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For the winds of kovator beeya!


On a dark day, one may wonder: just what horrors lie beyond the veil of the heavens? What ghastly demons exist that could only spawn in a pony's dreams? What terror!? What blight in the face of all that is good!? What- wait, it's the Mane Six?

What sort of twisted reality contains a lycan Applejack, a vampiric Fluttershy, a ghostly Rarity, and a lich queen Twilight Sparkle, you may ask? Why, it's just the Nightmare Realm, existing one and a half dimensions below and above the normal Equestria, and they are sick and tired of Nightmare Night not living up to its name in the 'real' world.

However, are these nightmares truly nightmares, or do they just like a good scare? Why, it depends on who you're talking to! So sit tight, give way to fright, for coming soon is Nightmare Night!

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Whelp, I'm no Danny Elfman, but I couldn't have a Nightmare Before Christmas ripoff without some of its songs in it. Though unfortunately, I've had to change a bit of the lyrics to make them fit. Thank you Zecora for giving me a lot of rhyming practice, you crazy zebra. Hope you enjoyed!

Hmhmhmhm. This looks interesting (Still need to actually watch the Nightmare before Christmas though.) Tracked... and liked of course

Should've figured Twilight's take Jacks place, but I initially thought the most important one'd be Dashies counterpart what with actually being Death and all. Looking forward to future chapters if ya decide to continue this mate. Wonder how the Equestrians'd react to their counterparts? I assume (once again) Twilight'd probably think somewhere along the lines of it being literally impossible and/or deciding to contact the Princess under the belief that the Edeathstrians (Death? ... Still have the strange impression that Deathie's one of the more influential entities there.) are a threat that must me... removed, possibly with the elements, like Discord and the Changelings.

Dashie on the other hand I assume'd be excited that her alternate happens the be the anthropomorphic (Okay, ponified.) personification of Death itself.

TL;DR, it's a good story mate, hope to see more of it.

Wait, Slendermare? What happened to Slendermane?
/Honest confusion

Okay, first off, I want more. I was shivering a moment ago. Shivering from sheer AWESOMENESS!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png Now, a couple of questions. Was that Nightmare Moon at the end, or Edeathstria's version of Celestia? Also, I'm kinda surprised that you didn't go with Cupcakes!Pinkie. The one you used was interesting though. Looking forward to how this goes... And how the Mane 6 react to their counterparts when the time comes.

Cool. So what about Spike? Is he still a dragon and in live with ghost Rarity? Oh and I'd love to see werewolf Big Macintosh and more insane Doctor Whooves and evil Zecora. And Spike.

Silent Bob, I love you. This. Is. EPIC!

This sure is a lot of fun. The pony puns in here were exceptional. Flutterfright ... Lyra Heartstab ... Edeathstria ... Good stuff.

Only problem is, we've got the mane six and a TON of background/guest characters ... but not a single goddamn trace of Spike. Seriously, how can so many people overlook one of the show's most important characters? Looks like Nightmare Night has become an equine-exclusive holiday.

EDIT: Hang on, hang on ... looks like he's listed as a character. Sorry, I seem to have jumped the gun with my harsh criticism. Carry on.

I have to be honest, I actually saw your Halloween Town Version of Twilight as Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls. I'm just sayin'. Anyways, I love it and would like more.

O MY GOSH THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE both MLP and Nightmare before Christmas and this has got to be the best crossover fic ever!........Oh wait, sorry, I meant tied for best crossover fic ever with "Cuatro" by Dirty Bit. If you like Bleach, and not the cleaning supply, then check it out.:rainbowlaugh:

Sir you must write more of this epic tale. Failure to comply and I will hunt you down and...well you get the idea.

Oh boy... I honestly hope there's no permanent damage done to anypony, that'd be awful. There won't be any permanent damage, right?

Tracked, favorited and waitin' for more. Not MOAR, more. Or both. MOAR AND MORE, DANGIT!

For anyone curious, the song I wrote was meant to be sung to the beautiful theme of Danny Elfman's 'Sally's Song', the cliche lyrics I came up with nowhere near being able to do it justice.

Also, for those slightly wary, no this story isn't going to be following the plot of the Nightmare Before Christmas, it's just borrowing from it at times, though I plan to include versions of most of its songs... and more :D.

Oh, and if there's any errors of any type in this please let me know. I also do not mind critique whatsoever relating to anything. Thanks!

Very good. Your only problem was "daily bases". "bases" is not the word you're looking for. The word you're looking for is "basis".

All in all, very good. You get 15 out of 10 Derpy faces.

Awesome chapter! Perfect time of the year for it too. I'm getting weird looks for humming Nightmare Before Christmas to myself in public though...:twilightblush:

:pinkiesmile: Oh you silly Vinyl Screech... If you wish to fright every pony to death...
:pinkiecrazy: Play the song of the damned (Any Justin Beiber song).

:moustache: This story is beautiful, please keep up the good work my good sir.

Is that a major Warcraft 3 reference I see in your story?


Yeeeeeup :D. I friggin loved Arthas.

I just feel like this story is gonna be adorable in it's own sick and twisted little way. I wonder what would happen should a pony from Equestria happen to cross over to Edeathstria? Would they try to actually scare them to death? Or would they actually try to help them find their way back home? That's something that seems totally interesting to me.

On another note, was I the only person here who thought that Pinkie Pie would have made for an Excellent Changeling? Because that would have been really funny in my honest opinion.

Welp, guess I don't need to write this particular mash up then. *likes, and faves*

Oh gods this will end in humor, mental scarring, or both.

1483562 Well I should hope you'd change the lyrics! That's one of the most funnest parts of a farce, silly-billy! :pinkiehappy:

1484695 Spike is Spikezilla and swallows ponies whole. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh I would Love to see Twilight's reaction to meeting herself. Her Living self. Keep it up, this is good! :pinkiehappy:

"I can see now why they call it the Temple of The Doors," Spike grinned.

*tosses Author out a 1st story window*

Lich Queen Twilight Soulshard + Ponyville + Mane 6 + Princesses + Dead Spike = More awesome than I can add up. and some really awkward and funny situations.

Hey, did you get Link's song from Adamwestslapdog's Ocarina of time abridged? Great fic, by the way.

This is epic. Tim Burton needs to make this movie.

Oh man that was a first for me.

I was hearing this when this story came up on the box

so far, so good. tracking:scootangel:

What's this? What's this? A brand new pony fic?
What's this? Based on that Disney flick?
What's this? I can't believe my eyes wake up now readers you are in for a surprise, what's this?

What's this, what's this? You should give this fic a shake
What's this? The feature box will quake
What's this? The thumbs all pointed up and every reader seems so happy, has no new ponies made them daffy?
What's this?

Haha I saw that Nightmare On Elm street part :rainbowlaugh:

Oh I hate to spoil this (31 comments at the moment. LOOK AT THAT. 31 COMMENTS ON A HALLOWEEN FIC. IT'S A SIGN!) but I have to point out how much of a fucking genius you are for making this. Tracked/Faved so hard, and have an upvote!

I saw the CMC as Lock, Stock and Barrel, did anypony else see that?

-Ambassador of the Changelings,
Dopple Ganger

Wow. This is a really nice play-off of the old classic. Very impressive good sir.

Oh Yeah!!! Bring on the Nightmare

Can we have octavia on the cello made of bones? can we, can we?

2 Chapters in and already the Warcraft reference jokes are upon us...
Oh well, FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS! (and apparently is green now... don't know what that's about...)

Spike, you squealy fool!


Based on your comment, I have come to the conclusion that you are the best person in the entire world.

(Besides Tim Burton)

You're right; Tim Burton is best pony. Even if he should really branch out a little and stop fixating on Johnny Depp quite so much.

Any other conclusions reached in your comment are more questionable, but it was a fun little burst of inspiration to write. I'm glad I didn't try to do the whole song though

I can not believe how awesome this story is, the crossover is applied perfectly and humorously. I even looked up the original songs so I could sing your lyrics to them with the right tune (didn't need to for This is Halloween of course).

quæ addet ut tangat te nunquam mihi molestus Im tam felix et bysso

I recognise the Latin, but I'm to lazy to relearn how to translate it...Could you tell me what it says, please?


"Things that bother you never bother me I'm so happy and fine."

Yes, I'm serious, and yes, I love Spongebob and Tiny Tim :D.

1512664; 1512455
Have you guys seen his movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street? If not, you really should. It was just as awesome as The Nightmare Before Christmas, if a lot more bloody though...The songs were amazing though. You can find links to it here.


Start at 1:32 and listen until the 1:52 mark. This musical loop section syncs up perfectly with the lyrics to the song you wrote. Who knows, I may just use the song to make a cool version with your lyrics.

With permission from you and WoodenToaster of course...


Heh, that's a pretty weird coincidence. My lyrics are free to use if you're interested :).


Translates to this courtesy of Google translate:

the things that bother you never bother me I'm so happy and fine

Don't believe me? Paste the Latin phrase here then select Latin from the language box.

1511762 That was beautiful! THAT'S THE SPIRIT! =D

1512877 Just realized your name is silent bob and that automatically makes you awesome in my book! Just imagining the real Silent Bob writing fanfics as his way of communication lol. Also I like to imagine the Latin was something more eviler! D:

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