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I like reading about ponies and sometimes write about them even when I only have half an idea about what I'm doing.

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That’s Orion’s Belt, one of the better-known constellations.

*pushing glasses up bridge of nose* Actually, that's an asterism, Twilight. You should know better.

Seriously though, cute story.


Whoops! :twilightoops:
Learn something new everyday. Thank you!

good first chapter

oh and also that hole never apologized thing made me flash back to how legend of korra ended do to some what similar dialog (i cant help it that show is allways on my mind)

Nice. Simple, yet well written. Good job.

"See that star there?"

"Um... No...?"

"You wouldn't; it's below naked eye visibility. However, that star, just over 35 light years away, to me, is called 'Epona' and the second major world out orbiting it is called 'Equis'. Only I think of it as 'home'."

7081056 Neat idea, but that implies she is just on a different planet, rather then an entirely different Universe with different rules regarding magic, and possibly life, and flow of time. It's easy to forget, but Sunset is a fair bit older then Twilight. She was about Twilight's current age when she went through the mirror, after which Celestia took Twilight on as a student. That is to say, just after getting her cutiemark. I mean, I suppose that with different gravity, and revolution speeds, it might be possible for two different planets in the same Universe to have two different flows of time, but I really doubt it. That, and the whole "changing species" thing. Dimensional sliding makes a lot more sense for all that then just wormhole travel. Or a Tesseract, I guess.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I like it. Nice little short.

That's weird came to read a Sci Twi and Sunset Shimmer story and instead I get a astronomy lesson. And half of it I didn't even understand! But at the same time it did show Sunset and Twilight (human) bonding. So yay?:rainbowhuh:

ohhhhhhmy. :twilightsmile: This is adorable. I'm very much a sapiosexual and I believe Twilight to be as well, so I'm super glad she got nerdy and excited to teach Sunset about the stars. This could be super romantic and also very platonic and I love it. They honestly share a wonderful bond and you captured it beautifully.

I swear, I keep falling off my chair. Plus, I wish Sunset said,"I think this is a beginning of a beautiful relationship." and Twilight says,"Relationship?" Finally, Sunset says,"Yep. You know, the one where there's a connection between a couple, not friends."

That ending would have made me fall off and melt right into the story, but IT'S SO ADORABLE!!!!!

A very sweet story, with simple, believable bonding.

Very rarely do I find stuff that just genuinely makes me smile.
This is one of them.
It is simple, it doesn't overstay its welcome and it is beautiful.

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