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Galacon announcement! · 9:25pm April 4th

Hey all!

Just a quick announcement, I will be attending Galacon in Germany this year. This is my first time to a con abroad, and rather hyped to both visit a country I’ve wanted to go to for years, and a chance to see a big con again.

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Thank you, i'll link it as soon as it will be published (on MLPFiction.com i think), it will be one chapter at a time but i do need a lot of time and motivation, and i need to finish the original story too xD
but i'm not lacking time nor motivation, it will be a great experience for me ^^


It's a lot of stuff to translate, but since I have no means to do it myself, I'm more than happy for you to translate it. Do let me know where its located though, so I can highlight it for those who want it. :)

Hello Fuzzy, i'm about to read the story because my bro just hyped me so fucking much about it, pretty sure i'm gonna love it anyway ^^
But i want to ask you directly if i could possibly translate your story and publish it for the french community ?
I'm just a random frenchie who love to translate things, and my brother would be overexcited to read it in french since he's as good in english as my left hoof ;)

Thank you !

I'd expect there to be logistical issues there. The first run of Fallout Equestria at 620,000 words and was 5 books, later 2. I can tell you that my 2-book copy weighs 2.2kg... Murky Number 7 is just shy of 80% longer.

That said, Murky's already separated into 3 distinct acts with commissioned covers of their own, so they would look REEAALLY snazzy.

Is Murky Number Seven possibly going to be made into a book someday?

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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