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MN7 Book Edited version going online at last! · 1:51am November 27th

Hey there, folks.

I promised this a long time ago, but FimFic was being a bit of a butt with its uploading process not copying formatting correctly. Thankfully that is now resolved, and I have begun to upload the book edits into the online version for those who were curious.

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Thank you very much for picking up that book then! Means a lot to know it's sitting on bookshelves here and there. Makes it all feel worth it.

Enjoy future reads, and I'll see if I can find any turkey to have a bite on your wish!

Hey fuzzy! Glad you were able to make murky, loved it and jumped the chance to get the physical copy, love it even more now haha anyways,thanks for everything have a wonderful Thanksgiving

That honestly means a lot to hear it. Thank you for picking it up, for reading, and I'm deeply glad you've enjoyed it so much.

I wanted to say thank you for writing Murky Number Seven. I got the physical copy, and the story was magnificent. I am going to treasure this book forever. I hope one day when I have a family, that I will show/read this book to my kids.

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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