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You know how much I sacrificed?


It’s so dark in here. I can’t feel, I can’t move, I can’t control what I’m doing, yet I’m still here. Every weekend I see them come in, little fillies and colts. They laugh, they cheer, and they scream my name over and over.

But it’s not my name. I was never like this before. I was with them, at this restaurant. Then he came…and he took me and a few others away into the dark. That was it.

If they can hear me, the real me, then I beg of them to save me and the others. We’re trapped here.

Mommy…? Daddy…? Celestia…? Somepony wake me up from this nightmare.

Big thanks to DerpyMuffin7 for offering the concept of this one-shot story.

Here's the sequel: My Name Is Springtrap

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5462098 like really scared.

Good story i love it!

:applejackconfused:.... I think I need to go change my pants.

TLP #4 · Jan 4th, 2015 · · ·

I feel like brutally torturing someone mentally now.

I actually expected the soul inside the machine to be Pinkie herself after she succumbed to the mechanical jaws of one of them, making her very soul replace the one previously inside, and making Pinkie live out the rest of her days in a new body to which she has no physical control over, brutally devouring and slaughtering...

This is good enough. :ajsmug:

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Intriguing concept.
Have my like

"Possessed by the ghosts of dead children" was always my least favourite backstory for FNAF.

Oh my God. I usually hate fics regarding FNaF because most of then suck.

This was not one of them. This was an exception. Well done. I expect great things from you.

5462102 Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

5462190 :pinkiecrazy:

5462240 YAY! :yay:

5462931 Thanks! Means a ton! :twilightsmile:


It's me, when that appears, one thing goes through my mind.

"Well I'm screwed"

How is this shit not in the feature box!?

Haunting. Truly haunting. This turned out better than I suspected.

Who was the pony in the freddy suit

5463916 makes me think its sweetie bell

5463946 It has to be said.

That was very creative. I love the idea that the souls of the dead children don't want to kill, but they ultimately are unable to stop themselves. It creates a horrifying case of And I Must Scream.

5463147 Was it going to be? :twilightoops:

5463419 Thanks for the idea! Without your help this story would not be possible! :pinkiehappy:

5464083 Thanks a ton! :raritystarry:

5465420 No problem. :twilightsmile:

5465420 Well, I don't know, but it should be!

5465453 A very good story. Thanks for this one! I shall award it an upvote! Such a nice and dark tale immersed into the soul inside the suit. It's bittersweet and I do feel for the colt inside. Thanks once again.

Ya know, honestly, I didn't think of you as an FNAF fan until the profile pic change. I guess this show my lack of paying attention to the people I follow!:rainbowlaugh:

And have a lollipop!:rainbowwild:
Damnit, Dash!

5468526 Haha thanks! Yeah, I'm a huge fan of Five Nights! In fact, I love it so much I might as well be a Furry! :yay:



Well...maybe not a Furry.

Excuse me, but I shall now go off and cry while retaining my dignity.

Aw man... this kind of reminds me of that scene from What I've Become where there's this vision of the monsters fighting and killing innocent people... but you could see the true forms of the creatures shimmering underneath, desperate humans crying out and desperately struggling against the orders to destroy...

S... A... V... E... T... H... E... M...

This was out of this world.... I commend you. :twilightsmile::pinkiesad2:

5474299 Thanks a ton! :twilightsmile:

I think I know where that synopsis came from


5469089 But just imagine if the killer for your story was Pinkie? It would actually make a lot of sense, for many reasons...

5575534 This actually what I listen to while I play Battlefield....:pinkiecrazy:

Wow... I may just have nightmares!

Dude! :rainbowderp: This is fucking amazing! :rainbowkiss: It really grasps a creepy feeling that I just love to death. This is definitely deserving of likes and favorites. :rainbowkiss: :yay:

5703209 Thanks! And keep looking for a sequel to this story, it's coming soon... :raritywink:

5703222 A sequel? :rainbowderp: Yes!!! :rainbowkiss: I can't wait to read it! :pinkiehappy: And it's nice to see a fellow fan of FNaF here. :yay:

5703237 Here's the sequel if you're interested: My Name Is Springtrap

5705692 Oh my God yes!!!!! I'm reading it now!

I was wondering when somebody would side with Them instead... Wonderful job as always, Primus.

I'm in a nightmare, and everywhere I look
There's always something there
It knows I'm terrified, that I'm petrified,
And it just laughs without care
One look into its eyes
And I feel ice freezing my soul
And the dread that wants me dead
Starts to swallow me up whole
With mere moments of life remaining
I turn to the monstrosity
I ask 'what the hell are you?"
It replies, "It'S mE"

5708943 Da chills! :rainbowderp:

5706836 Thanks a ton! :pinkiehappy:

Hello. My name is Charles Spratt (obviously enough), and I'm a reviewer. A little while ago, I did a review on this story, pointing out what I thought was done well, and what I thought could've used some improvement. If you want to check it out, click here. (Warning, it's kind of long.)
Hope you find it helpful!
Cheers :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Ghost117 deleted Mar 31st, 2015

So... much..... SADDNESS!! :raritycry:



Would it be too much to ask for a review of the sequel? I would like to know how I did next to its predecessor, but that's entirely up to you.

6049255 I'll give it a look. If it makes enough of an impression on me, then sure, I'll make a review on it.
Keep in mind that it might take a while. I mean, the It's Me Forever review took two weeks to make, and that was during a time where I had little else going on. Given that I'm currently really busy... It would no doubt take even longer. Still, if you don't mind a wait, then I would be happy to give it a look. Cheers :pinkiesmile:



I can wait as long as you need to take.

Cheers :yay:

And I read this on my birthday.:twilightoops:

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