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Discovered the show after season 1 ended, left fandom 2015 during season 5, came back for the last season. Now I sporadically revisit this site. This place is very nostalgic.


Might as well make my first blog post after all these years. · 7:58am May 11th, 2018

So after taking a break from the fandom mid season 5 I'm glad to have rediscovered fimfiction as I rejoin the fandom for season 8.
Hopefully nothing to major happened on the site or the fandom the two and a half years I was gone.
I really enjoyed finishing season 5 the last episode I had watched before leaving was slice of life which is a pretty great episode to go out on.

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The Greatest comment chain I ever saw on Fimfiction

Ancientblood- “I wield the almighty sword of first”

GenericBronyName- “And I wield the keyboard of giving shits”

Gontor- “And I shall wield the almighty Hammer of Interest”

Lidomare- “And I shall wield the Axe of Following!”

Nairu- “and I the Dagger of like”

ACscooter- “And I shall wield the Halberd of upvotes!”

Ancientblood- “ And together we form the warriors of fimfiction!”

(If that were a fanfiction, i'd read the hell out of it)
Edit 2018: Sadly the only thing i can remember about this comment chain is that it happened 2013

2nd Edit 2018: I found it but all the members of the comment chain stopped being active years ago which just sucks

The Whooves Family (I ship it)

Perfectly harmonious, as all things should be

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No Problem! I enjoyed reading The Last Brony years ago and it deserved a spot on my bookshelf once I reorganized my profile. :twilightsmile: :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

I Will. I Loved reading it and cant wait to get to the sequel. And can't wait to see what you write next

Thanks a ton for the fav! Be sure to check out the sequel if you enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy:

No Problem, I liked the show 1000 ways to die and your story sounds interesting!

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Best Background Pony's

My favorites shelf (Stories from my early days in the fandom I loved reading and more recent stories I thought were awesome)

MLP Quiz! (Feel free to post this on Your user page)

Fav characters? Derpy whoves, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Trixie, Spike, Tirek, Discord

Least fav characters? Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash, formally Rarity(she’s alright now).

Fav background pony? Doctor Whooves/Time Turner

Least fav background pony? Vinyl Scratch

Fav Mane Six member? Pinkie. But Applejack comes at a close second.

Least fav Mane Six member? Rainbow Dash

Fav CMC? Scootaloo

Least fav CMC? Sweetie bell (but I dont hate her)

Fav princess? Twilight.

Least fav princess? Cadence. She doesn’t show up often compared to the rest .

Most overrated character? Starlight Glimmer. Formally Rainbow Dash a few seasons back

Most underrated character? Iron Will

Fav season? Season 4

Least fav season? Season 7, but it’s still alright

Fav episode? Slice of Life, but Twilights Kingdom with tirek battle kicked ass

Least fav episode? Top Bolt (but any Rainbow Dash episode I have trouble getting invested in)

Most okay episode? Do princesses dream of magic sheep?

Most forgettable episode? Newbie Dash

Fav episode focused on your fav Mane Six member? Too Many Pinkie Pies

Fav episodes focused on the other Mane Six?
RARITY:Rarity investigates .
RAINBOW DASH:Parental Glidence
FLUTTERSHY: Discordant Harmony
TWILIGHT SPARKLE:Twilight's Kingdom.
APPLEJACK:. The Perfect Pear

And the CMC? One Bad Apple

Don't forget Spike. Gauntlet of Fire

How about Starlight? All Bottled Up.

Any episode you hate but everyone else loves? Every Little Thing She Does

The other way around? Maybe Magic duel, slice of life, or Princess Spike if those are disliked?

How about a episode everyone loves but you find good/okay? A Hearth's Warming Tail

Any guilty pleasure episodes? Parental Gildeance (despite my dislike of Rainbow Dash I like her parents and scootaloo)

Any episode you didn't like at first but grew to like when you watched it again? Princess Twilight Sparkle

Have you ever skipped an episode? Newbie dash(watched half) and top bolt(watched first few minutes).

Fav season premiere and finale? The Return of Harmony and Twilight's Kingdom.

Least fav premiere and finale? The Crystaling and Magical Mystery Cure

Fav song? A tie between the Flim Flam Brothers Song and It’s Gonna Work

Least fav song? the Be Awsome song from the movie, the first song preformed by Ra-Ra( forgot her name) on the show

Best villain? Lord Tirek.

Worst villain? Starlight Glimmer. I still don’t like her for Messing with the time stream putting spike and twilight through bad futures.

Best tertiary antagonist? Trixie. The third person speak and personality is funny and cute which won me over

Worst tertiary antagonist? Diamond Tiara. She was a bully but after the episode with here mother I’m just neutral on her.

Do you like the first Equestria Girls movie? its alright.

What about Rainbow Rocks? I actually don’t recall it as well as it was one of the last things I saw before leaving the fandom for two years.I’ll have to rewatch it soon!

And Friendship Games? I haven’t seen it, I’ll need to watch after seeing rainbow rocks again

Don't forget Legend of Everfree! Have not seen

How about the three specials? Have not seen them, but hasbro did recently release a series on youtube(forgotten friendship) that I really liked.

Speaking of movies, what about the 2017 movie? I haven’t seen the whole thing yet but so far it seems harmless

Fav shippings? Spilight, and that’s it for now

Least fav shippings? any ship between the mane 6, Sparity (its been 7 years spike give it up).

Fav bronies in the community? I've only recently rejoined the fandom,but
Pinkie Rose is pretty funny.

Best kind of fans? Animators, writers and artists.

Worst kind of fans? Fluttershy/ Rainbow Dash fanatics.

Any characters you didn’t like but grew to like as the series progressed? Rarity (went from my least favorite to one I preferred to watch)

Have a waifu? Applejack would make a good wife but pinkie is my kind a girl( I would survive better living in a bakery then in a farm anyway)

If you could remove one meme from the fandom, what would it be?. Twenty percent cooler. Bane of my existence but thankfully it isn’t literally all over the fandom like the early days of the show.

Can you name anyone you want to guest star on the show?, Terry Crew, Patrick Stewart, Stan lee.

And finally, what about a guest star to voice a one-time villain? James Earl Jones, Steven Blum,