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Bushfires, floods, cyclones and drought. All at the same time. Australia is trying to kill us all.


A TF2 crossover? Seriously, how many of these have shown up? Oh well, time for my effort.


Equestria and Aquileon, the griffon's realm, have a long-standing agreement: Every five years, teams from each country will face each other in a competition to garner fame and glory for their home and for themselves. This year, the griffons have chosen war games, confident that they can steamroll the peace-loving Equestrians.
Princess Luna, determined to stop this from happening, pulls nine great warriors from their world to help Equestria and to train their representatives. But was this a good idea?

This is kinda... experimental. If this garners enough interest, then I shall continue it. Otherwise, I shall let it die quietly.
Also, if somepony can give me the source of the picture I'm using, I'd appreciate that immensely.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 166 )

You did a great job of getting the personalities of the nine classes, defiantly interested to see where this is going. Spelling and grammar are great to.:pinkiehappy:

Let's see wherethis is going...

Go on. I'm hooked. Don't be cruel and leave me hanging.

You better continue this maggot, or I am going to claw my way down your throat and tear out your very soul!

That's it! I have to track this!

Ok I'll bite, tracking.

has potential, will track this.

That was an amazing dissapearance... BY THE OTHER TEAM! :trollestia: Very nice story so far, caught the personalities well. Be keepin' an eye on this one, :moustache:

amazing. i dare say if you dont continue this i will shove my boot so far up your ass it will send you to the MOON! also awesome picture of dashie by the way :3

Tracking, has potential :D

Very well done chapter.

The wait for the next chapter begins....

Hell yes!

I await more....



Team fortress + Ponies = Win :pinkiehappy:
The gryphon's are in for it now :raritywink:

me dont know:trollestia:

Okay, so I have a pretty good idea of who could be whom.
Some obvious ones:
Scout = Rainbow Dash :rainbowdetermined2:
Medic = Fluttershy :flutterrage:
Engineer = Applejack :ajsmug:
Pyro = Spike (Hello? Fire?) :moustache:

Some harder thinking required:
Spy = Rarity (Both aren't ones for face-to-face confrontations, not to mention use of wits) :duck:
Demoman = Pinkie Pie (Could be scarier than an Ubercharged Heavy) :pinkiecrazy:
Sniper = Twilight Sparkle (She could probably get the bullets where she wants with her magic) :twilightsmile:
Heavy = Big Machintosh (Guy's strong from all those years of applebucking) :eeyup:
Soldier = Storm Surge (As hinted by you)

Anyway, that's just my guess on the who's who. I'm still looking forward to the next chapter.

Good guesses. However, I did say that there would be TWO OCs! Check the Author's Notes for the second part, I confimred that there.

Oh okay, I think I wound up skipping that little detail. Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to the upcoming lineup.

Woo Hoo, another TF2 Crossover to add to my track list.
Like the personalities, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Mane 6 react to their new teachers.
Tracked, with a side of 5 stars :pinkiehappy:

Don't be so mad, bro
You have a prety readable story here
And this links doing great help for such noob as I am
Waiting for more

let the games begin!


Hats. Now it's a proper tf2 crossover.

I had to mention hats. How could I not? I mean, it's America's and the world's #1 war-themed hat simulator.

I'm hoping there is an entire chapter dedicated to the ponies picking out their hats. :scootangel:

now there's an interesting concept.

Well, I wanted something different from the usual "Twilight botches a spell and takes the girls plus 3 others to their universe" or the "the Team is brought to Equestria to fight a great evil." Though I could have done an "Engineer's new prototype backfires horrifically."
Also, expect epic pwnage to be dealt out to the griffons.

I did it again! I deleted a comment! They really need to fix that... Make so it doesn't happen straight away, maybe.

I'm gonna guess Pinkie Pie = pyro, Twi = sniper, RD= scout, AJ= engie, Rarity= spy, Fluttershy = medic, Storm surge = solider, Big mac for heavy(I cannot see anyone else in this role save an OC) and then the other oc for demo. Great stuff looking forward to more.


Deranged reality warping tyrant?
Quite fit



Lol, Zonies!


Lovely :D
I Must Has MOAR... _,,,_o.o_,,,_

Now, come, Fraulen Fluttershy...Let's go practice medicine...TOGETHER!

At the end scene I had the zoom out sequence you normally saw in the trailers...except with ponies....awesome....

Yep take all my stars I don't need em anymore. This was funny as hell.:rainbowlaugh:

now if only i had my reaction images on hand...

:yay: for another chapter

hee hee hee! :pinkiecrazy:

That was a great chapter! :rainbowlaugh:

:yay:< Moar please!

A friend of mine, one I bounce ideas off of and who is responsible for the slightly deranged Broken Heart, voiced concern about Fluttershy's reaction to the Ubercharge. More accurately, he voiced concern about how the rest of the ponies will react.
After all, Fluttershy is the nicest, sweetest one around. And it turned her, very briefly, into something akin to Flutterrage or Pshycoshy, whichever you prefer.
What will this do to, say, Pinkie Pie? :pinkiecrazy:
Enjoy your nightmares.

You should make the Horseless Headless Horsemann appear

DUN DUN DUN DUN...DU DU DU DU DUN........ Had Zoom out there.:pinkiecrazy:

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