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In a bout of boredom, Twilight Sparkle decides to make a clockwork automaton. When she tries to give it limited sentience, enough to follow basic instructions, she is more than a little shocked to discover that she has inadvertently put the soul of a living being within...

Now, Twilight has to cope with a living machine.

A silly little thing, not meant to be taken too seriously.

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I kinda sorta blame listening to Steam Powered Giraffe for this.

This is brilliant! And exactly the type of thing that would happen to Twilight. Looking forward to more!

I love me some steampunk, so I'll be sure to give her a read later!

This looks promising. I'm liking the idea:pinkiehappy: Hope you update soon

Is this a steampunk world? Because I love steampunk architecture.

Two things.
First: but what she had planned was

much more ambitious. She touched her horn to the automaton and focused.
I think you accidentally hit the enter key right there.

Second: Your Death reminds me of the Discworld Death.


1091216 holy shit its silent bob :D

>Grinding Gears
Dammit Tony, it's got to do with too much SP-
>"I kinda sorta blame listening to Steam Powered Giraffe for this."
I fuckin' knew it!

I was just about to write a story with a similar premise :applecry:

Oh well. Suppose I'll just have to skip that idea.

Interesting. Need to see more of this. :twilightsmile:

Very good. And Interesting. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this.

Best use of "zomg I'm dead....zomg I"m in Equestria!" I've ever seen. Usually I can't stand that cliche, but Discworld style death makes everything better.

You have my attention good sir.

Yeah... that seems about right. You're off to see all your dead relatives, Death turns out to be a decent guy, Twilight Sparkle summons you from the great beyond... yep. Natural death. Also: Steam Powered Giraffe. Ferk yers.

Awesome! I am tracking and faving this story. 8D

all my yesses!!! take a fluttershy :fluttershbad:

I like where this is going. If you ever want an OC pony for this you can use mine, but nopony who asked for one and I gave him to them used him. :raritycry:

A silly little thing, not meant to be taken too seriously.

gets featured, :rainbowwild: trololo-ed by life in a good way, I need to make a list of all the featured that were never actually intended to be greats.

also did twilight just troll death itself/himself? :twilightoops:
lol, good thing death is a cool guy just making sure people don't end up in annoying limbos or whatever.

You should really change Death's dialog from bold to SMALL CAPS like the actual Discworld novels.

Dear God this is hilarious. I love Death's reaction.


A silly little thing, not meant to be taken too seriously.

Which, the story or the robot?

1091376 Discworld Death is best Death.
Also, I think this story has some good potential, which I hope you will use.

I read this because the image features several mechanical impossibilities (with cringe-inducing power to engineers) and it turned out pretty good. Keep it up!

I'm taking this TOTALLY serious as a random comedy!

Hope you update soon, and I'm REALLY enjoying it so far! :yay:

well it is titled grinding gears after all

Honestly, I just typed in "gears" into Google Image Search and that was one of the first ones to come up.

I tried. FIMFiction wouldn't let me. Not that it really matters, he was just there to set the mood.


i cant wait to see where this goes!

This is why you don't make small little joke stories.
People will love it and they'll beg for more.

I immediately thought of Hugo Cabret when I read the description. Can't wait to read this. :heart:

This...could be VERY interesting.

1092929, if you look closely you will see they don't reach.

Wow, this is a really interesting idea! Can't wait for more! =D

Did I read somewhere that the engineers would know they had created Artificial Intelligence if they turned it on and it started screaming?

I suppose "What's going on? Who are you? Where am I?" works too.

If I could make a suggestion, please add a line break in between your paragraphs. Indenting is fine, but spaces make a story look neater.

Moar omg, and make him a brony that doesn't tell twi that he is.


Makes anyone familiar with mechanics cringe my friend. I'm an industrial mechanics apprentice and that had me pointing and yelling "OBJECTION!" :derpytongue2:

Good story.

Please tidy up the grammar and formatting.

This is interesting. Do continue. Oh, just a bit of advise, I'd keep him away from John Joseco's Molestia. She'd be more than likely to attempt to add some 'attachments' to him. The kind that would void his warranty. You have been warned.

Stories like this make me wish I knew how to put gifs and stuff in the comments so I can fully describe my excitement.

I'll have to deal with emoticons i guess. :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::derpyderp2::trixieshiftleft::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

I agree with death, this is new. And I like it!:pinkiehappy:

Cool, will follow

"It was also as anatomically correct as she could make it"
Wow, there's a phrase just begging to be willfully misinterpreted. :raritywink:

In any case, certainly an innovative spin on the HiE story. Definitely looking forward to more.

Alright, I'm interested.

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