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Bushfires, floods, cyclones and drought. All at the same time. Australia is trying to kill us all.


Four authors, eight characters, one labyrinth and a lot of violence. Oh this was a bad idea. How was alcohol not involved?

Four (in)famous Wastelanders find themselves unwillingly pulled into a place controlled by the mad goddess Katastrofis. Along for the ride are four ponies, each with a connection to one of the Wastelanders. Their task is simple: survival. But with the terrors of the labyrinth and the fickle nature of its mistress standing in their way, do they have any real hope?

Thomas and Luna (tony1685)
Ethan and Twilight (ed2481)
Scarlet and Celestia (Omega_code)
Aeron and Rainbow Dash (Shadowflash)
Events are non-canon to their home universes, though events mentioned may not be.

This is a collaborative piece, so give those guys some loving too. They're all great guys.

Chapters (23)
Comments ( 529 )

And so I have the honour of first post and like. It ain't all it's cracked up to be kids.

I'm interested to see where this goes and who's going to kill whats-her-face first.


This place has gotten boring, and I need entertainment. So I decided to bring you and a few others here.

This part wasn't in italics.

This is going to be awesome...and long...which is awesome.

Well, I had the html tag slightly wrong. Beats it italicising everything after it, though.

I've read all the stories except Scarlet and Celestia.
Should I wait until I've read that before reading this?
I don't really mind spoilers, but I want to know if I'll be totally lost.


You shouldn't have to wait, reading the other story will help, but shouldn't be necessary.

This is so AWESOME :rainbowkiss:

Eathen will need to be nerfed to not make every one else in the maze look underpowered in comparision.:applejackconfused:

Oh boy, this is going to be great, even if I have (no offense to Omega_Code and Shadowflash) never heard of the second two stories.

I am happy to contribute to a wondrous group of authors here.


Feel free to read them. They're popular (featured box wise, anyhow).


Don't worry he is going to be


Now I got to read Thanatos creed and big iron to understand the others.
I will come back to this story.

Oh lordy, this will be FANTASTIC. I cannot wait for The awkwardness of the relationships that they have, but don't. Rainbow Dash is screwing a Twilight, Twilight is screwing a Celestia, and as far as I know, Celestia is going to be confused as hell.


I haven't completed Thanatos' Creed quite yet. So, remember, this story will contain quite a few spoilers.


Luna is a loner. Makes me laugh.


Gotcha, I hope this story turns out all right.


It's great. Plenty of comedy, references to the games themselves, and action. Won't spoil it too much.


I played new vegas but never three. And I have been spending a lot of time on the fallout wiki. Fucking love the wild wasteland trait.


Don't forget Luna screwing a human

2302789 Yeah, but that doesn't make any awkward love triangle thing, she's there with Thomas also, so there isn't any awkward AU situation for her, besides having to watch the clusterfuck that is Twilight feeling rejected because Celestia isn't with Twilight in the world, (As far as I know) and Rainbow dash trying to be with Twilight while feeling dejected even though she isn't the ones she's really after.

So, yeah, actually read it now. If it's not Discord that's screwing with them all, I will eat my keyboard.

Also, we've got pretty much every certifiable badass known to the Wastes and Equestria packed into one labyrinth. What could possibly go wrong?

Other than everything, that is.

Oh lawdy

So much awesome flowing out of my computer screen

This has so much badass that it fried my hard drive!

2303168 It blew up my computer. Wait, how am I typing this..?

I read three of those and edit th' fourth.

and now i'm going to notice every discrepancy. fuck.:facehoof:

Moar. Moar Ethan and Twilight and Confusion when RD comes onto Twi and Twi onto Tia1

That's what I'm most looking forward to.

Good, 'cause I've only read Tony's one.


We currently have up to Chapter 2 done. It just all needs to be edited. Sadly, we only have one editor (mine) doing it all. Going to take a little bit longer than I'd, or all of us, like.

She put them in a labyrinth.

5 of the 8 have pipboys.

Pipboys have a local mapping function.

Aught to be easy enough to navigate out of there, just compare maps and roll with the tunnel that leads out, easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Now that I've had time to read this roight an' proppa, I must say...

I wish I had been far enough along in IR to get into this. :pinkiesad2:

Nonetheless, its a decent start. Flow is rather chunky, but that's to be expected with 4 different authors and their styles of writing, and said authors are of such a high quality that it's worth it. :ajsmug:

Honestly though, I've not read the other three stories that aren't from the Wanderings series; I've got Thanatos' Creed added to Read Later, but now I'm interested in Big Iron on Her Hip and Wayward Courier... :twilightblush:

Regardless. Looking forward to more from you guys; the Express always needs more work, y'know? :twilightsmile:

Did you really think we'd make it that easy?


Who knows? She seems pretty insane to me! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh balls, they made a crossover

TwiDash Twi is going to freak when she sees CyberTwi.

Oh ok and i will be sure to favorite this because wayward courier/bear scribe paladin is my second favorite story ever. And as always make Thomas bad ass, because he's the most epic one there and luna ohh this'll be great I'm so glad this was made I'm going to definitely direct people to this story.

Are you aware of the thing known as grammar?

Oh my god... My body is SO ready for this!

fascinating.... shall see what chaos will ensue in this story.

For assumption's sake, I'm going to assume these are all FO:E pairings (cannon pairings perhaps?). I could be wrong (probably not) since I refuse to read ANY of the FO:E fics (you know how too much of one thing isn't healthy? FO:E hit that long before I started reading), but this has four authors working together so I'll be watching and reading for the (most likely) hilariousness that is bound to happen:rainbowlaugh:

No, not FO:E, just Fallout characters mixed with Equestria's. Sometimes they went to Equestria, or they went to the Wasteland. But there is nothing here to do with Fallout: Equestria aside from a few comments and references.
You clearly have no idea of what FO:E even is. It's Equestria after the events of what is essentially a nuclear war. No humans, at all.

hey, I'm wrong. Not a big surprise with all that (I blame a friend for confusing something with FO:E verse and in turn, confusing me. *shrugs* It happens). I suppose I'll go read the other four stories first (eventually) since I've noted a few people warning of spoilers for the other fics and what not.

To be fair, some won't make sense without context. Others, though, will practically spoil the endings/major events of some stories, though.

Fixed my terrible grammar, I'm sorry about that I was on ambien and when I saw this story last night I got real excited:pinkiehappy:

Will this story feature character death?


As in character's dying? Or the Death as a character?

I'm assuming former. We haven't decided, but, I already know what will happen to a certain guy.

2308948 MMkay. I'll read until either Tia or Luna die.


Those two won't die. That's the least I can assure you, lol.

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