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After the events of the Friendship Games, Dean Mi Amore Cadenza and Alumnus Shining Armor's eyes are opened to the truth about Crystal Prep's principal, Cinch. In light of what Cinch did to pressure their precious Twilight Sparkle into becoming a magical she-demon, Cadence and Shining Armor finally decide that enough is enough, and together, they make the hardest decision that they've ever made in their life.

They quit.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fic contains spoilers for Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. If you have not seen the movie before, then you have the option of watching it before you read this fic. This is a fic about what I think should happen after the Games are over and how Cinch should pay for her misdeeds and manipulation over her students and faculty.


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I can actually imagine Shining becoming a part time coach to CHS as a way to stick it to Cinch.

Sweet pwnage the two dealt.

LOL, A bit too much effort expounded there, to punish someone who was meant all along to be a one dimensional villain...

Er, how do you "resign" from being an alumnus? It's just a term for people that have graduated from a college, so unless he's planning on inventing time travel, that's pretty dang impossible. It'd be like if he said he was resigning from being born to Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

Good story, but feels a little over the top and out of character. I seriously cannot picture Cinch as the type who would just drop down and beg, or weep so profoundly over the lost of her two co-workers; in reality, it wouldn't be as bad as that if they left. All Cinch would have to do was find new replacements (preferably those who don't 'feel' as much as the former two did) and then everything's back to normal.

This whole story feels like a giant blame-game and demeaning fanfic toward Cinch, written for no other reason than to vent hate upon certain characters, like all those cheap Mare-Do-Well or Canterlot Wedding Aftermath fics. As good as it started, I can't say I was satisfied with how it ended. Better luck next time.


Maybe he meant resigning from the alumni association.


And doesn't a Dean outrank a Principal? Cadence could simply get Cinch either disciplined or fired.

6483906 Actually they can co-exist. A Dean is usually the person responsible for the students (from advising to discipline to health care to probably feeding them), a Principal is the head administrator, taking care of bureaucracy, officiating, and a lot of pencil pushing and red tape.

In that light, both Cadance and Cinch were perfectly portrayed in the movies. Too bad an alumni is just someone who's graduated from the school, so how one resigns from something like that, I have no idea. Maybe he was working as a gym teacher or something. You can be both!

6483968 Think it was less resigning his diploma and more removing himself from the alumni committee which is more a school outreach program for those who graduated. Basically he's saying "Fuck you" to the school after what Cinch had done. Though I'd love to see a sequel where She is formally tried in court after a video someone took of the events is leaked and gives enough plausibility to the idea of magic to be included in court.


Um shouldn't it be more like the principle being fired?


6484887 Ah ah ah! In this world, bad people are NEVER fired. The GOOD people up and quit while the bad people ALWAYS win. As if Cinch would ever be fired. What a looney thought.

6484985 *plays Final Fantasy tune on the trombone* :ajsmug:

When i found out Xavier Woods is a brony and has a gaming channel on Youtube. My world just got a bit nicer. :twilightsmile:

So Cadance and Shining Armor are Twilight's legal guardians? Meaning she lives with them rather than her parents?

A bit over the top with Cinch's reaction at the end, sorry but that's my feeling on it. However, despite that minor critique I really liked this. Good take on Shining and Cadence and it IS nice to see a villain get what's coming to her.

Burn! Take that Cinch!

Cadance and Shining use Supernova on Finch!

It's super effective!!! :pinkiehappy:

adence said with a stoic face, "and if you've read that file over like you've done so many times, then you would've remembered that I am also Twilight Sparkle's legal guardian. I have as much right as a parent to have my child transferred to another school with our permission, especially from a 'prestigious' school where she never fit in with anyone here!"

Cadence looks ridiculously young to be Twilight's aunt, for starters. Based on this, Twilight Velvet and Night Light's counterparts probably have been dead for a long time!

6488667 Actually she's her sister-in-law. But yeah, for her and Shinning Armor to be her legal guardians her parents would have to had to pass away at some point.

"Cadence! Shining Armor! Please reconsider! This school will fail without their two former prized students! I can change everything that I've done wrong in the past! I'll take off everything that I've written in Twilight's permanent record! I'll even give up my seat as principal and give Cadence my position if I have to! But without you two, this school will be nothing! Please, you have to believe I can change for the better! You have to forgive me for what I've done to Twilight! You have to give me another chance! Please, don't go! Don't go!"

Er, if he resigns and lets Cadence take over then how is she not putting the school's interests before her own? Seems like that would be the best solution for all involved, no?

6489168 I know! A dean is supposed to be the head of students according to You Don't Know Jack: The Lost Gold. So, logically, doesn't Cadence have more authority as it is and could fire Cinch on the spot?

Also, this reminds me of Sassy Saddles' desperation plea from Canterlot Boutique...

6482935 Or founding an ROTC :rainbowdetermined2:

You go cadence :twilightsmile:

I haven't seen Friendship Games yet so I can't write a detailed review like I want to, but damn, reading this was satisfying!:pinkiehappy:

P.S.-Since Cadence is Twilight's legal guardian, I'm assuming that her parents are dead; I'm just bringing that up because I was part of an Equestria Girl's AU I dreamed up years ago. I'm probably never going to write it, but I still imagine it sometimes.

The bug I have with this is that while Cinch is awful, gutting the school for that feels wrong.


Agreed sadly. Things feel a little TOO accusing here. Cinch IS a badguy, what she's done is reckless and awful. But there feels to be too much collateral damage to the student body by SA and Cadence ditching CP just to punish Cinch's cruelty.

She's lost her best student. The student body has possibly lost a deal of its fear of her (something I imagine that'll play a lot of havoc). She can't expel those who refused to back her up without losing her best athletes. She's lost a lot.

That should had happen in the movie

I wish Cinch got this burned in the movie. Of course with no language but still, impressive story! It'd be cooler if the Shadow Bolts from Crystal Prep joined CHS. Overall good story! 5 stars!

6484887 Yes that is what should happen if they had credible proof that Cinch is a bad and selfish person but if you recall that why Cinch backed off in the first place.. She fully understood she'd get fired.. All things considered this was the most logical way to go .. Of course if they were to check on Cinch's claims about Twilight she might have some explaining to do as I don't think Celestia's records would say the same thing that Cinch's said... So the long term effect would get her fired but not the short term as it was covered up for logical reasons..

6503514 still say fired for blackmail

6503572 I agree it's blackmail and therefore is grounds for being fired but in order for Cinch to be fired they needed proof which was and is lacking at the time.. True the students could've said something but then what would they say as they were in the same boat as Cinch who couldn't say anything without being considered nuts? The world isn't that simple and with her rep they would have a harder time getting her fired without enough proof.. now if it wasn't the first time she pulled such a stunt.. Then maybe but this one involved flying students with wings, portals to other worlds and a talking dog..

that would work in Equestia where magic is the norm but a human one where it's a lot rarer?.. Not so much.. So while I agree it was grounds for firing.. They just couldn't do anything about it this time... Not without looking like fools or mad... Just like Cinch.. They can't tell the whole truth.. Their world is not ready for it.. Yet...

6503620 they don't have to mention magic. Just say Cinch blackmailed Twilight into entering the games.

Then again this was the most disappointing movie to date. Alot of missed oprotunities.

6503648 I agree they could've tried to get her fired but that would have to become canon in order for it to really happen and we would have to have a forth movie or a T.V. series to fill that point... Otherwise it's up to the fanfic author on what can or cannot be done in their fanfic I suppose... As for the movie .. I gotta admit as much as I did enjoy it for what it was...

They really botched it up.. Don't get me wrong.. It wasn't a bad movie for me and it had it's moments that I did love about it.. It Just wasn't what it could've been or as good as it could've been but at least it did have the promised Sci-Twilight in the movie.. well sort-of.. I was expecting someone less nice or at least obsessed with science. It did fall short of what I expected.

So I agree it could've been better and they could've filled the plotholes they made too... I mean how did this Cinch even become the head of the school? I was half-expecting Cadance.. Maybe even Sombra... But instead they gave us this NOBODY??? Well hopefully they'll show how she fits in the pony world someday and maybe the DVD can explain a few things but really.. As for Midnight Sparkle..Evil? I suppose not caring about the world's fate makes her bad But Sci-Twilight Just not evil enough/long enough to say I consider her to be a true villain... More like the magic made her evil side come out.. I hope they will fill in the gaps someday but they better not bother trying to make her evil again.. The movie's short changing the story shows us they would only wimp out....

6503714 trust me I plan to fix it.

Make H Twilight go darker but full evil. I've wanted the mane 6's to meet and this was the best chance to do it. They dropped the ball.

Plus side in this story. Good Chance Sunset is now an alicorn after that display.

6503725 ; True... That is why I like fanfics.. They answer all those.. What-if's,,, As for them meeting in canon story... Only if they make a forth movie now, As for Sunset..Yep..

Liked this fanfic a lot. Also, you're not the only one who thinks Discord should be a janitor in the alternate Equestria.

6503832 or a joke shop owner

6506553 How about him being a janitor working at Canterlot High, infamous for pulling off a prank at Crystal Prep that got him expelled?

6506772 he can't be expelled of he's not a student

6507516 Well, what if he was a student there years ago before the events with the Fall Formal, the Battle of the Bands, and the Friendship Games all happened?

6507552 then he would find it hart to get any job, let alone a job at a school

If there is another movie than I hope that this is what happens at the beginning or so.

I really like this story. It was good. :pinkiesmile:

Just one minor detail. In the EG universe, instead of Sugarcube Corner, they have a Sweet Shoppe.


6617104 Shortest comment ever. :trollestia:

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