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Captain America: Civil War crossover.

This story is a sequel to A Beautiful New Age.

Being the first of her species to travel to another world, seeking to—and hopefully—make peace with its leaders, Princess Twilight and her friends see nothing but a bright future ahead for both Earth and Equus. It all seemed to be going so well.

However, after a devastating terrorist attack brings a mighty blow to the Avengers, Twilight and her friends are unwillingly placed as the next targets. Tensions arise between Iron Man and Captain America, and new players soon emerge into the battlefield, threatening to tip the tide into conflict amongst the shattered team.

To deal with the true threat behind the grand scheme, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers must put aside their differences before the inevitable comes crashing down on top of them…

Two sides of good clashing together, fighting for what they believe is right, breaking partnerships and ending friendships… human and pony alike.

Sequel: Infinity Era

Chapters (60)
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Oh boy I don't know how to feel about this. The movie was awesome don't get me wrong, I just hated the fact that basically brother fought against brother. Guess that's why it's called a civil war. :fluttercry:

A new story begins.... One that will change both Equestria and the Marvel universe... For better, or for worse.....

:pinkiehappy: The sequel is here! Twilight and her friends will soon be visiting Earth as the first Equestrian visitors and reuniting with their human friends. Too bad they will soon be caught in a Civil War they never asked to be apart of that will test their friendship, loyalty and sense of freedom. :rainbowdetermined2: Who's side are you on?

The Man Without Fear

:scootangel: Starting off this sequel with the ending sequence of Daredevil season 2, eh? Should we expect to see more of Daredevil at some point?

And so it begins, had a blast with the last one. Looking forward into how this one will play out!

Waiting patiently for Spidey/Ant-Man reveal…

“I’m Daredevil.”

Dammit, now I have to watch Daredevil. And I don't even have Netflix. :applecry:

Ah, well, a promising start regardless!

You throwing Daredevil in the mix? Does Power Man show up?

Oooh, I am hooked!
Instant favourite!
Twilight and co in the Avengers' world, AND as the Civil War is about to rise?
:pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile: :yay:

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see how this will turn out! U have 2 thumbs up from me!:pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile::heart:

Alright, I've been waiting for this!

“I’m Daredevil.”

Welcome to the club, Karen.
Nice to see Matt joining this party, I'm assuming this means we won't be following Civil War to the t. Does that mean we'll get to see Jess or Luke? I love both of them. Not Frank, though, that guy's a dick.

Despite that, she still felt lost, confused, and angry. Months of bitterness and pain had finally twisted her heart to the point of action, causing her to steal one of Star Swirl’s most powerful and ancient spells. It wasn’t difficult, she had stolen from the Canterlot Archives before. With the spell in her grasp, she tracked Twilight down to her very home—and with that pain and confusion hardening her heart—she used the spell to do the unthinkable.

Change the past so Twilight and her friends never met.

What she hadn’t counted on was its effects on the present. She hadn’t known how much Equestria had depended on the Elements of Harmony to protect it. Without them, her world would have been a barren wasteland, an idea Ultron would have found most suitable for her race.

That was something she couldn’t fathom. The idea of it nearly shattered her, yet she was persistent, and her heart was elsewhere. Lost, broken, changed. Sharing her own past with Twilight and Spike, the pain that formed the mare she was, Starlight Glimmer would destroy the spell, but not before finally breaking, finally letting loose that pain stored up in her heart and soul.

This threw it off a little for me. After she helped Ultron basically cause the pony apocalypse, I feel like Starlight wouldn't be willing to screw with time for something like this. Especially after she almost sacrificed her life to save Twilight during the Battle of Canterlot. The season six finale being canon in this story is okay, cause that was a great Starlight story. I just feel like the transition could've been handled better.

In his claw remained a gift basket filled with plenty of goodies consisting of fruits, exotic butters, and hand lotion.

Exotic butters? Really? Cue Exotic Butters remix. Thanks, Discord.

Holy crap, Daredevil! Surprised to see Netflix heroes here. Are they going to play a role in the war?

The transition should've been, 'PONYVILLE', covering the center like how the movie did it. Just a little amusing thought, though your way is less intrusive.

Off to a great start! Though, things are about to take a dark turn once the war begins. Time to choose sides! Curious as to who the ponies are gonna choose. BTW, #TeamCap or Team Spider-Man for the heck of it.

Wait so Daredevil is now gonna join the mix? Well you've made Charlie Cox's dreams come true if he is.

Here are the ponies I would totally see joining the scuffle :

Team CA - Team IM
Twilight, - Cadance,
Starlight Shining Armor
Rainbow, - Spitfire,
Soarin Fleetfoot
Pinkie, - Applejack,
Maud Big Mac
Trixie - Rarity

What do you think?

7736680 I don't think any pony outside the mane 6 (maybe starlight) will take sides. However, i thought the line up would be, Team iron man with twilight fluttershy and rarity, and Team Cap with Applejack Rainbow Dash and Pinkie.
This lineup seemed confirmed by jdprime22 himself

I don't think Twilight will join Iron Man's side, when she has Starlight Glimmer, reformed villain who she just forgave, as a personal student. Same for Fluttershy (who has a certain draconequus friend).

7733954 It's a civil war, alright. It's gonna get brutal one way or another. :pinkiesick:

7733966 Let's pray not for the latter. :scootangel:

7733990 You could definitely expect more Daredevil for the future of this story. :ajsmug:

7734046 Get comfortable... :trollestia:

7734126 I hopefully won't spoil much (besides this chapter). :facehoof:

7734228 Maybe... :moustache:

7734399 It's gonna be nuts. Sit tight. :rainbowdetermined2:

7734450 Thanks a ton! Hope you enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

7734787 Well, Starlight was lost. She didn't know what to believe in, which drove her to the actions seen in the Season 5 finale. I'll explain more as the story progresses.

7734923 You can expect two or more Netflix characters to get involved. Take that however you wish. :ajsmug: Honestly, I was actually considering doing the transitions similar to the movie, but decided against it. Really big. :derpytongue2:

7735220 ...Crap, I am sorry. I did not know about that. :twilightoops:

7735881 He may or may not get involved. :eeyup:

7736680 I like the line up! We might see something a little different though... :duck:

7737071 Almost. :raritywink:

Will Luke Cage ever get his coffee in Equistria?

(If you know what I mean…)


Well.. Let me just cancel all Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow and start watching power man and Daredevil.

"What I miss?"

Don't even start Tony.

Either way it was a certain ALRIGHT!!! start. Keep it up!

Something a little different? I can't wait to see what you mean by that! :twilightsmile:

So the ponies will meet the netflix heroes. I Dont know whether to feel excited or terrified. All I know is the only way this story can be 1 uped is if Deadpool shows up.

This is a pretty amazing beginning to an epic storyline.

7738092 Oh, Vanoss, never change. :rainbowlaugh:

7739014 THAT would be legendary, :pinkiecrazy:

7739076 Thanks a ton! :pinkiesad2:

7737397 yes, but twilight is a true rule follower, and follows celestias directions almost to a fault, and flutter shy isn't too excited to get into action unless she needs to. second of all, what does Starlight and discord truly have to do with this. Celestia or Luna hasn't issued anti former villain legislation.

7737397 I'm talking ideology wise. Team IM supports govt oversight, and Team CA wishes to operate freely. This lineup with just the mane 6 focuses on that. The three ponies each is based on their personalities and their view of authority.

But then, while Starlight and Discord got off free for their past actions, Twi and Flutters wouldn't want Bucky to have a chance after the things he did under mind control? Would they support the Heroes Regulation Act when they have never thought of having Equestria have a say on what they do (here, forgiving Glimmer and Discord)?

Well. We have different views on who might go on a side or the other and on their ideology. I also believe Fluttershy couldn't bear to stand against any of her friends, and would choose not to choose (stay neutral).
Just expressing an opinion here, of course.
Let's agree to disagree. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: Well, Pym's down ten bucks.

The Ambassadors of Equestria on Earth... If only they were able to come at a better time. I fear for what comes next. Do the ponies even count for the Sokovia Accords since they're not even from Earth?

Also, they better hope they don't get stuck in the grittier sections of New York. Last thing they need is not only find themselves in a violent Civil War, but the bloody corners of Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, and wherever Jessica Jones is at. (What section was she in anyway?)

Waiting for Spider-Man...

Hank Pym was nearly at a loss for words.

“Colorful, talking… ponies…”

He reached into his pocket and handed Tony Stark ten bucks.

:twilightsheepish: Lost a bet to a Stark. Better luck next time, Pym.

While exciting as this is, I am downright terrified of the world's reaction.

Last I checked the Accords only apply to UN member states. Since Equestria isn't part of the UN, it and its citizens are exempt. But I do feel for Twilight and her friends when it comes time to pick a side.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon just eating out at a famous shawarma joint! Anypony here had shawarma before? Huh? No? This guy knows what I’m talking about!”

He pointed his disfigured claw over across the room, prompting everypony’s head to swivel over to Prince Shining Armor. His eyes widened, pupils darting in every direction. “Uh… I have no idea what he’s talking about,” Shining declared, though it wasn’t very strong, and it earned a humorous giggle from his wife.

Shining: I thought we agreed to never speak of that again.
Discord: Pf. Yeah, right.

He disappeared, then reappeared in a purple zoot suit directly behind Twilight and her friends. “Oh, how I miss the 40’s and their dedication to country, fashion, and super soldiers. Such a simpler time. Truly the last golden era.”

Someone call Steve, quick!

He reached into his pocket and handed Tony Stark ten bucks.

Hah! Take that, Hank!
Tony, whatever you do, do not introduce them to the internet! Especially Pinkie!

7743992 What, you think they'll be drugged then taken away to a lab for experimentation? Come on, do we really have that little faith in humanity?

Besides this is the MCU where they haven't dragged a hunky caveman soldier, the Norse god of thunder or a pissed-off Jolly Green Giant away to Area 51. I think our little ponies will be fine.

I think Twilight would like to hear about the costume to shrink size, the trip to sub-molecular size, and the device to direct ants.
The 7 mares and the dragon are up for quite an adventure! I can't wait for the next part.
Great chapter!

HA! Call back to the first Avengers movie! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by MarioBrony deleted Nov 24th, 2016

AWESOME!!! Keep it up! I wonder how they will react to ant mans powers!

7744306 The President? Leaders around the world? Little children?

7743893 Jessica Jones is in Hell's Kitchen with Daredevil.

And, of course, Spidey is comin'. Don't worry. :scootangel:

7743896 Never bet a Stark. :ajsmug:

7743992 I mean, they've already come across aliens, peaceful ones at that (the Asgardians). We'll just have to see.

7744008 Glad ya caught it. :raritywink:

7744146 Pinkie would be right at home with the internet. :pinkiecrazy:

7744385 Thanks a ton! Next chapter is most likely coming this weekend. :yay:


Pinkie would be right at home with the internet.

There also is some good-hearted, funny things on the internet.
Here is an example among many.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon just eating out at a famous shawarma joint! Anypony here had shawarma before? Huh? No? This guy knows what I’m talking about!”

He pointed his disfigured claw over across the room, prompting everypony’s head to swivel over to Prince Shining Armor. His eyes widened, pupils darting in every direction. “Uh… I have no idea what he’s talking about,” Shining declared, though it wasn’t very strong, and it earned a humorous giggle from his wife.

Ey! You remembered! :pinkiehappy:

I have wondered what was shawarma since I saw that scene. What is shawarma? :twilightsmile:

I'm so happy that this story is progressing naturally. :)

Just did a quick research.
It's definitely not for ponies!

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