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Sometimes just sitting down and starting is all it takes. I have found that if I can stay focused long enough to get a paragraph or two out, the rest of the chapter--or at least the current scene--comes out pretty smooth. (provided there's a decent plan in place already, of course.)

889669 That's okay, and I did think out a pretty awesome climax, but the road to it would be anything but short, if I could just sit down and start.

I actually know exactly what that's like. I've got a new chapter over at First Friends You Ever Make that has sat at, maybe, a single paragraph for a month now, and I'm seriously considering scrapping it and going elsewhere with it. There have been times with A Storm of Chaos where I'd get a single little sentence out after sitting at my comp for more than an hour. Also, Spike's Hoard was conceptualized waaaaaaaay back while I was writing A Friend of the Night and only just saw the light of day this last month, after something like three false starts, and it's just a less-than-2000-word one shot.

If I had any advice to give, it'd be, makes sure your story has something you're excited to share with your readers. Working your way towards that point, that point that made you want to write the story in the first place, helps you at least push your way through the parts you're not exactly feeling right now. The final boss battle between the Doctor and Discord (and to a lesser extent the battle between the Doctor and Borusa that came before) were than for me and Storm of Chaos. That was planned out,word for word--and only went through the most minor of changes in the final story--around the time I wrote chapter 2. And I myself just couldn't wait to get there--just really wanted to share it immediately. (You might notice my update schedule sped up rather dramatically when I got there.) Having that goal waiting for me did a lot to motivate me through the parts I wasn't exactly feeling at the time.

Oh, look at this. Didn't mean to write a novel here. Sorry 'bout that...

889659 Except for the fact that due to lack of motivation it sadly hasn't been updated since May. The most I've actually put into it was perhaps just a few hundred more words, I do wish I could stay more motivated about it, but I just don't feel it, for some reason. I might put some more work into it over break, or I might attempt another one that would be much shorter than I had planned.

Hey, there. Remember me? I spotted an old conversation we had over on my comments board where you seemed like you wanted to write a story but were really--whats the word, trepidatious? Can trepidation be converted that way?--about actually writing it. Curiosity abounded, and now I see that you have in fact gotten a story going. Whether it's the one you were trying to hash out back then or not, congratulations!

Now I've got another thing I need to check out this weekend.

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