• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 34

Twilight woke with a small groan, her head aching and mouth feeling dry. Sitting up slowly with her hooves to the sides of her head she got up, hearing a slight clinking sound as an almost finished bottle of whiskey fell off her belly and onto the metal floor of a caravan, a little bit dripping out.

Wincing as she opened her eyes she knew she must have drank a little too much last night but still remembered everything that happened so she wasn’t worried that much. All she really did was drink at the bar depressed before heading to bed, not really answering any of the questions people asked her about herself.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she slowly stood up, stretching her back and walking out of the caravan.

The sun was barely over the horizon, a slight edge of it peeking out from over the top of one of the mountains, bathing everything it saw in a warm orange light.

Anne was doing pushups, sweat dripping from her brow and her armor off as to not to get it all wet and chafe her when they started to move again. Her muscles visible as they did their work, clenching the skin tightly. Burns visible on one of her shoulders and around her neck from Primm.

Approaching her friend she sighed sadly. “I’m sorry for bring that up yesterday…” Twilight said softly.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” Anne mentioned offhandedly, still pushing herself off the ground. “You didn’t know and I had no right to be upset with you, you’re cool.” She said finally stopping, standing up back and wiping her forehead.

“You mean it?” Twilight said surprised.

“Yeah, I’m sure, now go help Boone get some more food and water for us.” She said heading into one of the caravans to get dressed back into her armor.

Heading over to a destroyed bus, windows gone and both front and back of it removed she saw Boone, talking with another man. “Morning Boone.” She said.

“Morning Twilight.” He said before turning back to the store keeper. “So how much for all that?” He asked.

“Two hundred and forty two caps.” He stated.

“Two hundred.” Boone said crossing his arms.

“Two twenty.”

“Deal.” Boone said pulling out a small sack from his bag and dropping it on the makeshift counter.

The other man reached behind him onto one of the beaten up metal shelves, pulling off a dozen boxes of food along with half a dozen bottles of clean and fresh water.

The ex-NCR started to put the things into his bag, handing a few things to Twilight who put them into the large pockets on her clothing. “So Boone, when we get to New Vegas what will we be doing?” Twilight asked.

“Whatever Anne wants, she’s the one seeming to lead things right now.” He said putting his bag back on.

“I mean besides that.”

“Well, you have to have a passport to actually get onto the Strip, show that you have at least two thousand caps and you’ll get one, or already have a passport ready.” He stated. “I didn’t need one when I was with the NCR, just went from McCarren on the monorail.”

“Is it nice?”

“When you’re drunk it’s nice, otherwise there are prostitutes in front of some of the casinos, drunk people walking along the streets and constantly having high powered weapons pointed at you by the guards around the streets.”

“How many ponies would be there?” Twilight asks tilting her head.

“There aren’t going to be ponies there.” Boone stated, making Twilight blush slightly.

“I mean how many humans will be there?”

“A lot, I can’t give you a direct number but you’ll see it soon anyway.” He said starting to walk out of the bus-shop

Anne was back in her metal armor, helmet on her head and sitting at an old rotted wooden bench, looking on the verge of collapsing in on itself. “You guys ready to head off?” She asked standing up.

“Yeah, I think we are.” Twilight said.

“Then let’s go, we’re burning sunlight.” She said with a smile, starting to walk down along the road they arrived on but in the opposite direction and closer to the large tower in the distance.


When they got closer they found there were more buildings closer together, in a higher number than further out and more advertisement signs such as one talking about tours at the REPCONN HQ and other talking about a casino called the Atomic Wrangler with the picture of a man riding on top of an atom. And on that sign in red paint were the words ‘FUCK NCR!’

More and more signs were seen. The Tops, Lucky 38, Ultra Luxe, Gomorrah, each saying something to try and get people to go to that one when there were many others around they could go to.

Only a minute later the road ended. Not because it reached a place but because the bridge it went up to had all but been ruined, no way to get up to it besides flying and even then it didn’t look that stable.

“Well shit, I don’t like leaving the roads but I guess we have to.” Anne said with a sigh, turning to the left and going the direct route to New Vegas.

They passed a trader and his small group of guards, sparing a quick hello only as they continued to move along.

“There’s the wall around Freeside.” Boone stated, pointing over to the thirty foot tall wall made from old advertisement signs, all worn away and not recognizable anymore, metal pipes sticking out of them with metal chain link fence put on top with barbed wire to try and stop people from climbing over it. “The east gate would be somewhere here.”

A massive sign was held up not that far away, flashing in neon lettering made from different signs ‘Freeside’ with the S being crooked. Walking around the wall they eventually found the gate Boone said, colorful wood decorating above it in an arch, the gate itself being made from thick bent and rusted metal, no guards visible.

“The gates never get looked after, it’ll take a little push to open them.” Boone stated, pressing his shoulder against the door and pushing with a rather large amount of effort.

A deathly screech of rusty metal hinges made Twilight flinch and her ears flicking down to try and ignore the sound while Boone opened one of the double gates.

After a few moments he managed to open it enough for the small group to enter, stepping through.

Freeside was a lot more lively than anywhere else Twilight has seen in the Mojave Wasteland, houses only looking like they just were never looked after and not so much destroyed but more just left to ruin over time, barrels with fires lit inside them littered the streets with people stood around them warming up in the rags they called clothes.

Two children were chasing after a large rat with knives in their hands, a ghoul sat by a wall with mold covering his head, a shady looking guy with a cap on his head and a baggy jumper. People were on the corners shouting for different places in Freeside, be it a normal goods store, an energy weapon shop or a casino.

A building in better conditions than others was called The King’s School of Impersonation, music playing loudly with its name in large bright letters. People were stood around it, wearing leather jackets with the collars folded up and hair all styled the same and color. Deep black and folded back with large amounts of product.

Down at the very end of the street was yet another large gate but this time on the large arch of colored wooden sheets were ‘Welcome to the Strip’ in lights, robots exactly like Victor around it but instead of a cowboy face there all had the same face of a police officer. Some of them were on raised metal platforms either side, looking over anyone that they saw.

Approaching it a man in a dirty white suit and small goatee stepped in front of them. “You look new to Freeside so here’s a little advice friend. Don’t go past the south gate greeter without talking to it first.” He said calmly.

“Why wouldn’t we want to go past the greeter?” Anne asked confused.

“Those bots are programed to vaporize anyone who enters the fenced in area without authorization from the greeter.” He said.

“Thanks for the free advice buddy.” Anne said holding out a hand for a handshake.

“The name’s old Ben, been living in Freeside most of my life.”

“I’m Anne, that’s Twilight and this is Boone.” Anne said.

“Nice to meet you all.” The white suited man said. “Remember, talk with the greeter.” He said before going back to one of the flaming barrels to keep himself warm.

Starting to approach the gate closer a man shoved past Anne, stumbling her slightly and before she thought that she just got stabbed in the back he kept running at the gate, wearing rags and no weapon with him.

All the guards seemed to snap into action at the same time, all of them starting to shoot automatic weapons from their hands at the person, instantly riddling them with bullets over his entire body, blood coagulating out of him quickly before he even flopped wetly to the ground, dead.

“Yes… not running through sounds like a good idea…” Anne said approaching one of the robots stood in the middle, guessing that he was the greeter Ben mentioned.

Before they could say anything the robot suddenly spoke.

“Submit to a credit check or present your passport before proceeding to the gate. Trespassers will be shot.” He said in a commanding echoing voice.

“Credit check? Why?” Anne asked.

“Admission to the Strip requires an official passport or proof that you are carrying required minimum balance. The policies prevent any less-reputable persons from entering and ensure a good time will be had by all those who enter the Strip.” The gate greeter stated.

“Fine, I’ll submit to the credit check.” Anne said pulling out the large bag of caps she had inside her main bag.

The robot made a small humming sound inside before a small beep sounded out. “Thank you madam, you may proceed.” He stated, holding out his hand which a slip of paper printed out, claiming whoever held the card was welcome into the strip.

Anne smiles and walks past the guard but waits for her friends.

Boone goes next, pulling out his also large bag of caps, taking all the caps he had saved up from working as a lookout at Novac, not really spending it on anything so he had a hefty amount saved up. “Thank you sir, you may proceed.” The robot stated before giving him a passport as well.

And finally Twilight approached and before she could move the guard spoke again. “No mutants are allowed on the Strip, please leave, failure to do so will result in immediate termination.” He said, freezing Twilight in place.

Even though the other’s couldn’t hear they knew what was going on, looking fearfully at the safety of their friend, the other guards all turning to the pony with their weapons aimed at her in case she didn’t listen to the greeter.

“Leave this premises or we will open fi- thank you madam, you may proceed.” He suddenly stopped mid-sentence, all the other guards going back to what they were doing.

Hesitantly Twilight grabbed her passport before running over to Anne, beat thumping in her chest and panicked breathing. “T-they were going to shoot me…” She panicked, feeling that a hail of bullets might suddenly come flying at her.

“I don’t know what happened Twilight but they seemed to make an exception for you.” Anne said surprised at what just happened.

“Robots don’t make exceptions.” Boone stated. “It’s either yes or no, never in between.”

“Then why did they just… stop?” Twilight asked, looking back at the casual metal guards.

“I don’t know, but I bet it is because of something we’re going to find out rather soon.” Anne said worriedly.

Two guards opened one of the much larger gates, not enough to look inside but enough for them to walk inside.

Twilight and Anne felt their jaws drop. All the walking that day meant the sun was already setting, the sky starting to get dark but that made things look even better. The casinos, their huge signs large and flashing, the one called Gomorrah’s sign had fire coming out of the top and two outlines of woman kicking their legs up. Music played out on loud speakers, constantly going.

In front of the building was a few skimpily dressed woman, wearing leather and chair, their large breasts covered in nothing but duct tape covering their nipples.

NCR wearing black armbands with the letters MP on them walked around with stun rods, helmets reading the same things. Around were other NCR but they didn’t have weapons on their persons, one hunched against the support of a sign vomiting violently, other’s stumbling along drunk. People wearing dirty casualwear were also walking around.

A securitron started rolling over to them, his police face suddenly changing over to one of a smiling cowboy. “Howdy partners! You’ve come a far piece haven’t you? Welcome to New Vegas.”

“Of course you’re here!”

Author's Note:

Hey guys.
Just to tell you, I'm not going to be doing all the side quests and things, the story would just get too long with all the main quests and the DLC as well which will actually be vital in the upcoming story. The story has now reached 2,000 views and I want to thank you all so much about it! It makes me feel warm inside seeing those numbers and your comments. Anyway
Till next time

(Extra Note: Happy Easter everyone! Currently down by the coast and only have my pre written chapters ready to post and because I have a couple I'm posting this one now, for you guys! I'm actually in the car right now headed to a party, I have no access to the detailed options on this website and one of you guys sent me actual fan art which, when I get back, I will post in these notes along with who it is ;D)

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