• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 10

“Easy everyone, we’re not with the convicts out there, Lieutenant Haynes got us to help clear the place out for you guys.” Anne said worriedly.

“I don’t know who you are youngster, but you should just turn around and go back where you came from, the towns gone to shit.” An old man said, holstering the revolver in his hand. All the other people who were pointing guns at the two lowered them and walked away to whatever they were doing before.

He was wearing dusty work cloths with a pair of goggles around his neck. His wrinkled face darkened from years of being out in the burning sun, his eyes drooping with age.

“Who are you?” Anne asked.

“The name’s Johnson Nash, my wife is Ruby Nash, we’ve lived in Primm for almost eight years now, thick and thin. I’m a trader primarily, for what it’s worth the way things are. I also run the local Mojave Express Outpost.” Johnson said.

“I’m a courier with the Mojave Express.”

“Well, I don’t got any work right now, sorry to say.”

Anne looked around nervously as he cheeks reddened slightly. “I may have lost a package I was supposed to deliver.” She said, swinging her leg back and forth slightly.

“I’ll tell you whatever I can, do you have a delivery order you could show me?” He asked.

“What can you tell me about this job?” Anne said, pulling an old and crinkled note from a pocket on her hip before giving it to Johnson.

“Oh, so you talking about one of them packages. That job had strange written all over it, but we couldn’t turn down the caps.” He said, reading over the note.

“What was strange about it?”

“That cowboy robot had us hire six couriers, each was carrying something a little different. A pair of dice, a chess piece, that kind of stuff. Last word I had from the office, it looked like payment had been received for the other five jobs, guess it was just your chip that didn’t make it. First deadbeat we hired to do the job canceled. Hope the storms from the Divide skins him alive. Well, that’s where you can in.” He said with a sigh.

“He canceled?”

“Yea, got this look when he saw your next down on the Courier list. His expression turned right around, asked me if your name was real. I said sure as lack of rain, you were still kicking. Then he turned down the job, just like that. I asked if he was sure, it was good money. No, let ‘Courier Six’ carry the package, that’s what he said, like the Mojave’d sort you out or something. Then he just up and walked out.”

“Do you know who he was? Where he went?” Anne asked hopefully, that person knew who she was, she needed to find out who he was.

“No idea, sounded like you two had a history for him to act like that. And turn down the money too. Hope he didn’t see any trouble in that package of yours. Maybe he thought your name was bad luck, not for me to say.”

“Some men stole my package, a man in a checkered suit and some thugs, did they pass this way?” Anne asked.

“Well now that you mention it, a few nights back one of the townies was out scavenging for supplies. He said he saw a fella with a daisy suit come through with some of them Great Khan misfits, they were talking about a chip.” Johnson said, rubbing his chin with a hand.

Anne glanced over at Twilight who had kept quiet the entire time they were talking. “They attacked me, I need to know the best way to get to them.”

“Well for that your best bet would be talking to Deputy Beagle. Since they came to town he was keeping a good bit of notes on them, and he was slinking around Bison Steve when your pretty-boy friend came through. He may have heard where they were going.” He said.

“Thank you for your time, I’ll go find Beagle and clear out any convicts I find.” Anne said, turning around and walking out the door.

Johnson now focused his attention on Twilight, confused on what she was. “T-thank you.” She said before following Anne.

Johnson stood there with a confused expression on his face, not moving until her muttered under his breath. “Age has not been kind.”

Anne and Twilight walked away from the Vikki and Vance Casino and over to the Bison Steve, the large building towering over the two like ants. “Ok Princess, two ass holes can’t take over a town, there’s going to be a lot in here so keep your guard up but be careful not to shoot me in the back.” Anne said, pulling her 10mm pistol from its holster.

Anne took a few steps back before running forward and kicking the door open, the old wood splintering and cracking from the force, the double doors swinging open as Anne rushed in.

A surprised looking convict was standing there with his varmint rifle in one hand and a cigarette in the other stood behind makeshift cover made from upturned tables and moved benches. With three twitches of the finger two new holes appeared in his torso, falling backwards in pain, letting out gurgles.. After a few moments another surprised looking convict ran around the corner up ahead of the two with a tire iron in his hand. He looked down to his bleeding friend then up at Anne still holding her pistol outwards. With a yell of rage he charged.

Anne entered Vats as she aimed three shots at the man’s head before activating it. With only a single bullet the convict’s head jerked back before he stumbled a few more steps then fell down, dead before he even hit the floor with a new hole where his eye used to be.

Anne pressed a button on the side of her Pip-Boy, a green light illuminating the darkened building with a pale green light and looked around at the foyer of the hotel and casino. To the left was a large boarded up doorway, a few old chairs and a bin, and to the left was what could have been a reception desk before the building was abandoned, a large chunk of the roof having had fallen down and made a large pile of rotten wood and plaster. On the reception desk were a few pieces of paper, the lettering worn from time, a few broken lamps with green shades, a still functional computer terminal and to the side was a door.

The human woman jumped over the desk and started to look around it after holstering her pistol on her thigh. Finding no drawers of any kind she decided the try and pick the locked door next to the counter. She crouched down and looked over the lock and sighed.

“W-what’s wrong?” Twilight asked.

“I can’t pick this door, it would be impossible for me to do it.” Anne said, standing back up and walking over to the computer terminal.

“What are you doing?” Twilight asked in wonder, watching Anne press buttons on the keyboard.

“I’m trying to hack into this terminal, hopefully it’s linked to the door locks.” Anne said, typing in the debug protocol to try and hack into the hardware.

Twilight watched as words and symbols flew across the screen, trying to work out what it all meant and how Anne knew what she was doing. “We don’t have these in Equestria.” She stated.

“That makes sense, you need fingers to do this.” Anne said, wiggling the appendages in question.

Two large columns of words and symbols appeared on the screen as Anne read them over. “Well, this is going to take a while.” She said with an annoyed sigh.

As Anne started to look through the junk data a bullet whizzed over her head, causing her to duck down, hands still on the keyboard.

Twilight, without thinking about it, pulled out the 9mm pistol on her leg out of the holster and pointed it at the convict still cocking the bolt on the varmint rifle in his grasp.

Twilight fired five bullets from her gun, only one hitting the intended target in the leg just below the left knee, causing him to fall over, grabbing the open bullet wound.

Anne quickly pulled out her own pistol and fired three bullets at the groaning body, silencing him forever.

“Come one come on.” Anne said urgently, beeps heard from the computer before two light beeps were heard. “Yes, I’m in. Disengage lock.”

A small click was heard from the door as Anne walked over to it before twisting the handle, the wooden door opening with a rusty squeak.

On the wooden floor was the burnt human skeleton wearing a torn and tattered blue dress, one of the arms on a table and the rest on the floor. Anne looked around, to the right was an old set of metal shelves, filled with cans and burnt books. In front were to cabinets with the doors missing, one of which was half filled with more shelves. To the left was an off white fridge, built into the wall was a safe with a small glowing cyan light with the turn dial up it and to the left of that was another set of shelves will a medical box on the center one. Anne grabbed a small bronze key that was in the edge before pocketing it. She walked over to the medical and opened it. Inside was an empty syringe, two Rad-X bottles, both almost empty, a Steady and a Stimpak. She grabbed both the Rad-X and the Stimpak injector and put them into a pocket on her bag. Under the shelf the box was on was a small metal tin with the word ‘MENTATS’ on its yellow cover. Twilight was busy looking over the cabinets with the shelves, picking up the 9mm pistol on its side in her magic grasp.

“I found another pistol like mine Anne.” She said, not knowing what to do with it.

“Just leave it there, we don’t need any more guns at the moment.” Anne said, looking through the fridge.

Twilight floated it back where it was before picking up the three needles on the same shelf. “I found some needles.” She said.

“How big are they?” Anne asked, putting the bottle of Sarsaparilla and Nuka-Cola into her bag.

“Their small and straight with a kind of window on the side.” She described the needle.

“Grab it, it’s Med-X, it’s a type of painkiller.” Anne said, reaching over Twilight and grabbing the bottle of Rad-X on the shelf above the one Twilight was looking at, above her field of view.

Twilight crouched down slightly to look at the shelf at the bottom she found four bottle caps. “I also found some more of the bottle caps you wanted.” Twilight said, levitating all four of them up.

“Thank you.” Anne said, grabbing them from midair along with the Med-X needles and putting them in her bag.

Anne took a quick look around the room. “Okay, I think we picked this place clean.” Anne said, leaving the room.

Anne pulled out her pistol again and ejected the almost empty clip before loading another full one into it before racking the slide. ”Follow my lead.” She said, crouching down pistol at the read.

She walked over to the door way the two convicts walked from stepping over the dead bodies, pressing her back against the wall, before sticking her head out slightly, looking down long hallway, and the lack of light making it look like it would go only forever, only being able to see a few old couches and chairs.

“Clear.” Anne said, walking around from behind cover, still crouched down as she pointed her gun down the hall.

She walked a few feet and saw another door way with a small black plaque pointing at it, reading ‘Gift Shop’.

Once the two walked in Anne holstered her pistol and let out a tired sigh. “And the quest for loot begins again.

Author's Note:

From now on I'm not going do describe every single room Twilight and Anne go into, it takes ages to write them and does sound pretty boring, but the fights will stay the same, not too much detail that it seems slow but enough for you to know what happens. Also I now realize how boring playing a game like Fallout over and over again along with pausing on lines to write them down can be, it took me like an hour to write the conversation between Johnson and Anne, but once that was done I wrote the rest of it in two hours and then it became more entertaining for myself.

Till next time

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