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Zach, the Lone Wanderer, just returned after clearing out an alien mothership. With him, he brought some pretty interesting technology. After selling it off to Craterside Supplies's very own Moira Brown, the scientist/engineer/possibly-slightly-entirely insane woman tinkers around. Soon, she's off to a place full of new things to force her experiments on...

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I'm surprised no one has done this yet. Moira's personality fits right into Equestria(mostly).

I imagine Moira to be a cross between Twilight and Pinkie Pie. I've embellished on her a bit, because in game she never leaves Craterside(unless you blow up Megaton). Anyway, in this story I'll be drawing much on her Pinkie-like instincts of friendliness and laughter at somewhat horrifying experiences. Don't worry, we've got plenty of experiments and research in Equestria to get done...

1889128 Holy hell why has no one ever done anything like this before, ive what hundreds of fallout ficts and never seen anything like this, i need more man xD

1890671 Heh did you ever kill morarity (Or however you spell his name) and see how gob takes over the bar?

1890679 Nah, I'm going to try that! Do you get negative karma?

1890684 Heh best way I did it was i slipped on a pair of power armour or the stealth suit shot him and ran like hell out of town without killing anyone else. ^^ (Heh you actually get positive karma if i can remember right) (Also they will forgive you after a few days. :ajsmug: Darn now i wish my Fo3 set-up wasn't messed up...)

1890696 Alright, I'll try it!

This....this is just fucking brilliant! :moustache:

1892124 Well, you would say so...



EDIT: Confound you knighty!

Oh boy, here we go.

Gee, I wonder how this will turn out.:twilightoops:

1892246 And what a ride it shall be. :moustache:

1889128 :flutterrage: REGID-...:rainbowderp:

:rainbowhuh:Wait... your name is in purple:trixieshiftright:... :pinkiegasp::yay:Yay! I don't have to be psuedo-mad cause you took first comment again!:trollestia:

I'll edit my review into this comment when I actually get down to reading it. I've got 17 tabs of long-ish stories I need to get to reading first.:raritydespair:

Oh boy......gotta love Moira

Oooooh, a Fallout crossover that doesn't suck a fat one!

I'm amused. Not because of the story but because of the arrival of three new voices!

Hi! How're you? Ah'm good!
Hello Mr. Regidar.
Do we really have to introduce ourselves to everypony we meet?!


I also learnt that if I kill Shadow then I get set free!

This is... Riveting!:twilightsheepish:

1892281 I know! She's just got that zing to her. :twilightsmile:

1892295 Aw, thanks!

1892300 Oh boi.

1892301 :pinkiehappy:

Don't forget to favorite if you guys liked it! :pinkiehappy:

1892311If you blow up Magaton, she'll run out as a ghoul and still help you......

1892315 Yeah, she was out of town for business, or so she says...


Damn, you've got me temped to reinstall FO3.

1892398 DO EET


Comment posted by Mr Pones deleted Jan 2nd, 2013

Really expecting something like this to happen in the story with her and pinkie pie being within the same landmass


Well, if it is for the children... Damnit!

You are a somewhat strange yet compelling individual Reg.

Oh, Gawd, I hated Moira with a passion. On my first playthrough, I did all those pointless thing for her, which, half of the time, ended with me dying. After all of those quests, all she gives you is a book, and Bethesda tries to sweeten this by giving you an achievement. My second playthough, which coincidentally started after I found out the result, began with the destruction of Megaton. When I returned to see the wreckage, there she was: Moira, as a ghoul. Oh, the laughter, the bullets and the vigorous teabagging. All that rage pent up from doing those time-wasting quests and odd-jobs released in the form of me shooting her in the face. Good times...

This should have been about Zach. He was funnier.

1892485 Lone Wanderer stories are over-rated. :moustache:
However, that doesn't mean I won't write one about Zach eventually. :raritywink:

1892483 Oh you. :rainbowwild:

So, you were featured.
Your life dream has been fulfilled.
Other deep quotes and such.

1892515 Silly Norspark, I'm not featured.

You were, that's how I got here.
I didn't even know it was yours.
That was VERY short lived.

1892523 Screencaps or it never happened.

1892524 I regret not doing that.
Guess you'll never know.

:moustache::moustache::moustache:, Moira was my favorite character in fall out 3, you wrote her well so much in fact i will put your story on watch later, i will check it out in 4 months to see where it gets. and hopefully there will be enough chapters to please my addiction to long extensions of text.

1892664 :twilightsmile:
Don't forget a favorite!

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