming to glow in the dark reddish light of the villa, and a torn cloth hood over the back.

“Hello?” Twilight called unsurely, holding her weapon at the ready.

The person slowly turned to look at the pony, every movement looking like it was fighting against the suit to move smoothly. They didn’t say anything, swinging around something in their grip.

It didn’t take long for Twilight to realize that they weren’t friendly when they threw the thing they were holding. The makeshift spear made from a broom handle with sharp looking knives taped to the end went clattering against the cobbled floor.

She didn’t hesitate as she pulled the trigger, the cubes of blue light shooting out in a clump of energy and slamming into its torso. It staggered back but didn’t pause for a moment as it started hobbling towards the princess. Pulling the trigger again it hit the target again and it was sent falling backwards with a heavy thud.

Sighing softly the pony loaded the batteries into the gun, making sure it was fully loaded. She also picked up the spear, she didn’t have much ammunition left after all and having a weapon to use when things weren’t too hectic was a good idea in her head.

She paused as she heard the squeaking of rubber again, holding the spear at the ready in her magic as she looked around for the new target but was surprised when she saw the one she just took down staggering to its feet, turning to look at the princess with its glowing green eyes.

“Tougher than you look…” Twilight noted as she got ready to throw the spear.

Once it was close enough that she was sure she could hit her target she brought it back and let it fly, shooting through the air before burying the blades on the end of the stick deep into its chest, some sickly light green liquid oozing out from around the blade.

It fell to the ground again, spear sticking out from its chest into the air. “Are you going to stay down now?” She asked over to the still body.

As if to answer her the legs twitched slightly, the hands slowly moving to the ground as it pushed itself back to its feet.

It slowly pulled the spear from its chest, taking hold of the handle before throwing it at the pony again. She stepped to the side and dodged the weapon as it sailed past her and hit against a wall before clattering against the floor once again.

“Come on.” She yelled at the shrouded figure. “Why won’t you just stay down?”

It staggered towards her as she quickly grabbed the spear but once it got within a dozen feet it seemed to gain massive amounts of speed and launched itself at the purple pony princess. With a wide right hook at her.

Yelping with surprise she staggered back to get away from the attack, ducking under the blow as it reeled up for another punch. Stabbing the spear forward she pushed it back away from her, its feet skidding against the ground as it was pushed away.

It went limp again, slumping to the floor but like Twilight expected it just slowly got to its feet again. Before it could do anything Twilight ripped the spear out from the person, slamming it back in soon after. She repeated this a dozen times, leaving the blades and handle slick in the thick green liquid from the suit. She was left huffing as she slowly drew the blade back again, waiting and watching to see if it would move again.

She let out a yell of anger when it slowly started to move again, so she did the only thing she could think of and drove the spear as hard forward as she could, the blades going all the way through the creature and digging themselves into the stones against the wall it was slumped against. She took a step back as she looked at the thing as it tried to get itself up but couldn’t while being pinned against the wall by the spear, grabbing the handle to try and pull it out so it could stand again.

She knew that eventually it would break the handle, since it wasn’t made to be used for a spear. She wanted to get away from the unstoppable thing so it wouldn’t know where she would be. “Just stay there.” She told it before quickly trotting away, glancing over at it as she walked away and saw it staring at her.

“That’s really creepy…”

As Twilight stepped through the entrance to the houses in the villa she heard the voice of the old man come through a speaker on her collar. “I’m getting readings of detonators in the area, be careful of traps.” He said before disappearing again.

“Hey, why can’t I kill that thing?” She yelled down at her collar but didn’t get any form of response from her captor.

“Great… I have no clue what those things are, I just hope there aren’t more around this part of the villa.

“When I find that old man I’m going to kick him so hard he won’t be able to have foals!” Twilight yelled in anger, pushing against a door as she tried to keep out the two shrouded people as they batted against the door with bear traps strapped to their arms to use as weapons.

A chunk was ripped from the old wooden door, a rubber covered arm reaching through the hole to try and grab anything it could. Looking around she spotted a knife stabbed into a wall across the room, using her magic she yanked it from the wood and brought it over. She brought the blade back, chopping it down through the arm until a rubber arm slapped against her head and hit against the ground.

Ignoring the green ooze in her mane now she noted that it sounded like only one of the people was attacking the door now. Wanting to see if her theory was correct she quickly jumped away from the door, knife at the ready.

The door quickly got slammed open, one of the shrouded people stood in the frame but the other as Twilight noted was limp on the ground, no movement coming from it.

“Do I need to cut off a limb?” she said to herself.

Wanting to test that out she shot the blade out forward as the person charged, blade slicing through the leg, the blood splattering along the ground as the person tripped and fell to the ground but like she hoped the body wasn’t moving.


The princess didn’t expect to find in one of the buildings a ghoul sat in a fancy chair, wearing a snazzy dark suit and a clunky metal collar around his neck by a large missing wall that looked over the villa.

“Took your time crawling here.” He said in his dry voice, not even looking over at the pony. “Since you must be tired why don’t you take a seat down?”

Twilight looked at the second fancy seat next to the ghoul. Seeing the collar she guessed this was one of the people she had to find and she was told that if any of them died all the collars would go off so she relaxed, he wouldn’t kill her and get himself killed right?

Taking a seat she noted it wasn’t very comfortable, it felt like there was a layer of clay along the cushions.

“The Sierra Madre. Mmm... Beauty, isn't she. She the one who invited you here? Or maybe you didn't catch her voice on the radio. Woke up, confused, like some of the others. Least you're still breathing.” He said before finally looking at the pony. “By the way, don't get up or make any sudden motions, no matter how uncomfortable that chair gets... the cushion’s just for show.”

Twilight looked unsurely at the ghoul, looking back down to her uncomfortable chair. “What are you talking about?”

“Might be a bit rude but that chair you're sitting in, it's got a shaped charge in the seat cushion.” He stated, the pony’s blood running cold, she remembered what a small explosive did to Anne’s hand and what the larger ones did to her wing. “Get up without my permission, I'll blast your ass so far through your head, it'll turn the moon cherry pie red. So… let's keep this sweet and polite, and finish our conversation with no misunderstandings.”

“Look, I just want to get out of here.” Twilight said unsurely.

“Oh, of course you do. Now it's like we're married with these big wedding rings around our necks. So why don't you hear my proposal first before you start talking about what you need.”

“Fine, what do you want?” Twilight asked, trying to remain calm, she didn’t want to startle the ghoul.

“Just because I work in entertainment, doesn't mean I'm a moron. I heard my necktie beeping, I know what that means. I'm part of this somehow. I want out of this contract. And if you put me in it I'm not going to be too happy. So whatever's going on here, if you're part of all this? You're taking orders from me.” He said I a cold smooth voice.

“Okay, I’ll cooperate.” She stated.

“Good, good, then we're in business. I may be a betting man, but I like it when the odds are in our favor. If you're here with who I think, then I'd rather have you on my side than his. An... ace in the hole. You want to live, I want what's in the Madre. Real simple.”

“Okay, I agree to that, I just want to get out of here with a friend of mine.” Twilight said. “I’ll need you to go to the fountain at the center of the villa as I go to collect others that we need to get through this.”

“I know what's out there. It's why I've planted a mine field, shotguns, and explosives all the way on the road to my little boudoir here. So we go together, or we're not going at all. I'll split my hand in Blackjack when the time's right, I'm not splitting up in this town, trust me.”

Twilight sighed tiredly. “Fine, I’ll take you there…”

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