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I'm not a professional writer, I'm just someone writing fics for fun and nothing more.


Scarlet had seen many things in her travels throughout the Wastelands and thought she had seen every during her recent year in the Mojave Desert. But due to a strange energy phenomena right as she was teleporting, she arrives at a world unlike her own.

Rated Teen: It's a Fallout crossover, do I need to explain why?

Has a Tumblr (If anyone is interested that is...)

Chapters (30)
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Well, I hope you like it so far. If there are any grammar errors you would like to point out, go a head and do it. You're not going to hurt my feeling...I know my grammar isn't good.

I'm seeing grammer problems in the summary and chapter titles. Makes me wary, but will give it a shot.

Trees dying, I have a funny feeling that big MT is nearby and their working overtime.

8I am enjoying it so far keep it up!

There is mager potentuil in this story. Keep it up.:twilightsmile:

It's pretty good so far. Although, there are grammar mistakes through out the story so far, and those can be distracting at times. I would suggest that you get a pre-reader.

This is interesting.... favoriting...

I'm giving this an upthumb because it's a genuine Fallout crossover and not just a lazy rehash of Fallout Equestria. I'm also going to favorite it but I'd like to know if Braeburn and Little Strongheart are going to be a couple?

INTERESTING! A fallout crossover where it isn't pony-fallout!

I know, right? There's only like, 3!
Yeah, there's a considerable amount of grammatical errors, but I'll proofread if you'd like. Just to mention, I'm working on my own FoNV crossover, maybe we could give each other pointers?

Wow...go to sleep, six hour later I wake up and 30+ people are already following it. Didn't expect that.
That would be nice...just PM a way to send you a version of the daft.
I wouldn't get your hopes up. Me writing a romance mini story will be like the "now kiss" rage comic meme (strange, force and won't just work).

nice story so far and its nice how you made it a women instead of a guy its allways a guy who goes never a girl

PM? That's what I've been using with my proofreader for another story.

Okay...that a big message to send, but I'll send you it once it's ready.

Well, the message size doesn't really matter.

Well okay, if you want to send any revision of these two chapter you can.

Karma: Good... Enough. That made me break out laughing. I never played fallout new vegas, so I don't know the types of karma you can have.

There are three levels. Good, Neutral and Bad. Scarlet is in the Good part, but she does do some Bad now and then, mostly stealing something she wants and doesn't want to go through the hassle of buying it.

Started this cause you still had the writer block curse for Ponyfable 2?

Plus I wanted to do a story like this for a while.

You drew me in with the title. I.LOVE.THAT.SONG!!!!!!

'Tis okay if I add this to a Fallout Crossover group of mine?

Okay...I lie about the something crazy part form the last chapter, but I do promise something really crazy will happen in the next one. :pinkiehappy:
And yes, there were intelligent deathclaws in the Fallout universe

Well i am enjoying this keep it uo!

Even without a relationship clarification, the story seems interesting. There are some issues with word choice and grammar still, but it is readable at least.

Yeah, for chapter 3 I'll just italicize the thoughts so we don't end up with this again...

Poor AJ. Got beaten, tied up and shoot at all in a manner of minutes. :ajsleepy: Sweet dreams.
I do have to say I will have to leave ya'll hanging with this chapter for a few days. Why? I won't be near a computer for a while and the time I'm near one, I will be working on my other story Ponyfable 2. Have fun guessing what comes next.

The gryphons will try to attack her and she kills them, an fair exchange.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

So she's the reason Boone doesn't talk too much?
I'd love to see Big Mac and Boone have a heart to heart.

How did Applejack sneak up on a person with a Percetion of 8?

The same way a giant Radscorpion can sneak up on ya...when you're not paying attention to your surroundings.

790542 Also, you should have used the Complience Regulator instead of the Pulse Gun. That would be the correct weapon. It's a laser taser! No, really. It's kinda like that. Fires blue beams that inflict fatigue damage (enough will knock them out).

I know that...but what makes more sense to carry in Big MT? A gun can that really damaged (or destroyed) robotics enemies or a gun that doesn't? That why I say the pulse gun can only stun at point blank range. Plus Scarlet rarely used attacks that caused fatigue damaged, so it wouldn't be particular of her to carry something like the Compliance Regulator with her at all time. Like I said in the prolog, the weapons she have with her is not what she normally carry. Lose the Pulse gun then added some grenades (any type), Christine's COS silencer rifle, All-American (with only AP rounds), and sometimes even the Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun. I will tired to explain it some more in the next chapter, but for now Pulse Gun can fatigue someone if fired at head at point blank range. (Also I don't used energy weapons much in New Vegas, and mostly focused on guns, unarmed and melee attacks.)

790647 You will rue the day you angered the Lore Guardian! :flutterrage:

Then i used the argument: Suspension of Disbelief.

Just ranger combat armor? Meh, it's alright, and still looks kinda cool.

Desert Ranger combat armor, not NCR Ranger combat armor. For some reason I don't like the look the Elite riot gear gives...just doesn't fit with the female body...in my eyes that is...I should shut up now.

I love the heartless and spineless perk.:pinkiehappy:

Let the bodies hit the floor!

If that woman has an iron then why are my clothes still dirty, and my panini sandwich cold?

Scarlet: "Here let me get a Flamer to help heat up that sandwich. As for your clothes, meet me by Hoover Dam, and I'll get them clean up for ya." :trixieshiftleft:

Self-defense, Applejack! Ever heard of it?

Ok, just give me some time, takes a while to move when carrying a fatman, ycs 106 gauss rifle, heavy incinerator, m1 garand, anti-material rifle, blade of the west, orbital strike laser, gatling laser, and I have to go slowly to let my nightkin super mutant psycho grandmother who no longer takes her medicine, cyber robo-dog, and Enclave eyebot catch up who are carrying my weapons and armor that look cool and are WAY better than ncr veteran ranger combat armor (I have 17 sets of it to repair my tesla armor and my various riot gears and desert ranger combat armor) while wearing remnants power armor. Oh, and my friends from the former Enclave and current Brotherhood of Steel friends are coming to get their clothes washed as well. And don't trip over the dead ncr heavy trooper ghouls at highway 15 on the way, I nuked it and that stupix legion encampment.

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I'm using my phone which has tiny super sensetive keys, and the suggestions for words keep getting in the way of what I'm typing.

Fine..I just send my ARMY of robots to help you wash your clothes. I'm also sending in Yes-Man...who for some reason can't be destroyed, have fun. :trollestia:

Oh, and don't forget to bring the rubber stuff for the fun time after you wash my clothes, I can't because I'm too busy carrying good gear. After all I made the dumb brains at Big Mountain give me something else made of saturnite for those special ladies at Gomorrah. That lady who runs Vault 21 loved it, and it's coming out of the backpack along with something even bigger in my pants, and you don't want those to cut apart your insides and smash them. Actually, gey some stuff made of diamond, I like to play with my lady friends more than once, and I prefer them alive. :eeyup:pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2::moustache::heart:

Sorry, forgot to mention I sided with Yes Man as well, so he won't allow either of us to attack eachother. Also those Boomer fellas have some real nice anti tank and anti aircraft guns. Since we seem to be equally matched we hug. I am a friendly courier, and didn't originally intend to hurt you. I just get angry real easy, had a bad day for even my standards, and then got hit with a cold sandwich. Can you please forgive me? Losing your friendship would be the most painful hit I've ever taken.

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