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This story is a sequel to Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends

It's been a year since Twilight Sparkle returned from The Mojave Wasteland and she's having some troubles adjusting back to the quiet and peaceful life back in Equestria but she's in for a surprise when her past comes back to remind her what she escaped.

Now old faces come to Equestria and Twilight doesn't know if she's glad to see them again or worried about what else might come as well...

Pre-Read by Bum

Edited by Scootalooftw

(Looking for cover artist right now, if you are one I'm willing to pay but things will be blank until I have one made up)

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E-DE was always the best of the companions, glad to see that Twilight won't have to go without any of her friends from the other side.

Would you like an editor to do spelling corrections over your work?

Haven't been this excited for a sequel story in ages.

Keep up the good work.

IT'S HAPPENING :pinkiehappy:

*sees it only has 39 likes*
*corrects it to 40*
Well. My work here is done... Cya at the next update!

Well... I think Twilight will get to see Anne again, but in Equestria if E-DE is any indication from Fallout New Vegas.

Ohh let's see where this is going!

E-DE has entered the story.

This means from now on, I must submit all comments in the sacred Eyebot language of emotionally charged beeps.

*happy beeping*

*demanding beeping*

*expository beeping*

*overwhelmingly approving beeping*

*confirmatory being*


confirmatory being

*confused beeping*

I love the interactions between Twilight and her friends. Rainbow and Fluttershy in particular learning and beginning to appreciate the gravity of what Twilight went through is immensely satisfying.

*Intense beeping noises*

So when is chalter 2



Hopefully it'll be out soon, just finished graduating and was relaxing a bit but I'm going to start writing up again!

How the heck did I miss this?

*Excited beeping noises*

This doesn't sound good...

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

(not)fun fact about cazadors! they're mutant tarantula hawks, so rather than kill and eat someone they'd more than likely drag them back to a nest and use them as an incubator for an larva which would eat its way out of them when it hatched

Jungle so my guess is Hydra

*Chrisalis shows up again*
"Muah haha haha! I will destroy your puny race!
Twilight: *pulls out Gauss Rifle* BITCH I HOPE THE FUCK YOU DO!

and zere goes my lunch...

How's the next chapter going?

Please update. I know you have been taking your time and that's fine but I would at the least know how long until the next update approximately.

Please not deadfic.

Not dead-fic
Only sleeping

(Note my computer died and I lost progress on my current chapter and since I’m a uni student it’s taken a while for me to save up a new one. New chapter should be out within a week or so)

It's alright.

Why waste energy on this when you need it for yourself!

The Brain is a diplomat, really?:facehoof:

Thank you so much for updating this!! But take care of yourself first!

As always love your characters!!

Right, forgot Anne just left her brain with Mobius

Seriously how can you get these names wrong? Chrisalis and Owllilious, you can just google them to check if it is right or wrong.

Take care of yourself first mate. Once your back on your feet, there will be more time for writing! Hope you feel better soon!

awwwwwww nope poor equestrian guard he didnt deserve that

So we have some traitors in the scouts, they will be paid back with lead for killing the guard. And Anne has come across the teleporter.

soooooo......why am i starting to get the vibe this is less "coming to visit" and more "slowly building up hostile take over"? i mean, artillery? vertibirds? killing off a bunch of guards?

Wouldn’t Anne become more susceptible to EMPs and lightning bolts now that she’s in Equestria?

pony power armor... make it happen!:flutterrage:

I think it's the Legion or Enclave trying to sneak in.

oh-oh anne made a friend

887270being half and half gives you some of the strengths but a lot of the weakness

“Because I wasn’t bothered about leaning spells like that until the Mojave.” She said. “Besides, I would win because you’re an idiot.”

yup... thats game and match there.

Twi's readjustment reminds me of one of my friends. He was in the army, like me. But unlike me, he was sent to fight in the middle East, while I got a comfortable duty station in Japan. When we met each other again, he wasn't really the same, to say the least. It took a while, but he was eventually able to readjust to civilian life.

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