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Perfectly Insane

I've been writing for, like, 8 years, and I still don't know what I'm doing. https://ko-fi.com/perfectlyinsane


For Pinkie, it was a day like any other, spending time with her good friend Fluttershy. What she didn't know was that it would be her very last day alive, passing away in an unfortunate accident as she tried to save her friend. When she woke up, she was laying in the middle of the woods, staring Death itself in the face as it made an offer to her. Should she make a deal with Death, or would that be worse than dying itself?

This is the source of the art, I stumbled across it and it's partly what inspired me to write this story. https://www.deviantart.com/prancingcrow/art/Friend-576949252

Huge thanks to https://www.fimfiction.net/user/278463/Buttonous for editing!

Featured: 7/27/20 to 7/30/20, 9/12/20. Wow, really wasn't expecting this to blow up so much. This is my second ever featured story, and my first story that ever got hot. I'm glad you guys enjoy it so much. This is now my most liked story, I can see you guys really like this.

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If I decide to continue this story, which depends partly on popularity and personal motivation, that would quite literally be the first thing brought up.

You had my curiosity now you have my attention. Gonna keep a eye on this.

10353566THANK YOU! Seriously, that is my main gripe with most stories that start out like this.
" I don't want to die so sure I'll take your offer" and it turns out it would have been better if they would have just passed on.

The only reason I didn't include that scene at the end of the chapter, was because I thought it would be a perfect cliffhanger and way to keep suspense if I leave it off on Death telling Pinkie what he was offering her. Believe me, I absolutely hate the trope of just taking a deal without asking for the details, most people would be too cautious for that.

The writing was a bit cluttered (for lack of a better word) in a few places, but other than that minor nitpick, I really enjoyed this chapter. Best of luck with the rest!

Pinkie Pie, Baker, Party Planner, Element Of Harmony, Grim Reaper and Babysitter.

Interesting so far! Can't wait to see what horrors or hijinx she gets into!

Dead Like Me: Equestria Edition

Pinkie Pie (voice-over): They say your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the moment before you die? That might be true if you're terminally ill, or your parachute doesn't open…"
*She looks up to see a tree falling towards her*
"But if death sneaks up on you, the only thing you have time to think is…aw, horse-apples!"

Wow, OK, now is the turn of pinky pie of being a Grimm reaper :D, first was Applejack, then rainbow, now we have our pink pony on the job :D.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, are there fanfic of the main six turning into grim reapers I'm not aware of?

It does seem to be a strange trend... Can't remember the titles but I remember reading the applejack one...

I personally got the idea from Seeing The Pattern, where at the end Pinkie is turned into a Grim Reaper. I'd like to say that those fics had a similar inspiration, but I've never heard of them before, so I really can't say.

Yes, I read them both, Applejack was one, rainbow another, though I forgot the names of the fics XD.

I'm just going to repeatedly play the song Mr.Blue Sky in my head as the death and disasters strike Pinkie and everypony else.


What? No way.
Having Pinkie knowing full-well what she would be getting into would be boring and out of character. She should just happily agree, knowing she would get to party with her friends again, and learn what being a Grim Reaper means along the way. Happy because of friend stuff, sad because of Reaper stuff. The duality of nature and all that.
There is exactly one type of person pony who would read a programs’s Terms & Services info and I feel that Pinkie is the type who would check the box “I have read the Terms” without having done so and immediately hit “I Agree” (and probably install malware).

Who said she'd be knowing everything? If she asks for details, Death will tell her them, yes. That does not mean she would know everything, she would know everything Death would want her to know at that time. When you're as old as the living, or dead in this case, embodiment of Death, you learn all the loopholes and what information to omit that would make things fun.

I have to disagree with you in terms of Pinkie being a character that would just sign on without knowing anything. Discord would do that, for sure, there are almost no consequences for anything he'd do. Pinkie maybe a very silly character, but I don't believe she's stupid, quite smart actually. In serious matters like life or death, I think she would take things under a lot more thought and consider her options.

I've seen a few Rainbow ones, but damned if I can find more than a couple from a quick rummage.
Reaping Rainbow
Twilight is Magic 1 KIND of. It's not that relevant a plot point.

Applejack (Minor spoiler) Secrets of the Mane 6

Anyway. This seems interesting. I like how eldrich you've made this limbo and death.

Short summary:

It seemed to stare at her for a few seconds, it's dark eye sockets peering directly into her soul. "Death."


With no knowledge of the source material, this was really interesting! Gotta admit that last line was a fun oh shit! moment. Would love to see this continued!

I’ve decided that I am going to be making a second chapter to this soon, and very possibly a third. After that, I really couldn’t tell you. As I said in the author’s note, the source material/main inspiration was Seeing The Pattern. Not only did it inspire this story, but it was one of the core fanfics that inspired me to start writing, I can not recommend people enough to read it.

The only thing else I’ll be saying about the next chapter, is there is going to be a VERY big plot twist at the end. Don’t bother trying to guess it, I guarantee you no one can.

this Death’s voice, is it supposed to be Illya Leonov’s voice?

Okay, your choice of Reaper has me SOLD.

saw that coming when death said he'll be waiting for you in your room.

That line was sort of meant to be a hint to who it was, you could interpret it as that. At the same time it doesn’t necessarily mean that, a Grim Reaper wouldn’t exactly have trouble getting to her room.

finally Gummy gets an important role.

Well, that was unexpected
I seriously thought is was Mudbriar for a second

XD Gummy the Grim Reaper I gotta see fanart for this.

My idea for Gummy being something more than just a mindless alligator came from the famous Slice of Life episode, using him as The Grim Reaper was just a plot idea I thought would be the most interesting and unique. :twilightblush:

Also, in terms of fanart, I would be beyond grateful. I have a small list of goals as an author, most I never expected to reach, and one of them is to receive fanart of one of my fanfictions. That doesn't apply specifically to this one, I would be ecstatic to get fanart of any of my fics. I could not even put into words how happy getting fanart would make me.

That would be awesome, I really do hope some artists see this and decide to make some fanart of this. Anyways keep up the good work as this has been a enjoyable read and I have been taking notes for when I finally decide to write a story. You my friend are amazing.

Thank you, I've been writing for years and it's been hard to get to this point, I'm glad people enjoy what I make. :pinkiehappy:

Gummy the reaper... I was hoping for Spike BUT I APPROVE!

Spike was actually my first option, but I decided against it. Gummy, while not only being a lot more flexible in terms of personality and writing, was the much more interesting and much less expected option.

hence my use of the Ned Flanders your the devil clip. And for the record, I did laugh when you revealed it was Gummy you clairvoyant not Pinkie.

Okay, so apparently this Universe itself is either malevolent or incredibly fragile. Not a fan.

I still can't but help to feel I could have done a better job describing it and how he looked after, but I'm happy I did a good job with it.

I laughed way too long at Gummy the Grimm

Oh that's hilarious I was kind of hoping you would gain a Jamaican accent as well but this is still great

I honestly probably would have if Gummy hadn't actually spoken in the show, but he did so I'm just hoping everyone imagine's him speaking in the same voice he did in Slice of Life.

So is Pinkie, like, going to try and make death seem less harsh for other ponies?

BTW, you're off to a really good start.

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