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heads under our beds


He never loses a fight.
He can walk through camps of Raiders and defeat them without firing a single bullet.
He has been banned from all of the Strip's casinos, twice.
Someone once reported that bullets turn around and jump back into the gun when he is fired at.
He has survived nearly everything, hardly breaking a sweat all the while.
So what will happen when his luck finally runs out?

Story complete on its birthday!

You should probably play New Vegas before reading this.

"Happy fuckin' Birthday you glorious bastard of fiction"
~T6, 11/26/2015

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Well, shit.:twilightoops:
Someone actually made a Fallout fic that combines religions, ponies and guns, and makes it work.:heart:

Looking forward to seeing where this goes :pinkiehappy: Luck-based characters are quite fun to read about, especially when they are dashing rogues.

Also, nice to see Até in a fic. She deserves a bit of screen time.

SOP for a play of New Vegas is for me to do any quests for the casinos and then shoot the places up (minus patrons, of course; I'm a gun-crazed loony, not an asshole).

Wonderful fun.

Awesome so far. Can't wait until the next update.

cdn.alltheragefaces.com/img/faces/large/surprised-gasp-l.png mfw I saw this in featured

(I saw this either yesterday or at least 5 hrs. ago when it was brand new and it had more dislikes than likes)
(though the image looks different it has the exact same description which made me :pinkiegasp:)

Always nice to see new fallout fics. Looking forward to where this goes.

Wounder if hed ever get back his luck. Not that he needs it with his luck being 10. Ryan only is inhumanly lucky now, not godly lucky.

I like this story so far! I hope you make this courier a little more introspective then some of the others I've read about! can already imagine the conversation when Celestia or somepony else asks the Ryan what HIS world is like.
"So how is the state of your world then? Is it a nice place?"
"We blew it up."
"It sounds lov-WHAT?!"

Oh and before I forget. That misfortune goddess can go suck a rail road spike, that stupid bitch!:flutterrage:\

I have seen a horse dick in real life. Thankfully, i was not close it. Ah, summer camp memories...

Crap, more competition.

Not that that's bad. I'll love reading it.

He pulled the clip off his gun and quickly loaded the round where one was missing
Its magazine
Also, I saw it earlier in the chapter.

Good, good, the scorpion rattlesnake badger-gorillas shall remain in their stasis chambers... For now.

3549843 Magazine is the proper term, yes, but for civilians, clip is also a term that is used to refer to both the snap that holds the magazine in place, but also the magazine itself.

As a military entree, it is difficult to see the term clip used in such a way, nevertheless, it's just an opinion.

This was so worth the time it took me to read :pinkiehappy:!

Would've gone better had you not thrown in some random gods for no reason.
Also the fact that the Courier even knew about them.
There's a difference between enjoying things about the past and actually knowing specific things about it that even people today wouldn't know.

There seem to be a lot of inconsistencies in the story...

Also, while I tried to... disconnect myself from my time playing through FO:NV and all the DLC content, the depths at which you detailed out certain emotions and events grated terribly hard against the events/reasoning behind my own adventures. Enough, even, to ruin what little of the experience I almost enjoyed.

Also, them luck god things... really?

And then there was the fact that there was only 4 paragraphs of pony sloppily attached to the story at the very end, as if to say, 'Ponies, see? I'm following the rules! Don't take my post down!'

Quickly,Aquire all the rabits feet and aces of spades you can,and fashion a lucky suit out of them only!

Well. Hope he likes the real world, where you have to use effort to solve your problems.
Well, then again, this is Equestria. Unless we get attacked by more insane Goddesses, we probably will not be hurting with the sudden lack of perfect aim.

There seems to be an influx of Fallout Crossovers that aren't Fallout Equestria based, but... I have to say, this seems like it could be interesting. Character is fairly fleshed out as far as his thought process and personality, so... Yeah, sure, I'll track this for now. Could be great.

3551094 An Ace of Spades cards suit, rabbit foot cuff links, mini horseshoe buttons, and a clover pinned on the right side of the chest.

Luck everywhere!

Color me interested. I look forward to seeing where you take this.:ajsmug: best of luck with your future chapters:eeyup:


I thought it always relied on both? Give it 110%, and hope Fortuna doesn't screw you over when it matters.

nice chapter and story thus far, It'll be interesting to see how the Mojave courier deals with Ponyville. Keep goin and stay golden^^

Great so far, but I can't help but feel like you could predict the plot...

Barrel! I can't believe I have a comment from you on my fic! I was partly inspired to make a Luck-based character because of Ace's adventures in Wild Card. Glad that you like it!
I tried to write him to be a little hypocritical, almost, by criticizing Elijah and Ulysses for their obsession with the past while he has one himself. Read every Pre-War book he could find, including those based on religion. I mean, I knew who Ate was while writing this, and I wouldn't ever put it past Fallout to have random gods to spice things up. Mothership Zeta was pretty far out, so why not divine beings?
If you don't like the fic because it chafes with how you played the game, then don't read it. It's a work of fiction, too. My Courier just has more emotional distance from his past. And you actually hit the nail on the head with the "4 paragraphs of pony" thing. I wish the prologue could just be about the Courier's life beforehand, but hey, I'll use what I'm given.
I can personally guarantee that there is a plot twist coming that nobody can predict. Including me.

Fuck, people liked it. Now I actually have to write this.

Worth it.

3553681 Aye. Also, i'll stay out of the shadows to comment as long as you continue writing this. That means....3 stories out of the 36 pages of favorites i have, are going to have the honor of me staying out of the shadows. It is verrry honorable!


You are correct, I don't have to read it. I just have this little rule about not finishing chapters, because you never know, something might change for what you like by the end of one.

Anyways (hopefuly being helpful here ->), instead of just dropping those last bits with the princesses in, you could instead intersperse tidbits of future pony characters throughout the chapter. Like, they have these small premonitions, or just feelings, that something is coming. And then near, but not directly on the end, you could put the princesses talking to one another about these feelings they've been getting all day long, and then bam! They get interrupted by the overwhelming power surge or w/e it is when he is coming over.

Just an idea.

You shall continue this

Come on, you know i hate it when you make me type like that

But it is my turn to use this body, is it not.

Yeah, i guess

I've never exactly been a fan of Fallout fics, but I guess I'll give this one a chance.

Magnificent. An interesting take on the courier. in a fallout Crossover, they mostly focus on the Charisma or intelligence Stats. Hope to see more.

This sure looks interesting. I'd like o read more.

Interesting so far. I'm going to keep my eye on this.
Even more interesting is how we were in the same scenario; if we should continue our stories or not (and yes, mine was a fallout crossover too). And well...you can see how both of our stories went.:raritywink:

It's pretty hard writing these chapters that are several thousand words long on a bi-weekly pattern. But still, interesting story.:moustache:

3553681 Thats what happens when you make a good fic

If you didn't like that I did that, then you would hate the Wanderings series. The author just decided to say 'hell with it' and make the main character the most overpowered son-of-a-bitch as humanly possible. And he uses every function of the Pip-Boy. I still might have a thing on VATS, but not the way it's used in the game.

And I did debate a lot with myself on where to have him land. I figured the cold snow would be a good wake-up call from the desert.

But... but amber is the best color for a post-apocalyptic life-aid! Seriously though, what would you do without the pip-boys magic function of giving you the exact thing you want, out of the two hundred kilos of shit you're carrying, instantly?

Did.. did he just shoot Gummy? That's not going over well...

so...what did he just kill? a cragodile? sea dragon? hydra?:rainbowhuh:

1. Please say he didn't shoot gummy! 2. cant wait for next chapter :D

As it turns out, Celly is a chubby pwincess that can't fly very well.

Ya'll keep thinkin gummy...don't forget Spike.

I think I'll keep it a bit more realistic here, well as realistic as you can be in Fallout. The Pip-Boy's main inventory function would be to just catalogue items that you're carrying. And I'm not having any of that "carry 200 pounds of shit" stuff.

Blame the cake.

3597216 3597226 3597336 3597523
I think you're all reading too much into this. I'll explain what he shot eventually, but for now, think: what would Spike or Gummy be doing out in the middle of the lake/river surrounding Ponyville at night?

Who knows what Gummy gets up to. It's Gummy. :pinkiecrazy:

As for the carry weight, it's not 200 pounds of things, it's 200 carryweight. Notice that a tin can is 1 carry weight, but Pork n' Beans (a filled tin can) weighs the same. It's likely represented by size, or weight, whichever is more restricting, or some extrapolated value from both.

True. Canon did just confirm that his head is empty...

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