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Home in the Black - New Chapters incoming, Session Summaries updated · 10:19pm Sep 14th, 2020

Hey all, just a quick update on where Home in the Black is going.

Currently there are two stories underway in production. One is by myself, focusing on the chemistry between a couple of characters you are all very familiar with. The second, is by Napalm Goat returning with his third inclusion in this series after Mongoose and Castle of Glass, focused on a set of characters that have not yet been met in the stories here, but will be familiar to anyone who's read the session summaries!

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MN7 Edits all published, plus what's next! · 1:40am Dec 25th, 2019

Merry Christmas all!

Just a little note to say I have now replaced all chapters on MN7 with their book released, edited versions. It's finally all up there now!

Feels weird, like it's the last time I'll touch this story in terms of really changing much. And to happen on Christmas Day, just a few years after I ended duringt he holidays of 2016 as well.

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MN7 Book Edited version going online at last! · 1:51am Nov 27th, 2019

Hey there, folks.

I promised this a long time ago, but FimFic was being a bit of a butt with its uploading process not copying formatting correctly. Thankfully that is now resolved, and I have begun to upload the book edits into the online version for those who were curious.

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A Home in the Black - New Story now released · 9:10pm Sep 22nd, 2019

Hey folks, to those from MN7 of old, my new story is now out and up for reading. I wanted to ping you all for it to give you a chance to see it's now here, since not everyone follows my direct account.

I hope you all enjoy. It's something quite different with a unique form of release. Further content coming within days/a week, ongoing for perhaps a couple months!


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New Stories Releasing Today! · 10:47am Sep 22nd, 2019

Heya folks, been a while hasn't it?

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MN7 Printing - Chapter Artwork Announced! · 9:38pm Oct 8th, 2018

Many asked this since the announcement, and I can confirm to you now, that MN7′s printed edition will not only contain all that was mentioned before...but will contain artwork for the Prologue, every single chapter, and the Epilogue by the incredible Hobbes Maxwell. That’s 33 pieces of high quality art in the book!

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Announcing: Fallout Equestria: Murky Number Seven…the Printed Edition · 10:34am Sep 29th, 2018

Many have asked for it, many have tried to weasel information out of me as to why I spent 5 months reediting the story but never actually released said edits…well now I can finally talk about why.

In cooperation with the cool dudes over at Absolutely Everything, MN7 is going to be printed in physical form, within a single book, for anybody who wishes to own this story on their bookshelf.

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Galacon - Hosting a Writing Workshop! · 1:16am May 16th, 2018

Hi all, excellent news!

I’ve had it confirmed today that I will (almost certainly, barring any severe schedule catastrophe) will be running a writing workshop at Galacon this year.

If anyone is thinking of going, or is already going, I eagerly ask you to drop in. Both to say hi, and because of what we’ll be doing. Similar to what I did at Bronyscot in 2017, it will be the Blind Brainstorm. Please find the advertisement blurb below:

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Galacon announcement! · 9:25pm Apr 4th, 2018

Hey all!

Just a quick announcement, I will be attending Galacon in Germany this year. This is my first time to a con abroad, and rather hyped to both visit a country I’ve wanted to go to for years, and a chance to see a big con again.

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Bronyscot Con Announcement · 4:42pm Nov 2nd, 2017

Hey all, I will be at Bronyscot this year hosting a workshop on writing. It is located in Glasgow, Scotland at the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel on the 25th of November.

I’ll be there in tow with my good friend Calisto, who will also be selling her 3D printed ponies in the merch hall. I’ll likely be around her table very often, so do please come and say hello if you don’t get along to the workshop.

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