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Forthcoming and Current Projects/Fanfic Updates :) · 10:15pm Dec 30th, 2014

Well, now that the ole account's back, I think it's best that I use it for good and not for evil this time. Over the past year I've been involved with another fun lil project, but I'll get to that in a bit. First off, my plans for fanfictions :).

Legend of the Titans

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Drug-Induced Stories

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Thank you for sharing what you know, and sorry that it happened.

(To any who were actually involved in these events that read this, this is just me putting old sad feelings about the whole thing into words)
To any and all future wanderers here. let this tale be told as to keep it in memory. Silent bob was a author who I once looked up too in my early days in this fandom and on this website. As a young high school student the fact that he tried to include fan OC's in storys blew my mind.

The beginning of the end was when he had an idea to make a collab story "The sound of thunder". I joined in when it formed and while I didn't write stories I contributed tons of lore with the others members of the group onto this budding universe. Many writers were planing to write the story in pieces, put it all together and have bob post it on his account(back then his follower count was one of the higher ones on the site). Our goals were high and my personal dreams/hopes even higher(I naively thought it could become one of the great -verses of the fimfiction site) and somehow i even got to be a member of the "writers council"( which consisted of bob, the writers, and major players in the collab).

The exact reason for what bob did next I don't know and as this all happened almost five years ago some details might escape me. But bob had major conflict with the writers council(speculating with my hazy memory i think he was a control freak). I don't know why he did it but he deleted the original group and tried to take all the work we had so far with it. Luckily the council realized what was coming and saved what they could. we recreated the group and moved what was saved there and continued without him. But bob did make small attempt to plagiarize the group and make his own version of the story which was taken down years ago shortly after it was made.

It was also discovered bob made accounts to upvote his own stories so I believe the collab drama and fake accounts together caused his ban. He returned a while later and was quickly permabanned(for still using fake accounts) but the spark or the drive was gone I think. the group faded and became distant and the story died.

The writers went on to write many new amazing story's and i am glad to have known and been acquainted with them in my early years on this site. I wish events had gone differently when I think back on it.

  • Viewing 147 - 151 of 151
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