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LOVE, HUG, TOLERATE, SWAG! · 1:59pm Jun 22nd, 2012

I haven't had much time to actually do any typing work on my fanfic lately, but I have managed to do quite a bit of planning for what to change, what to add and what to remove...
Oh! And to make this little un-boxing video when my We Love Fine pony swag finally arrived.


He possesses the Chroma...
Cordovan Splotch

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1500179 Well, he has been reading stories recently-ish. So maybe someday.

Yo you should update your story man we will love you for it.
The Black Guy Over Yonder

Thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

Honestly I have no idea... I'm still a fan of MLP and I still want to finish this story, but I feel like the show has been a little bit of a let-down lately and I'm feeling less and less obsessed with being part of the fandom.
Meanwhile I'm getting more and more back into my older hobbies like gaming and have started investing time and money into making YouTube game videos. So yeah...
I don't actually know if I'm going to get back into this, I wish I could tell you that I did, that I could promise you the epic tale that I had always envisioned.
I just don't want to promise things I don't know that I'll be following through on.

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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