• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 23

Twilight decided to try on her newly made clothing, testing it out for Anne to make sure everything fit alright and didn’t need adjusting. Anne was just wearing the under padding for her metal armor, feeling that now they were in a safe settlement she didn’t need to carry it all around, only having her weathered 10mm pistol in its holster and the new holster for the 5.56mm pistol, holding the actual gun in her hands as she looks it over, clicking the cylinder in and out, only a small flick on a switch on the side putting it out or putting it back in, seeming to be electronic along with the small green light above the cylinder when it was ready to be fired and when the safety was on it turned a deep red.

“This gun should get a name, what do you think we should call it?” Anne asked idly.

“What? That gun?” Twilight asks looking at Anne.

“Alright, we’ll call it That Gun, an odd name but who cares about it.” Anne said with a smile, putting the gun onto the holster she had attached under her left arm so she could access it easily and comfortably.

“Really? I was just asking if you meant the new gun I got from the Dino Bite Gift Shop, not suggesting a name.” Twilight said, her hoof connecting with her face with a slapping sound.

“Well do you have a different name for it right now?” The human asked.

“Well, not right now but give me a few minutes and I could come up with something.” Twilight said.

“So if you haven’t come up with a name I’m sticking with the one I thought of using, so from this day forth it will be called That Gun…”

“Wouldn’t it get confusing in the long run of things? If you ask me ‘hey, can you grab that gun for me’ how do I know if you mean the revolver or a totally different gun?”

“Meh, You’ll figure something out, you’re smart like that.”

Twilight let out an annoyed groan, rubbing the side of her head to try and get rid of the headache she had. She was very thankful that the woman made her the black covering, she felt a little better when bullets were flying at her even though she knew that they wouldn’t stop much until they were able to put metal plates into it but something was better than nothing, and she could also now carry things without Anne having to use her quite filled up backpack, already having a bottle of water and two of the boxes of Sugar Bombs she bought along with the boxes of ammunitions that she used. She now didn’t feel as useless as she did before but still felt like she wasn’t doing as much as her friend, wanting to have more opportunities to show that she can look out for them as well.

“So, because we’re just chilling right now do you want to go to the look out in the dino’s mouth and just watch?” Anne offered. “Who knows, maybe we could do stuff like talking about boys or dresses if that’s more your thing…” Anne said walking towards the stairs that Twilight did earlier for the supplies she bought.

“No thank you, I more care about mu studies under Princess Celestia than I do courting stallions and my friend Rarity is more about dresses than myself, I don’t really know much about that type of stuff.” Twilight said.

“Then let’s talk about your home back in Equestria.” Anne said, getting the name wrong.

“Equestria.” Twilight corrected.

“Yeah, Equestria, whatever.” Anne says. “All I mean is that you know a fair amount of the Mojave, my home, and I don’t know much about yours or your friends besides the princesses with the really weird things their rulers over.” Anne states.

“Well, I could tell you about my home if you really want me to…” Twilight said, surprised that her human friend who seemed like she didn’t really care asking her about her home and friends.

“Sure, that sounds really nice Twilight.” Anne says with a smile.

“Well then, I’d be more than happy to tell you about my life in Equestria.” Twilight says with a smile of her own, the two approaching the door to enter the large dinosaur.

“Hi Cliff.” Twilight says as they enter, waving at the man who was about to open the door himself.

“Why hello there, I was just leaving for the night, did you want to buy something?” he asks, smiling softly at seeing Twilight again.

“No thank you, Anne and I were just going up to the mouth of this dinosaur to admire the view.” Twilight said, Anne feeling like the third wheel.

“Well then, good night to the both of you.” He said, letting the two girls step in before leaving behind them.

“Good night Cliff!” Twilight called out after him.

“I take it that was the shopkeeper here?” Anne asks.

“Yep, that was Cliff, he’s very nice.” Twilight says with a bright smile.

“Yeah, I’m sort of freaked out by Jeannie though, she just rubs me the wrong way like she has something she’s hiding and doesn’t want anyone to know.” Anne said, bring a hand to her chin as she starts walking up the second flight stairs that head to the mouth.

Opening the door they come face to face with a man, or more like the back of a man as he was facing out of the mouth himself.

He was wearing a dirty white shirt that was now grey and a pair of cargo pants and his muscles were quite visible against the shirt and along his arms. He had a red beret on his head with a small yellow patch on it which had a skull with two crossed rifles behind it with the word ‘NCR RECON’ above it and at the bottom ‘THE LAST THING YOU’LL NEVER SEE’. On his back was a large rifle with a scope attached to the top.

“Umm, hi?” Anne says uncertainly.

The man jumps slightly, turning around to face the two, a look of annoyance on his face, his large sunglasses covering his eyes even though the sun was almost set all the way. “Goddman it, don’t sneak up on me like that, what do you want?” He asked in a grizzled sounding voice, his attitude showing that he didn’t take shit from anyone.

“Well we just came up to enjoy the view…” Anne admitted, a little confused at this conversation.

“There’s nothing up here.” He stated simply.

Anne, not being the brightest person decided to say flatly. “There’s a sniper.”

His eyes narrowed. “I think you better leave.” He stated, his voice sounding cold.

“Do you treat everyone around here like this?” The woman asks scowling slightly.

His angry look left almost as fast as it came. “Wait, you just got into town, maybe you shouldn’t leave, not just yet…” He said.

“Oh? So now you want something from us?” Anne asks raising an eyebrow.

“I need someone I can trust, you’re strangers, that’s a start.” He states.

Twilight tilted her head to the side in confusion. “You only trust strangers?”

The man looked down at the pony, his stern look back full force. “I said it was a start, this town… no one looks me straight in the eye anymore.” He states.

“What do you even want us to do?” Anne asks.

“I want you to find something out for me, I don’t know if there’s anything to find, but I need someone to try. My wife was taken from our home by Legion slavers one night while I was one watch.” He stated. “They knew when to come and what route to take and they only took Carla, someone set it up, I don’t know who.” He said.

Anne’s not amused look fell now that she heard the news, feeling like an ass while Twilight felt sorry for the man. “Are you trying to find your wife?” twilight asks softly.

“My wife’s dead, I want the son of a bitch that sold her.” He stated, driving the dagger deeper into Anne for how she acted.

“And what do we do if we find this person?” Anne asks.

“Bring him out in front of the nest while I’m on duty, I work nights. I’ll give you my NCR beret to put on, it’ll be our signal so I know who you’re standing with.” He states. “And I’ll take care of the rest, I need to do this myself.”

“We’ll see what we can do to help.” Anne agrees.

“Yeah, we’ll do what we can to help.” Twilight agrees.

“Good.” He says, taking off the beret before chucking it to Anne, the woman catching it. “I’ll make it worth your while, and one more thing, we shouldn’t speak again, not until it’s over.” He stated. “No one in town knows that I know what happened to my wife, best they never know, or the Legion will be after me next.”

“Alright, we’ll see you later mister…”

“Boone, call me Boone.” He said simply.

“Alright, I’m Anne and this is Twilight, I guess we’ll be going now.” Anne said, stepping back awkwardly with Twilight close behind her.

Closing the door to the mouth Twilight looked at Anne and Anne look at Twilight.

“What just happened?” Anne asked.

“I think we just agreed to go looking around for any proof to who stole Boone’s wife.” Twilight said tilting her head in confusion.

“Should we do what we said we’d do?”

“Yes Anne, we did tell him that we would at least look into it, it’s rude to lie to someone.”

“But it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack, where do we even look for something like a bill of sale?” Anne asked.

“Well there are locked places all around town that I’ve seen, maybe it’s in them?” Twilight offered.

“Alright, that sounds like that’s a good place to start, let’s just hope that it isn’t actually on anyone, if it is we’re really screwed because I can’t pickpocket if my life depended on it.” Anne said.

“I saw a locked door down in the shop, maybe we should check there first?” Twilight said.

“Alright, then we should check that safe that was in the floor in the main office.”

“Cool, we’ll go to the shop and check out that door first because we’re closest to that.”

Walking down to where Cliff was before he left Twilight approached the door and with a small flash of her horn all the tumblers inside were put into the right position with a click. Pulling the door open the pair peek inside, surprised at what they saw.

“Rocket ships, didn’t expect that.” Anne states confused.

“Cliff said that they were one-of-a-kind collector’s items, how is that the case with so many being here?”

Inside was hundreds of small metal rockets, small little windows on the side glowing with a faint cyan light, each one in a very neat grouping. There was also a ton of those little toy dino’s, each one ready to be sold even though they aren’t really in high demand. As soon as Anne took a step inside the room her Pip-Boy started to let out a small clicking sound, making the woman step back out.

“This room is radioactive, I’d blame the toy rockets for that, the glowing stuff inside them would be an isotope that makes them glow, not very healthy for anyone around them.”

“I know that, Cliff said that they used to be giving out on tours at a rocket place called REPCONN, said they were moved here after foals started drinking from them, I hope none of them were badly hurt.”

“Well by now they’re all dead anyway, that was more than two hundred years ago.” Anne said with a shrug.

Twilight let out a sad sigh, she knew that besides alicorns so one lived that long.

“Now come on, let’s go check out that safe, I bet you a hundred caps that some evidence is in there.”

Author's Note:

Hey guys!
You won't guess what happened just after I posted the last chapter. Well normally I post the chapter either at the start of my day or just before I head to bed so when I get up or at the end of the day so I can see all the notifications in one go. As I just read them on my phone while laying in bed I went back to the front page and caught a glimpse of this story on the front page as I closed the app. Quickly I went back and saw that it was this story and went to my computer and quickly took a screenshot.

I want to thank each and every one of you who make this story as enjoyable to write. This is something I thought that would never happen for any of the stories I may write and here it is, even though it was gone the next morning but I don't care about it being taken down, just that you guys got it up in the first place.

So from me and my helpers with this story we say a massive THANK YOU! Without you nothing like this would have happened without you being here with us.

Anyway, I don't think you want me to just repeat thank you a hundred times before saying it in all different ways so I'll be going now.

So till next time

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