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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A man wakes up with a blinding headache and no knowledge of where he is or how he got there. Furthermore, it turns out that the world that he’s found himself in is populated by Technicolor ponies. However, there’s a glitch in the matrix. This world is not the Equestria of old where peace and harmony reigned supreme. No, this is the Equestrian Wasteland. A place where ponies struggle for their survival against bands of murderous raiders, xenophobic Enclave pegasi, and mutated monsters of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, this man’s name is Ethan Smith, aka The Lone Wanderer, aka that Crazy Son of a Bitch. Join him on his crazy quest to find a way back to his home in the Capital Wasteland, and with any luck make Equestria a brighter place along the way.

A side story to Light Wanderings and Dark Wanderings but neither have to be read in order to enjoy this.

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Ah, you sly bastard. I too wrote a story like this... as a parody though.

Do you have any idea how long I was looking for a story like this?

I enjoyed it. And I'll make sure to shower you in text about the pony I want him to meet.

(And Project Horizons just updated incase you havent seen)



my question is, is this after Fallout: Equestia, so the only ones we can choose are the ones that are still alive afterward?


>> Charlie
I'm plopping him down right before the Enclave get seriously involved with Littlepip although i haven't read the main story for a while so things may be a bit out of place here and there. Anyways he'll be running around having a good time so he could technically run into almost anyone out there in the wastes

I asked the same question before, Here's his response.


I'm a little sketchy on the main timeline because it's been forever since i originally read but i'm thinking it's a little before Littepip kills the goddess

well, the first time the Enclave arrived was just before they blew up the maripony place, so I'm going to assume LittlePip is available. and Steelhooves, maybe.

Oh, that goddamn ending.I fucking love it.

Does he meet little pip?

whoo! I've been waiting for this! Also, why is there a password?


Because it hasn't been approved yet

Awwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh

good story on stile problem the vaults in fallout equestria are called stables.


It's not that kind of Vault, it's just a vault

So, Ethan is now a multiverse traveler. XD Perfect.

Oh yes another story to follow like a shadow and read up on as soon as it updates, thank you good sir thank you!

My only problem with you writing these stories is that you never really commit to them. You'll get two chapters in, and then stop. I'd almost wish you finished LW do you could focus more on them.

As for this story, I like it. If all your not Wanderings stories this is so far my favorite, if you only wrote one, I hope it'd be this. I do kinda wish that by making Ethan younger you also made him less Gary Stuish, or to be frank, just made him weaker. Weak characters are just funner to read about than godlike unstoppable, powerhouses.

Overall, this chapter is pretty good, I just really hope you continue this... And I hope you get whatever characters Ethan will meet right. There are few things I hate more than a badly written Littlepip.

so he found a magical AI that sounds fun


I know what you mean but this idea has been with me for a while and i really just wanted to get it our before i lost it in my brain somewhere. I'll finish Light sooner or later while updating other things to, this included. I will finish everything that I've started, eventually. Also yes Ethan is going to be weaker in this, the robots were oddly weak for sentry bots.

brilliant, absolutely brilliant. you managed to combine your own universe with an already well established one, while still managing to make it feel like the game.

i will be looking forward to more!

Seems pretty cool so far. Reminds me that I need to read Fallout Equestria one of these days.

this has so much potential it could end up the best Fallout Equestria side-story

You're not referencing The Hitchhiker's Guide, are you? 'Cuz I don't know too many other overly happy AI named Eddie. Yes Man comes close, though.

holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshitholy yyyyyyeeeeeessss I LOVE IT.

yes i like this story i have yet to read fallout equestria mainly because i am lazy but this is pretty good... also in your AN the characters he should meat should be meet. meat is what you eat and meet is who you greet


I made 3 hitchhikers references in this, good job being the first to mention 1

Release the second chapter already so we can start commenting on him meeting the crew. Oh and update Light Wanderings while your at it :rainbowwild:

By the way, this is awesome. Pure win!

...First off; hot dang more Ethan Smith stories. Been loving your work with the violent little LW of your own design. A lot more cheeky than my own, which ends up in many lulz being had.

Secondly; good start. Solid, meaningful, and gives us some good times right form the beginning. I'll be watching this. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

I love you man

Personally, i want him to meet Blackjack. So similar, but so different. but lets face it it would have to be pip-and-crew or Hired gun simply to keep the pace going at a sane rate:twilightsheepish:

SO MUCH WIIIIINNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pipboy 3 Billon? Class right there.

Shishkabob, deathclaw gauntlet.


Best picture that looked like Ethan that i could find :twilightsmile: It's a nice combo

Well, at least this is original....

All my favorite FO: E characters are dead. :fluttercry:

Oh my god, is this a crossover of a crossover? Holy shit, my face just melted.

I am shaking in my chair trying not to do a fanboy squee since I love both Fallout 3 AND Fallout: Equestria. Just. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Now I gotta go read all your damn stories to get caught up.


Technically this is a stand alone work so you don't need to do that

Ahh man, I was hoping he would be meeting the pony version of himself.


The Wasteland would shit itself

1956886 It might not be able to handle that much..... Ethan


Ethan's a hell of a drug

1956898 Ethan, not even once.


Yeah, now I feel stupid, but even still, I am going to read them anyway. I never did finish Dark Wanderings like I've been meaning to.

But still, I sure as hell will be tracking this bad boy too!

Nice to see Ethan beating the shit out of the idea that Fallout Equestria is more dangerous than the Original.

Nobody is mentioning errors anymore...


Hey there Ethan. Welp, I'm going to be your liaison between Echo and yourself.

We're going to have an... interesting encounter.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

-Echo, just outside Atrium

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