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Huston, we have a problem.


I've Been Roaming for Eternity · 3:18am Mar 4th, 2013

Holy Hiatus.

I've been exceedingly busy as of late, due to school, life, and just about every other thing that the universe wishes to throw at me. I think at this point it's just throwing furniture because it can.

But, that's besides the point.

I haven't been updating any of my stories just because I do not have the time. Literally. I'm practically crawling into my bed every night at 1:00 A.M. because I'm having issues keeping up with everything.

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The Stories Have Been Doubled!

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Houston... I'm trying to figure out where this is from, as my brain is fried *facedesk*

Edit: Oh good grief, I really messed that one up, didn't I? Blame Vegemite, that stuff scares me. It found my house without my knowledge, and when I opened the cupboard one day, it was there, watching.

You misspelled "Houston", by the way. :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry too much about it. I just want to make sure you didn't forget is all, which may have happened. Just a little bit here and there :twilightsheepish:.

Everyone's got their holdups here and there. And that writing applet is quite remarkable, just to throw it in there. But, back on topic.

Come back to it whenever you have the time, and if I happen to be available, do PM me beforehand if I dare say, for convenience and direct feedback.

AAAWWWW.... Fuck my shit!

I got a notification that Astral is watching me, and I thought to myself, "Why do I know that name?"

Then the memories flooded into the forefront of my brain thingy... Shit. I'm sorry about the hang-up on the review thing. I got busy with things, and I totally spaced out on it. We'll get back to bidnz real soon.

- NATOstrike - MDA Founder and Master of Inane Rambling

216409 Indeed. Good night and pleasant dreams good sir.:moustache:

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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