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Perfectly Insane

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This story is a sequel to Pink Is Your Color

Twilight and her Princess counterpart have always been as different as they were the same. It isn't until a particular book reading that they realize how deep those differences really go.

Reading the prequel is not required, but is recommended if you like this kind of content. This is more of a spiritual successor than anything.

Preread by the lovely Lunaria, and co-written with the amazing Runic!
Art from Pinterest.

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Perfectly Insane

I'm very proud of this. (Runic as well I presume.)

pretty good

In case the pinterest link might break, a more direct link to the cover art credit/source:

Probably better not to tell Rainbow what the science community has done to Twilight.
Imagine what a super powered jock would do in revenge to a bunch of old nerds and geeks.
Underpants. Flagpoles. Atomic Wedgies.

Solid work! Wish I could find more adventures or comedies with this premise, not a criticism I'm just lamenting. Though I will be on the lookout for any more sequels.:pinkiehappy:

"so they rejected your paper? Don't give up, Pick yourself up and prove your theory! Build a giant magic-powered GOLEM! Make those FOOLS at the publishers RUE THE DAY THEY LAUGHED AT YOU!" - Human Starlight Glimmer, probably.

The Twilight's are the same in a lot more ways then they are different, but experience, perspective and bias really do matter. In finding out the perspective of the other they learn that. I liked how Sci-Twi presenting a view of Princess Celestia with out Twilight's bias of always seeing Celestia with the mask of perfection on made Twilight question just how much like a normal pony her mentor is. Also liked seeing Twilight pointing out her success was because of her support system helps Sci-Twi see her rejection is not the end of the road, just a bump and she has a support system as well that can help her move past the rough patch.

Beautiful. You have every right to be proud of this one; truly among your best works.

Into Best of Drama this goes!

There won't be a community left after her friends get done with them methinks :pinkiecrazy:.

It's a neat story. :>

Through sheer coincidence, I've read "The Glass Castle"; it was a painful read, and it made me think. I've lived some of Ms. Walls dysfunctions for one reason or another, and the advice given is sound; you MUST go outside your own perspectives in order to better yourself. For Human Twilight to recommend THAT book to her counterpart hit me like a ton of bricks!

Perfectly Insane

This particular read was both Runic's idea and suggestion, I have not read it myself and the sections regarding the book were written by him.

Certainly an interesting look at the two most different counterparts. There's some Celestia-Luna parallels between the two of them, with the younger seeing only the elder's success and not her struggle. (Thankfully, she got the "corrupted by dark magic" thing out of the way early.) To say nothing of the scars of Crystal Prep still plain to see with that singular focus on "success" without ever thinking of her own less quantifiable achievements or the question of what happens after making it to the top.

But then, human Twilight is still a teenager. Of course she's learning through mistakes while thinking she has everything figured out; that's what being a teenager is for.

I will say that you needed to be more consistent in distinguishing between the two Twilights. The princess doesn't always get her title, and thus determining which one is talking can get confusing. Still, this was an enjoyable read. Thank you for it.

An extremely disappointing story. A serious conflict that is solved no more difficult than drinking a cup of coffee. Please don't do that.

Sci-Twi prettier without glasses??? BLASPHEMY!!!11!

It's her dorky glasses that make her irresistible. They create the hope that a dorky, bespectacled girl will be easier to approach and less likely to reject an awkward, homely admirer, but then at the last moment . . . MERCILESS HEARTBREAK!!!!!!

There is no crueler siren than a nerdy girl in glasses nor no sweeter agony than her rejection!

I like exploring the extremes of "having no friends" and "everyone is your friend" and the strengths and drawbacks of each lifestyle.

Good job for a nuance take on the Twilights and how they might view one another.

I also agree Glass Castle was a wonderful book!

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