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Murky Number Seven - The Cutting Room Floor is now live to check out! · 11:58pm April 1st


Details and writeups of the dropped concepts, failed ideas and cut chapters from MN7′s development and writing in the link above! This turned into a WAY bigger document than I anticipated and it was a lot of fun to dig through old things. It’s not exhaustive, but it encapsulates some of the more interesting ones.

Also ensure to check out the Imgur link at the end of it for photos of all my notebooks with additional details of whats in them and little ideas that never saw the light of day!

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Thank you, i'll link it as soon as it will be published (on MLPFiction.com i think), it will be one chapter at a time but i do need a lot of time and motivation, and i need to finish the original story too xD
but i'm not lacking time nor motivation, it will be a great experience for me ^^


It's a lot of stuff to translate, but since I have no means to do it myself, I'm more than happy for you to translate it. Do let me know where its located though, so I can highlight it for those who want it. :)

Hello Fuzzy, i'm about to read the story because my bro just hyped me so fucking much about it, pretty sure i'm gonna love it anyway ^^
But i want to ask you directly if i could possibly translate your story and publish it for the french community ?
I'm just a random frenchie who love to translate things, and my brother would be overexcited to read it in french since he's as good in english as my left hoof ;)

Thank you !

I'd expect there to be logistical issues there. The first run of Fallout Equestria at 620,000 words and was 5 books, later 2. I can tell you that my 2-book copy weighs 2.2kg... Murky Number 7 is just shy of 80% longer.

That said, Murky's already separated into 3 distinct acts with commissioned covers of their own, so they would look REEAALLY snazzy.

Is Murky Number Seven possibly going to be made into a book someday?

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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