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The tale of the great war and its aftermath stretched across generations.

Be it from the harsh wartime era before the balefire struck, or from the two hundred years of wasteland that followed, there are many tales to be told. From the first shot of the war all the way to the activation of the Gardens of Equestria, countless stories played out. Some were of mighty heroes saving the world, others were personal tales of struggle, never known to any but those who experienced them.

All can be told here, as we delve a little deeper into the world of Fallout: Equestria and track its history through the eyes of those who saw both Equestria's fall and those who saw its gradual rise to escape the 200 year long nightmare.
Story 1 - "For Want Of A Purpose" - Living in Tenpony is generally considered a paradise, especially if one has the wealth and influence of a family like Flintlock's. He wants for nothing; and yet despite this has nothing he wants. Something keeps him feeling unsettled and disconnected from the social circles at play within this sanctuary. At his wits end, he finds himself wondering just how to find a purpose, and in doing so a life worth living.

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