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Another collection of silly short stories.
1. Homewarming: In which Twilight gets a new neighbor, learns more about her than she ever knew, and Pinkie breaks the Fourth Wall more than is absolutely necessary. "I do not!" You do too, Pinkie. Get out of the summary.
2. Innocence: In which Cheerilee must give her students a lesson that she does not want to give them.
3. Accident: In which Little Strongheart runs from a foolish stallion who doesn't understand the meaning of his actions.

Part of the Butterflies Continuity.

Zecora vector from http://shelltoontv.deviantart.com/art/That-Wicked-Enchantress-Zecora-243984000.

Chapters (3)
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IT's Ditzy/Derpy and Doctor Hooves that are Scootaloo's parents; as far as I can tell, and it was that piece of fanart by CoyoteRainbow that showed Scoot being irritated at having a "lame" mother while heading off to school with dinky.

This one: http://coyoterainbow.deviantart.com/art/New-Headcanon-280771569?q=sort%3Atime%20gallery%3Acoyoterainbow&qo=25

That's my guess anyway, not too sure about the father.

Aww, that was sweet! I actually like this couple.


One of the most underrated ships and it was done well. Brae x Strongheart . D'AWWW
. gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs/378852_o.gif

That was my basic guess, but I had no idea about the fan art.

How the hay did you do that????

I used to watch that artist so I saw the image when it went up ages ago. I guessed Ditzy easily and the Doctor was just my standard "who's her husband" answer.

I could be wrong about the doctor though but I stand with my decision.

I agree with the doctor whooves theory myself.

Nooooow, as for the story.....

:raritystarry: I LooooooOOOOVE IT! Well done monsieur! Have a mustache... :moustache:

D'aaaaaaaaaaw! So sweet! Everypony loves Brae because he is a cute, adorable moron. XD

Here you go.

Don't worry. It's not going to be a very serious story.
Ding ding ding. Here aren't your three cookies.

Damn, didn't expect to get the father right on my first guess. yay! :pinkiehappy:
I'm still not sure how the doctor could have let Ditzy have a unicorn foal, or is he a timelord in your version? Or is it just freaky pony genetics like with the Cakes?

As for the other story, I've just seen a few stories like that and honestly it never ended well. I can appreciate you making it lighthearted but the though of one of them being "sent away to be fixed" just doesn't sit well with me. I'll give it a look but even so I'm hesitant becuase the overall concept is what bugs me, not the execution.

I already have the Doc's story all plotted out. It'll be in the next Silly Stories.

Also, people, stop tracking this. It is completed. That means it is not going to update anymore. Favorite it, if you like it! If you want to track something, track me!

I will favorite this for Braeburn and Strongheart. I love those two.

"You're not crazy," Spike lied.

fun fact: Cape Water Buffalo urine is so flammable that some tribes use it as lantern fuel.

*snort* This is hilarious! :derpytongue2: Can't wait to see how the rest of this goes. Good job on making Zecora rhyme still, and Pinkie's breaking the Fourth Wall so often may or may not make me laugh to death :rainbowlaugh:

Well buck me sideways, that was adorable! D'AAAAAAWWWWWWWW.

This chapter is fantastic! Cheerilee is pure awesome.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a great ride! I love the reset with Pinkie and Spike's deja vu comment. You're quite funny and I laughed out loud and read quite a few bits to my partner as I went along. Oooooo! Nice twist with Zecora, whom I adore, and we agree that some rhyme-lovin'-punk needs a butt whuppin'.

Oh Cheerillee.......it was almost the same way when my cousins asked me how babies are made....it ended the same way...

Very humorous and cute one-shot chapters. More please?:twilightsmile:

awww that was sweet.:heart:

Greatest fourth wall destruction I've ever seen. Enjoy one internet flavored cookie.

Mother of Celestia, this is pure awesome. I died of laughter at "So are we going to have a baby?"

How is it, that with 699 views, and a request for comments, there are only six comments (seven including this one.)
That's one in every hundred views.
Anyway, I like this. Came across it while looking for Little Strongheart fics. Its good.
Thus, I have resolved to read 'The Butterflies Continuity', and also build a fifth wall around my house.
That should keep Pinkie out.

This is Australia...

Braeburn x Little Strongheart is my new favourite ship.
I used to be apprehensive about Braeburn, because so many fics portray him moronically(especially this one), but now I realise that I love him for his moronicness. It's great.

This is Australia...

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Very good. Very very very good! :pinkiehappy:

D'aaaaw, this is so cute and kinda funny. Not any surprises in the second and third chapter at all, but a good read nonetheless. Well done.

This is funny and you write one of the best rhyming Zecora's I've ever seen, only one of the rhymes seemed forced, so well done on that count.

I have to say though, that Pinkie's breaking of the fourth wall is, to me, the worst part of this fic. The rest is great but the parts with Pinkie talking to the narrator is just out of place, over the top and distracting if you ask me. But that's just my opinion.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!:pinkiehappy::heart:

You should have seen the look on my mother's face when I, along with a neighbor's kid, asked her 'what does the word f**k mean?' She sent us to the gynecologist for him to explain it. We ended up watching a filmstrip about getting our periods.

Sandbar: Do yaks have some traditions like this?
Yona: ... why?
(both blush)

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